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Path of Priest
I have a question of sorts on a chosing a Priest here in Azeroth.

In my old home land, my Disciple of Kain could Heal my allies well But still kill, kill humans and those that stood in my way without mercry.

In my venture to the lands of Azeroth, I seek counsel. Can this.."Priest" that I am developing rank in, can it Kill? I am growing into the first stages of facing the Weak Alliance and I want to make sure I can Kill them.

OOC(( Priests are healers I know but can they kill in pvp?))
In total and complete honesty, I have 100% despised pvp as a priest. We are a squishy target, easy to notice, and other classes seem to enjoy seeing us dead. I was shadow for a while in battlegrounds and did a lot of damage, but it was purely kamikaze style. Holy is sad at best, and disc is nice for healing in arena, but druid or paladin seems to be the flavor of the month there.

Are priests good in pvp? Not if you like living and want to feel like you're "good". Are priests fun to play in pvp? Depending on what you're into it can be fun at times, but you will pvp knowing you're not "the best".
This makes me rethink my healing. I know my companion Kasimira and allies will need the heals,

Can I become a Druid or Paladin to keep my beloved, evil wife and allies alive in the skirmishes?
I love priest healing. It is one of my favorite things to do in PvE. I've also enjoyed healing as a shaman and a a paladin. Druid was alright, but certainly not as fun as on my priest. You need to find the class that's fun for you to play. Try them all, try different styles, and see what works for you.
Played a Warlock a bit today, very fun.

I am really not sure what class I want to be my main. There is still a couple to try out, so please bare with me Smile
I have a priest, a druid, a mage, and a shaman, and those are just what's over level 30. Play them all! This game is fun Smile
First of all let me just say that in PvP the *best* class for a particular role is always different depending what was introduced in the most recent patch. It's what we call "flavor of the week".

I've PvPed a lot and I've known some pretty nasty shadow priests in my time. You can be very survivable as one *if you have the gear and skill for it*. Shadow priests however don't really heal nearly as much as disc priests in pvp (don't know really many holy pvpers) however disc priests don't do much damage (though any class *can* kill). It's just that against some classes with self healing it might be a long difficult fight; like against paladins and death knights. You can also always try the less popular option and make a hybrid healer/DPSer. Most people say this just doesn't work but really it's up to individual playstyle, and is more viable now than it used to be.

As for Druids, right now they are awesome healers, but their dps builds are a little more lackluster than other pure dps classes. Shamans I don't know as much about never having played one past level 10.

Now like I said, things change a lot between patch to patch and the best advice I can give you is play what you like or think is cool. Sooner or later they'll buff it and it'll be the best PvP class, but when it's nerfed to heck you want to still be able to enjoy the fact that you think it's still the coolest class.
I can't say too much about priests. I deleted my only priest at 46 and couldn't really get into him. I have known some fine dps priests in my day... probably the best being Dromith (Alliance side) who I raided with pre-BC. He managed to make it to Field Marshal in pvp so he must have been doing something right.

I healed as a pally (again, Alliance side) in BC and liked it well enough, though in those days it was a little monotonous and I got burned out. Haven't healed enough as a pally at 80 to say whether it's gotten more interesting now. You probably won't really kill much these days as a Holy pally though. I think you'd want ret or prot as a 2nd spec when not healing these days since Shockadins went out of style.

But I'll vouch for shammies. I really enjoyed levelling as elemental and like the resto spec pretty well also (I need more practice though). Again resto wont kill much, but really with 2 specs it's hard to go wrong with any class these days.

I do also have a 70 druid, but haven't really healed much on her. Feral is tons of fun though. Smile

Really any of them would be fine as long as you know what you're doing and if you learn the class they'll all be effective, even if they arent't flavor of the month.
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
Thank you for all the feedback. It is hard coming from a different world and trying to decside what is for my travels.

I enjoyed playing the path of a Warlock, but I disliked the name so I dismissed him. For the last two moons I have been trying to think of a proper name for my new Warlock persona. I come to the conclusion that I am very indecisive when all of my past alias' have been taken.

I believe "Tesivar" will fit him.

OOC(( If I like it, I may try to change my forum name here if that is possible))
Having played Warhammer Online I think I know what you are looking for. Sadly at present I don't think you will find anything similar to the DoC in Warcraft. I used to play a goblin shaman that could be played as a hybrid dps/healer. That being said Warcraft provides for different jobs. You can dual spec which will allow you to play a healing spec and a damage spec although you'd have to switch back and forth depending on the situation.

If you enjoy healing, good healers are always needed, a solid healer can carry a team in battlegrounds, and any arena teams 3 or higher that have any success carry a healer.

I now play a paladin, they are both good healers and good dps. The ret paladin does have some passive healing abilities, although not on the level of what the DoC did. If you want to talk in more detail feel free to send me a tell. (Donalzon)

“He lives not long who battles with the immortals, nor do his children prattle about his knees when he has come back from battle and the dead fray.”

Homer, The Iliad
Indeed Donalzon, I shall hail you.

I am used to being the Disciple of Kain of Anti-Sanctus Chaotica. Being able to take damage, heal my allies and stike terror or kill the weak Order at will.

It will take some time to adjust to the new world, as strange as it is. Kasimira and I do feel a bit lost and needing our heading, we look forward to the rights to join the Tribe, as I am sure we will please your high councel. We have had offers to join others, in this realm and on others, but we feel some thing drawing us to Ironsong...

Back to topic, Thank you for your offer of advice, I shan't pass that by, I will hail you as soon when my search finds you.

OOC((Donalzon, I will add you to my friends list and send you a tell ingame asap, and Thanks a Bunch!))
Tesivar seems like an odd name for an Orc, but I suppose it could work. Sounds more elvish to me though.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Cloudjumper Wrote:Tesivar seems like an odd name for an Orc, but I suppose it could work. Sounds more elvish to me though.
Indeed Cloudjumper, I am a Dark Elf.

Once accepted to the tribe, I will post my historic story explaining my rescue and being raised by the Greenskins who saved me from the torturous High Elves slavery in my youth. I scribed this story ages ago when questioned on why my speach had a Greenskin accent to some in Anti-Sanctus Chaotica
. I still hold a tight bond with the Greenskins to this day.

OOC((I am not sure what lead to thoughts of greenskin, only dark elves can be disciple's in warhammer and my RP arrogance is common role for Dark elves, well I guess I must be a "Blood" elf here, but will express myself as a dark elf Smile ))

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