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Patch 1.9 Preview
So the patch 1.9 preview is out.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/underdev/">http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/underdev/</a><!-- m -->

Looks like the bugs are going to get a lot more play in this one. Also some interesting things with linked auction houses and armor set changes.

Oh some changes to Paladins if anyone cares... Wink
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
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(( heh, I'm actually anxious for some paladin changes, as I have a 47 pallie sitting on a shelf collecting dust...I miss the character, but the class is just not (currently) worth it. ))
(( yeah the new Dragonstalkers armor actually looks...good...for once.

I do have a question about the Lore, though, since I pride myself in knowing Warcraft lore. Why is Staghelm leading the Night Elf army not Tyrande or Malfurion? Obviously this happened after the first invasion of the Legion as there are Druids galore. Any ideas/thoughts?
(( love the Warlock, shaman and Rogue armor. Dragon Stalker DOES look better but I'm not too much for the purple look. Linked Auction house sounds great.))
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((I think Malfurion is still trapped in the Emerald Dream, and as Druids traditionally lead the Kaldorei that means Tyrande cannot. She runs the Temple of Elune, but cannot also lead the people without being a druid. Or thats my interpretation from reading the lore anyway =) ))
(I'm also a little excited by the patch news, as I have a 60 Paladin on ER currently... Yes, collecting dust is a good way of putting it. Retribution/Holy is a difficult path to walk when you aren't geared to the teeth in Epics.)
The Priestesses of the Moon were both spiritual and military leaders, and Tyrande was the fiercest of them all as the High Priestess. This event happened a mere 1,000 years ago, meaning during the Vigil and after Tyrande founded the Sentinels. Furion wasnt trapped in the Emerald Dream yet...perhaps he was just sleeping, I'm not sure. The Druids may sleep in 3,000 year rotations like the vampire lords in Underworld but, again, I'm only speculating on that. But still...you must think that if the threat was big enough that "every able bodied Night Elf" went to fight, and even the descendants of the Aspects helped and sacrificed themselves, how could Tyrande ignore this? She was the leader of the Night Elves! :p

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