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Please meet my new friend.
((Keindra is my new alt for Ironsong. Here is a beginning to her story))

Several weeks ago I met a young Sin'dori by the name of Keindra. She was sitting alone, but for her minion, Ormnak, at a table in the Silvermoon City Inn at the end of Murder Row. She had a sweet face, but by the look of the company she kept I chose to keep my distance at first. But after a short while I started to notice that she was humming, actually rather loudly, seemingly to herself- certainly it wasn't to entertain her company.

Well, it wasn't any tune I had ever heard and she seemed so young that I didn't think she had traveled far enough to learn anything beyond some nursemaid's tales. So with my interest peaked, I walked over to introduce myself and see if perhaps I had misjudged her age. We Sin'dori do age rather well, after all. <smiles with self knowing>

Anyway, as I approached she spoke to me with her back still to me. "I've seen you Blood Night, a thousand times. And I tire of that face. I wouldn't mind if it left me for a while."

"I beg your pardon", I said. "I didn't think we had met?" Finally she turned to me, by now standing by her side. She gave my face what might have been a thorough once over, but it was so quick, seemed so cursory. She shrugged.

"It need not have been you." Her expression changed to one of open friendliness. "Faces mean so little after all", She said in a rather chipper voice. With that she turned back to her table. I stood there a moment, wondering how best to leave since she was so clearly insane. After a brief pause she added in that same tone, "If you don't sit with me a while, I'll know why. But it won't make me any happier."

I glanced at her companion once more before intending to go, but to my surprise I found myself sitting instead. After all, I told myself, she was rather young, and large blue minion or not, I felt confident that I could defend myself should the need arise.

In any case, it has been several weeks since I first encountered the young woman and to my continuing surprise we have become somewhat of friends. Is she insane as I initially suspected? <pauses to consider> Not completely anyway. <smiles crookedly over at Keindra who seems not to have heard a word of anything he's said>

<Cordeiris clears his throat> Yes, well... That all being said I would like to introduce you to my young friend, Keindra Oniyan.

<Keindra smiles widely at you and relentlessly stares you in the eyes> "Hello. Cordeiris told me that I should greet you warmly and tell you a little bit about myself", She says brightly as she takes your hand in hers. <Cordeiris cringes behind her>

"Well, he already told you that my name is Keindra. Hmm, let's see. I'm a warlock because I can't think of anything I'd rather do than have complete control over a demon. Any demon will do, but I do have my special favorites. Ormnak here is rather helpful, always beating on those I tell him to. Yes, I am fond of him."

<Her look turns pensive and then rather dark> "Not imps though. Nasty little creatures." <she begins fondling her dagger> "Tiny little bouncing creatures, always sneaking up on you and never having anything pleasant to say... or decent to eat. Don't even know proper manners." <seems to have forgotten you are in the room and begins muttering to herself> " 'What would little elfy like to eat?', Well, not that!" <her fair features pinched with hate and disgust she mutters on for a moment more before Cordeiris clears his throat again>

Keindra looks up at him, then over at you. Her face shows no shame, looks only blank for a second, then she beams that radiant grin again and says, "Hello, there. Have you been waiting on me for something? Oh, right, you wanted to know about me. Well, besides controlling demons, I also enjoy mining. Flowers smell pretty, but banging that pick is more fun. Plus it helps me get the things I need to practice engineering. Oh, I just love it when thing go boom!!" <Claps her hands excitingly>

<Cordeiris steps forward> "Yes, well, thank you Keindra. I am glad you enjoyed meeting another of my friends. I do think we ought to be getting back now though. We must be back in Silvermoon in time for you to check into you room."

"Time can be like sand, if you're not careful, it will slip through your fingers", Keindra says as she nods to herself. With a curt command she has minion walking for the door. When she gets there she turns to you, blows a kiss and does a kind of spinning bow. "It has been my pleasure to meet you." To herself she says, "I have manners" And with that she's gone.

Ah, well, I did say she was only mostly sane. <Cordeiris shrugs and walks out after her>

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