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Posting issue.
Whenever I reply to a post, I seem to be getting this error message:

Ran into problems sending Mail. Response: 502 Command is locally disabled

The reply still posts just fine. Whatever the error is, it seems to have no actual effect aside from puzzling me.
I get that error too sometimes.
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~Bill Cosby
That 502 error -should- not come up anymore. Please let me know if you encounter it again and describe what you did before it popped up.
I got the 502 error on a post tonight.

The post went through, but I got the error message.

What was I doing before the post.....let's see.....I typed out a response to Dispaya's song.....took a drink of crystal light peach tree.....and hit submit.

Does that help? < hehe >

I had no other programs running in the background.

Orc Hunter, and ruiner of the internet, not to mention turner off of the weather.
At about what time last night? That's when I discovered what was wrong and supposedly fixed it. Wink

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