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Paragons nutshell guide
Paragons of the Klaxxi nutshell guide

In this fight we will encounter all 9 of the Klaxxi paragons, though we'll only ever fight 3 of them at once.

When the fight starts, we'll engage three Klaxxi paragons. As soon as we kill one of them, the other two heal themselves to full, and gain a stacking buff increasing their damage by 10%, and another Paragon joins the fight. This continues until all 9 are dead.

The order in which the Paragons engage the raid (including the three first ones) is chosen randomly each week, but it remains the same for that the whole week. The number of combinations is therefore immense.

Each Paragon has a few abilities, and each dead Paragon can be interacted with once per fight by one raid member, granting that raid member a specific buff or ability. Each raid member can only interact with one Paragon per fight. The abilities gained are role-specific.

We will examine each Paragon in turn. We will need to handle interactions between Paragons on the fly.

Kil'ruk the Wind Reaver

* Exposed wounds: tank debuff that causes the tank to take 10% increased damage from another Paragon, Xaril the Poisoned Mind.
* Gouge: incapacitates the tank. Followed up by Mutilate: a very high amount of tank damage.
* Death from Above: every 20 seconds leaps into the air and lands at the location of a random raid member. High physical damage in a 5-yard area.

Kil'ruk's buff: Reave. Grants DPS players an extra action button that lets them leap forward and deal high physical damage to all enemies within a 10-yard area.


* Exposed Wounds is ONLY a concern when Xaril the Poisoned Mind is up. If this happens, it just means that Kil'ruk's tank cannot tank Xaril.
* Gouge and Mutilate: tanks must survive them. Tank and healers must be prepared for massive damage.
* Death from Above: avoid this. There is a brief warning animation. But raid members can stay spread out to minimize damage.
* Players who pick up Reave should use it to DPS enemies wherever they can.

Xaril the Poisoned Mind

* Tenderizing Strikes: stacking tank debuff that causes the tank to take 10% increased damage from the melee attacks of Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver.
* Caustic Blood: stacking tank debuff DoT. Moderate damage per stack. If the debuff reaches 10 stacks, a Bloody Explosion occurs, dealing a massive amount of raid-wide fire damage. Stacks of Caustic Blood are not applied to tanks under the effects of their active mitigation abilities.
* Toxic Injection: randomly assigns each raid member a color: red, blue or yellow. After that, as long as he is alive, Xaril will regularly trigger an effect on players of one color:
--> RED players will deal high fire damage to players within 10 yards.
--> BLUE players will deal massive (practically lethal) frost damage, divided among players in a 10-yard radius. In a 10-man this damage can be split by 2 players. In a 25 man it can be split by 3 players. Any additional players will take damage but will not "share the load" with the others.
--> YELLOW players will create a poison cloud at their location.

Xaril's buff: Grants healers the Vast Apothecarial Knowledge buff, which gives them an extra action button that lets them use Volatile Poultice. This ability has a 30-second cooldown and a 10-second duration. While active, all healing done by that player causes the target to receive a buff that essentially "stores" healing. When the target next takes damage, the stored up healing is released, and the target is healed for an amount equal to the healing done by the healer in the 10-second window.


* Tenderizing Strikes is only a concern when Kil'ruk is out. It just means that Xaril's tank cannot tank Kil'ruk.
* Caustic Blood must be prevented from reaching 10 stacks. Tanks must either swap, or the tank must time his active mitigation abilities correctly to avoid the applications of Caustic Blood.
* The biggest problem is Toxic Injection, which colors the players. There will be an emote which will say which color players will be affected.
--> RED players should spread out.
--> the right number of people should stack on the BLUE players (two or three). Any more players and these extra people will take damage but will not reduce the amount of damage taken by each person.
--> YELLOW players should move away and drop their clouds in a safe location.
* Use the buff to heal tanks who are sure to take a lot of damage in the future (e.g. tanks about to be hit by Mutilate).

