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Pre-emptive answers to some questions
I figured that, based on some news posts, I would answer a question that is bound to come up about raid content. You should know that all of the current raid content in WotLK has been cleared as of 3 days in. Now to give that some context.

The raid content currently in the game consists of the following:

Naxxramas: This isn't exactly new and beta testers had the opportunity to try out any changes a few times during beta. No big surprise.

Malygos: An Onyxia-style fight that is largely execution based. This one was also practiced during beta.

Sartharion: Another Onyxia-style fight that could be practiced during beta.

That's it. This was also done by two of the most ridiculously hardcore raid guilds in the world.

This was also the entry level raid content, and I think that actually bodes well. It means there will be some fun learning experiences in the early raid game that won't have us pulling our hair out. Even most of the more hardcore raiders on the high end raiding forums consider this a good thing. It means people will get to see more content, and that's what we want.

Anyway, just wanted our members to be well informed if this question comes up. I'm glad to see everyone leveling at their own pace right now and enjoying the new content. There sure is a lot of it. Smile
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."
I am actually happy that the higher end raiding content gives us a 10-man/25-man option. It will be really interesting to head back into Naxxramas and see more of what we did during the "Srengs Abduction" event. I think "Patchwork" is the DPS race fight that I am actually excited to try out later on.

On another note I am actually disappointed in myself that I am level 74 already, but I guess its a good thing since I did that by doing only the first 2 starting zones entirely....*cough* and playing non stop almost all day saturday and sunday */cough*

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