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Post a quest from BC that you just had so much fun with.
For those of us that are waiting on a copy of BC to arrive at their door (by snail mail) perhaps some of you that have the expansion already can give some suggestions for quests that we should all try out when we get access to Outland!

I heard something about a dive bombing quest that was tons of fun... anyone done that one? What else is there? Stories stories stories...

try not to ruin the outcome, just let us know how you enjoyed it.

I'm currently enjoying the epic Installation quest. Tried 6 times now, and I get a different error every time.

It is not a good day to be a living creature within arm's reach of me.
The 'Tumping' quest line in Bone Wastes (Terokkar Forest) is priceless. It's about level 64-65. Loaded with Dune references.
"You can never run from trouble, 'cause there ain't no place that far." - Scissor Sisters, "Lights"
Oryx and I spent five and a half hours yesterday evening playing the Burning Crusade, and we had a marvelous time. I hardly know where to begin!

We started our evening by joining a group with Juvundus (warrior and Tetsumis alt), Naruth (beloved priest), and Vanea (deadly mage) and venturing into the Hellfire Ramparts. The Ramparts is a compact 5-man instance with three bosses that we did in about an hour. Then, because I neglected to pick up a quest item from the first boss (shame on me) we went in for him a second time... and ended up clearing the whole place again just for the fun of it!

I cannot express how delightful it was to play in an 5-man Ironsong group with some excellent players. The Ramparts was a challenge -- the mobs were tough, we dealt with some unexpected pulls, and confronted three brand-spanking-new bosses. But we had the tankage, healing, DPS, and skill to tear the place up and we did! I can't wait to go in again!

It was also such a relief to be doing something [inew[/i] with Zlinka! Zlinka's play over the past year or so consisted of Core raiding every week and a variety of rather repetitive grinds -- collecting dense stone for my Darkmoon Faire amulet, mining dark iron ore to get to Exalted with Thorium Brotherhood, grinding Alterac Valley to get to Exalted for my Don Julio's Band, grinding to over twenty thousand honor to get my high warlord's dagger. Upgrading a single item outside the Core for Zlinka took weeks of rather repetitive effort. This was all fun, or I wouldn't have done it, but it pales next to the joy of doing something new with a group of friends.

And I got an upgrade over a piece of Tier 1! Last night I replaced my [item]Nightslayer Bracelets[/item] with [item]Bracers of Finesse[/item]! It was the first time Zlinka had gotten an armor upgrade in many months, and it relt great. I had a moment of disquiet that my Core gear was so easily replaced (felt by raiders around the server no doubt), but ultimately it reminded me of the reason that I play -- I play for the fun and the community... not for the loot as a primary goal. As long as the raids were entertaining and not a chore, I was playing for the right reasons.

After our two runs through the Ramparts Oryx and I met our two Blood Elves. We both rolled mages, and logged in with them for the first time. I was just agog at the beauty of my Blood Elf mage, Winnow. She has exquisite, delicate features with just a hint of arrogance. She moves with such grace and lightness that she seems barely attached to the ground. Compared to her, Night Elves seem almost... coarse.

I have never played a mage before -- I have six 60s but no mage -- and I was thrilled to be playing one at last. Winnow's range and lethality just blew me away. I eagerly look forward to leveling her up and seeing what she can do.

I loved the starting area of the elves! It is gorgeous, dreamy, elegant. The colors were bright and jewel-like; the architecture was swooping and magical and impossible. There were new mosters to kill, starting with an amazing ghost-like flying sea creature. And the music... I think I nearly went into a trance listening to it. The deep, almost human tones of the cello were haunting and profoundly sad.

I enjoyed the starting questlines very much -- they have a totally different flavor from the Tauren, Orc, and Troll stories. They focused on self-control before insatiable hunger and the raw survival of the Blood Elf race after a devastating war.

Winnow and Cabochon slipped behind the gossamer blue curtains of the inn into the exquisite interior, and fell asleep around midnight.

There is so much to look forward to! What awaits our Blood Elves as they learn more about their past and future and power? What adventures will Zlinka and Oryx have, and what treasures will they find, in the devastated homeworld of the Orcs?

I eagerly look forward to the upcoming months!
My favorite quest thus far is the Who are they? quest in Terokkar Forest, where you get to dress up as a Cultist and talk with all the enemies inside. The good part is when you just talk to the normal guards, they say stuff like "Hey, we are going for a round of drinks Shattrath after this shift, wanna come?" and "We need another player for our Leather Ball leauge. You should join!" I got a kick out of that.
Well not so much a quest but a bit more of something odd I was exploring the Eco Domes in the Nether storm region and guess who I came across Sauly Phore...let's hope most of you get that joke

Fanae Wrote:The 'Tumping' quest line in Bone Wastes (Terokkar Forest) is priceless. It's about level 64-65. Loaded with Dune references.

I was terribly unsure at first, and then on the giant worm, I was like, "YES!"

Ummm. I just completed a quest in Blade's Edge Mountains where I had to sign a waiver for a Gnome before he'd launch me from his crazy contraption.

There's also a quest on the Bloodmyst Isles called "Kessel's Run."

And the bombing runs, of course, were utterly delightful.

My Hunter is almost L70 (he's currently 67.6). I promise Waka will show up again once he's gotten 70. *blush*
Well I am not much of a PvP player but the repeatable quest to capture the Three Towers in Hellfire peninsula I found very very fun. Grazak and I started off and three others joined us where we, for a lack of a better word molested the first level 70 paladin I have seen who was flying around on a Griffon....it was a grand day.

A great quest I think and you meet lots of other people too...( not to mention the tokens you recieve from the pvp kills and from the capture open really good and cheap rewards ).

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