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Pre-Cata ICC!
Hey, folks! I've never been in Icecrown Citadel, and with Cataclysm less than a month away, I was interested in getting together a group to attempt an ICC run! Anyone interested, just post here, and hopefully we can get something put together. I'll be running as Alth here, of course, a Ret paladin in full T9. I look forward to taking a crack at the Citadel with you guys! Smile
I'm always game for ICC.
This week is perfect for it, too, because of the weekly.
I could have sworn I replied to this earlier... how strange.

I'll join you as well with all my T9 gear. Wink

luc is available i dps is needed. i also know all o the fights and can explain then for those that haven't done ICC. if need be, i can also use eddge to tank, but he's only good for the first few bosses.
[Image: 3994085VvROm.png]
I'd like to come on Zaevian he has full T9 tanking gear and according to WoW heroes he should be able to handle the 10-man version. Unfortunately I would only be able to go if the raid was on monday or tuesday if it is next week and I don't know about the following weeks but I should be able to go on any tuesday any week.
If you need more DPS, Kummer is probably geared enough for it. I'm on most evenings from 6:30-12 PST with unguilded alts, but they're all in ironsongooc.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://wow-heroes.com/index.php?zone=us&server=Silver%20Hand&name=Kummer">http://wow-heroes.com/index.php?zone=us ... ame=Kummer</a><!-- m -->

Actually, if you need a healer I may be able to manage with my shammy. But he's been inactive for too long for me to pull him up in armory/wow-heroes. I'll load him up tonight and see where he stands on gear.

Edit: Nope. He's getting along nicely, but he's still woefully undergeared for ICC.
Excellent, folks. Yeah, this would be the 10-man version (I've tried 25-man instances before. It's like herding cats. Not my thing, lol). But yeah, anyone willing to tank or heal would be welcome, as I doubt we'll have trouble finding DPS Smile

As for the time-frame, I'm free pretty much every day, though I have classes on Friday from 12:30 to 4:30 PM (server time).
So, when do we want to shoot for this? I'm honestly available Monday through Friday this week, though it would have to be after 5 on Friday (I have class).
I'm available on monday and tuesday night this week.
I would offer jetta to heal, i'm burned out of dpsing the place. BUT I'm moving this week and it'll be bad for me Sad but next week or whatever i'm avail. disc/shadow priest. her healing set is 6k gs, dps set is like 5.8 (mostly t9).
Well, next week would work wonderfully for me, if everyone else is game. Mondays and Tuesdays work well too Smile
I'm looking to do some more ICC myself and would love to fill any role you need me for. My gear/expertise in each role in descending order: healer > ranged DPS > tank > melee DPS.
I can make pretty much any night (between 4:30 - 9 server) or weekend, but would prefer Friday or Saturday, and ideally no more than 2 hours a raid.
Well, I was originally going to say we should run next Friday, which it turns out is the day right after Thanksgiving. If people are still up for it, I definitely plan on trying. Likely in the afternoon or evening, I'd think.
I'm fine with this comming Friday...or even Saturday.
Gah, While I'm off on friday that is the day I took off to celibrate my birthday with my friends since my actual birthday is on thanksgiving....So I won't be able to attend if it's on friday.

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