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Pattern: Robe of the Archmage
G'day to ya, Ironsong! Rajana 'ere, comein' to ya with a question. I've been workin' on me tailorin' for a long time, an' I think I've finally 'bout mastered me skill, if not what I be knowin' ta make. Been workin' on getting stronger too, which brings me ta a impass. I were told of a set of plans for a robe, da [item]Pattern: Robe of the Archmage[/item]. Da only problem be I aint been able ta find a set Anywhere. It be like they don' exist! Wha' I be askin' is if anyone of da Tribe be findin' one, contact me! Iffin ya need da coin, I'll be more than willin' ta pay. Iffin ya happen to see someone else sellin' one, try an' let em know I be lookin' for one. Tha' Tetsumis girl said she might be willin' ta 'elp me by goin' to da lower blackrock spire for em ta if anyone be interested in dat. I'll be grateful if anyone can be helpin'!
Regards, Rajana
What is the best thing in life?
Crush enemy, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.
I would be happy to accompany you into the Lower Spire in an effort to find this pattern. It seems a certain dragonkin is still holding onto a pair of shoulderpads for me...

Really Krell? I bet it's the same dragonkin that's holding onto the last gemstone I need for my ubrs key. Be happy to go sometime.
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
Through some weelin' an' dealin' I were able ta get meself a set of these plans! I'd be more than happy ta still go to da lower spire when I be gettin' bit more experince thoug'
What is the best thing in life?
Crush enemy, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.

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