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PheadraLyn SunWeaver
*At first glance you see her as a tall Sin'Dorei with pale blonde almost silver platinum hair, with many jewels adorning her long ears. A presence of frost is felt around her as she walks in. For all the majestic beauty there is a long scar that marrs the smooth skin of her neck that tells the tale of many struggles, around her neck there is a locket with the picture of a small girl child that she does not part with. She bows respectfully and as she opens her mouth to introduce yourself you hear much strain in her voice as if she has lost much in her life*

I am known as PheadraLyn SunWeaver. I was once a mighty Quel'Dorei warrior before the Third War where I was over powered and beat down by Arthas and the scourge he commanded. I have recently broken out of the control he had over me and am now what you would call a Death Knight, warrior of the Ebon Blade of the highest level although I have only just reached that.

I was once a mother to a beautiful little girl child but during the war she was slaughtered mercilessly in front of me by the scourge, where I was then taken, I was unable to go on and Arthas provided a blissful escape from that torture.

Since I have awoken I have made it my goal to erradicate the evil that has infested our land and made their presence known to the Horde, but until that time I am working on finding the best gear I am able.

As it is I have not had the time nor the patience to follow any given profession, although as of late I have taken up finding lost relics.

After reading the Code of Conduct that I have seen I agree to all that is asked to become a full member of this auspicious guild. I hope that you take my application into consideration.

((I was once part of the Shadow Runners but our time was cut short due to unforseen circumstances and I had to take time away from the world

I would love to be able to get back into my old roots of rping and Ironsong seems like a good place to regain those roots.

I have been playing in the world since 2005.

I tend to play in the evenings and usually on the weekends so long as it does not conflict with my family life. I am usually available most evenings excluding tuesday evening which I see is in conflict with raid nights. Should I be able to I will try to make it on for those nights. ))
Welcome to the guild, PheadralaLyn! May you do us honor.

Sinu a'manore PheadraLyn and welcome to The Ironsong Tribe.

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