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Plan for 11/10 Raid?
Since we had to skip Tuesday and the main reason to do Emerald Nightmare on Normal is to complete Xavius, which we will not likely get to in one night...

What if we started Heroic Emerald Nightmare tonight to see how far we could get through it? Better rewards, more challenge...
~ Zoopagoo
What about not killing Xavius in one night??
(11-11-2016, 02:45 PM)Moregil Wrote: What about not killing Xavius in one night??

Hah, indeed! Well we did skip some bosses, but yeah I'm really glad we were able to get him down last night. It also occurs to me we have to get a few more people through the normal before we can push to heroic I guess.
~ Zoopagoo

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