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Pierrah Winterhoof
"Come to the Ironsong Tribe," she'd said. "Make a home with them and get to know the tribe," she'd said. She'd said, "You'll love them as much as I'm coming to, I swear you will." Didn't that damnable mage know she was more interested in healing a breach and slowing the flow of the Earthmother's tears than simple camaraderie? But she'd also said, "Its not about simple camaraderie druid. Its about allies with the same desire. The need to fix and heal is an innate part of who you are, yes, I know. ...But why do you t'ink the two are mutually exclusive? What be wrong with a little companionship to go wit' the work ahead?"

Pie had considered her words. She'd always found it funny the lack of the thick Trollish accent Eonia had. It always seemed to creep in slightly when she was riled, and Pie had a great ability to rile the mage. "Good," she thought. She never seemed to get riled and it was Pie's secondary goal in life to get under her friend's skin as often as possible. Pierrah stood up and stretched her long calves, raising her arms in the air in a great yawn. She had to admit the Troll had been right. She had goals to achieve, and she needed the help and friendship of strong, like minded people. Damned if she'd admit that to Eonia though.

She thought on the previous night's events in confusion. It had been a whirlwind of activity, so many new faces and so few names to go with them. She'd simply sat in the corner and watched as the Ironsong Tribe rushed or meandered through the guild hall. They were such an interesting mix of races and colors and personalities, and here they blended, melded well. A family. A huge family. She sighed heavilly. Earthmother bless us, she'd missed family.

Pie donned her best leathers and picked up her packs. She had work to do and she wasn't getting it done standing around here. With a last glance at the guild hall she shifted into flight form and headded out the window. Mount Hyjal waited. Today she had to try and get some inside information on the Twilight Hammer. The thought gave her the creeps and made her skin crawl, but she'd don the Twilight garb she had tucked into her pack and integrate into their ranks. What better place to start than from the inside?
Eonia watched as the bird flew out of the hall getting smaller and smaller as she flew. She honestly liked the druid, and had convinced her to come and join the ranks of the tribe because of that. Not, that she'd ever tell Pierrah she liked her. Grinning to herself, she wondered where Pie was off to this early in the morning. Even the chickens wouldn't dare set foot on the grounds for hours yet. Not that she'd seen any chickens wandering about the hall mind you. Various assorted animals, probably pets of the hunters, but not chickens. She thought about it. There might be chickens here. She shrugged and wondered where such a random thought had come from. She wandered towards the kitchen hoping to find Mula and a cup of that delicious tea she'd been given a few nights back. Eonia had no idea what was in it but it seemed to be a great way to start any day. Maybe she'd conjure a cake to go with it. It'd be a good offering to convince the Tauren to make some tea.
((Pierrah started off on Silver Hand server about four years ago. Her name was different then, Kuami Lightfoot, but it wasn't available on return from the Shadow Council, so its been changed to Pierrah Winterhoof. I just wanted to introduce her and such so I figured this was a good a place as any.

She has no real back story or history except for raiding and the like as I never really rp'd with her. Lets call her a work in progress at this point. I played her back when Ulduar was the end game raid and left the game for a while shortly after, so she's never been to Ice Crown Citadel or the Ruby Sanctum. She's a restoration/moonkin of level 80 and she's been around a while, she just hasn't developed a personality yet. Any help developing one would be highly appreciated!))
From his hammock among the rafters, Sreng watched through sleep-slitted eyes. It was damnably early still and he couldn't tell what had woken him. He shifted and yawned, scratching one of his ears absently before coming to a decision. Early or no, he wasn't going to fall back asleep. He hooked one hand into the coarse mesh of his hammock and adroitly flipped himself over, and hung ape-like for a moment by one arm. He then dropped the remaining short distance to the floor to land in a nimble crouch. He recovered his shirt from where it lay on the floor, casually abandoned the night before, and slipped it on. "Mornin', Eonia. Breakfast?"
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
Mula, upon hearing Sreng's voice popped out of the pantry, a large bowl in the nook of her arm topped by a bag of flour and several other bags. She set them down on the table next to a basket of blueberries.

"Oh heya, Boss! ...Oh and mornin', Eonia, I didn't hear ya!" Mula said, reaching up and unhooking a spoon hanging from a hanging rack. "Makin' blueberry muffins this mornin'. Care for some?" She measured out some flour into the bowl and mixed in several other ingredients.

Eonia began to speak when a whistling from the stove cut her off. Mula put the spoon down and pulled the kettle off the fire. She placed a bag of herbs into the water and set it on a tea cozy.

She looked up, smiled and returned to preparing the muffins.
Eonia grinned at Mula and the whistling tea kettle. The Tauren was psychic, she was convinced. Taking the tea greatfully, she sat and eyed the ingredients happily. Need some help with those? I'm not much of a baker but I can lend some magic to the mix. My cakes usually do ok. *she grins*

"Morning Sreng, Mula. Did Pie wake you guys as well? I worry about her. She's far too withdrawn. I don't think she knows what to make of the Tribe yet. I told her, of course, that she was among friends here. I guess she'll come around," Thinking carefully of how to put the next bit Eonia spoke again, "She's gone off again to Mount Hyjal. I hope she don't get herself in ovah her head wit the Twilight folks." Thinks of the stories she's heard about the tribe's encounters with the Twilight's Hammer. "She be young and impulsive."
Pierrah stood on an overhang watching the Twilight's Hammer camp below her. Her contact told her to look for an outhouse. Why would she use the bathroom in such a place? She'd rather hold it til she turned blue. She eyed the wooden structure with much trepidation. "Its now or never Pie old girl, get a move on."

With that she headded down the path into the camp praying her disguise did the trick. It would really suck sideways if they saw through her papers and costume before she got the information she needed. They'd not fall for the same trick twice.
"I think I can manage, but thanks for the offer. I've taken quite a liking to baking. Takes the edge of the day." She finished mixing the ingredients and poured the batter into a muffin pan. She stoked the fire and put the muffins into the oven. "Mount Hyjal is a very dangerous place. I hope that Pie is ready for it. It's not very forgiving on the inexperienced warrior...Tea, Boss?" She poured herself a cup and offered a second cup to Sreng.
Eonia sat looking into her tea cup unconsciously rolling it back and forth between her palms. She'd known Pie since she'd been not much more than a young mage just out of training. She'd been an inquisitive little calf who seemed to take in every ounce of activity and life around her. Barely walking, she'd looked at Eonia with an inquisitive expression and followed her all over Bloodhoof Village chattering and questioning.

Pie didn't seem to be a chatty sort of child, she'd just taken an almost instant liking to the troll. The feeling was mutual. The kid had been great, and even at her age had shown great talent in the arts of healing and medicine. Eonia found herself in that little village every weekend for years just hanging out with the kid. She'd never been fortunate enough to have her own children or relationship, so though she'd not admit it, Pierrah became a sort of surrogate child for her and Pie always loved Eonia as if she were a second mother.

Eonia gave a great sigh and stood. "I can't let the kid be gettin in over her head. I'm off for Hyjal." Muttering about how infuriating the young were sometimes, Eonia thanked Mula for the tea, which had been just as lovely as she'd remembered, nodded good bye to Sreng and headded out the door in the Direction of Mount Hyjal. Kids.

((Pie isn't really a child. She's an adult near the beginning of her life. While Eonia isn't old, she has certainly seen much more of her life pass than Pierrah, including her hair having gone from fuscia to stone white.))

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