Kaz'tik the Manipulator

* Kaz'tik will spawn 4 Hungry Kuchongs around the edges of the room. When one is killed, Kaz'tik will summon another one in its place. Kunchongs have several abilities:
- They are stationary and don't need to be tanked. Normally, they are shielded by Thick Shell, which makes them immune to damage.
- Mesmerize: at regular intervals Kaz'tik will cast Mesmerize on a random player, which will cause them to lose control and head slowly toward one of the Hungry Kunchongs. While this is happening, the Hungry Kunchong will channel Devour onto that person, dealing moderate physical damage each second and gaining 7 energy per tick. During Devour the Thick SHell is disabled. If the player reaches the Kunchong's melee range they will be instantly killed, and the Kunchong will hit max energy. Mesmerize is broken if the Kunchong takes 30% of its total health in damage.
- Molt. If a Kunchong reaches max energy it cases Molt, and evolves into a more dangerous add called Mature Kunchong. These adds move around and attack raid members, using Swipe, an extremely damaging frontal cone attack.
- Hungry Kunchong's Thick Shell is disabled if they are hit by Reace, the ability gained from Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver's corpse.

* Sonic Projection: Fires a beam at a random raid member, dealing very high physical damage to them and anybody located between the target and Kaz'tik.

Kaz'tik's buff: Players of any role can pick up Master of Puppets. This grants an extra action button that allows them to summon an Immature Kunchong to fight alongside the raid for 40 seconds.


* Players must stagger themselves so that they are not between a potential target player and Kaz'tik so they don't get hit by the beam.
* Biggest threat: the Mesmerize ability. When Mesmerize is cast, ranged players must quickly burn down the hungry Kunchong until Mesmerize is broken (30% damage done). If this is done right we'll never get Mature Kunchongs. If we do, these should be killed as quickly as possible, and nobody should stand in front of them to avoid their frontal cone.
* Don't try to kill the Kunchongs otherwise. They're immune, and another will be summoned when each is killed. Just break the Mesmerizes.
* Use the buff, Master of Puppets, on cooldown.

Korven the Prime

* Encase in Amber. Self-buff or buff on another Paragon when they reach 50% health. Renders target immune to damage. Amber must be destroyed. If amber is NOT broken in 10 seconds, Paragon will be healed to full health.
* Shield Bash: Knocks tank down for 6 seconds. Followed by Vicious Assault, which is a series of high physical damage attacks to all targets in front of him. Bleed + increasing damage.

Buff: tanks can gain Master of Amber from Korven's corpse. Grants them an extra action button that allows them to encase a friendly player in amber for 5 seconds, rendering them immune to damage for that duration.


* All DPS must focus on breaking the amber block ASAP.
* Tank will regularly sustain very high damage from Shield Bash / Vicious Assault. Tanks and healers must be prepared. As this is a frontal cone, face him away.
* Master of Amber is a targettable Ice Block. Use it to save raid members who are very low on health.

Iyyokuk the Lucid

* Diminish: damages random raid member. Deals 34% of the targets current health in damage. If the target is below 25%, instantly kills them.
* Calculate: assigns each player in the raid a shape, color, and number.
--> Shapes: mantid, sword, staff, sonic ring, amber.
--> colors: red, purple, blue, green, yellow
--> Numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
* Insane Calculation: Fiery Edge: spell that uses these previously assigned shapes and colors. Iyyokuk will target a random raid member. Then ALL TARGETS who match one of the player's criteria will be linked with fiery lines. These linked players and anyone else who touches the lines take fire damage every second, which decreases the further away the linked players are from each other.

Buff: Healers can gain Ingenious, which gives them an extra action button that lets them heal a targeted raid member. The heal is then copied over to all raid members who share the race or class of the target.


* Keep all players above 25%.
* Linked players should move away from each other.
* Cast Ingenious on players who share their class and race with as many other raid members as possible.

Ka'roz the Locust

* Flash: Charges random players, affecting all players in his path with Whirling. Whirling causes affected players to spin in place for a few seconds, sustaining high damage and inflicting the same damage on other players in a small radius.
* Hurl Amber: he jumps on a platform above the raid (where he can't be attacked) then throws pieces of amber down on the raid. These pieces form damaging void zones.

Buff: DPS players can gain Strong Lets. Grants and extra action button that lets them leap up to the platform Ka'roz used, and throw amber down from that location. This deals a high amount of nature damage to enemies within a 15 yard radius. If a boss encased in amber by Korven's Encase in Amber ability is hit, the amber block will be shattered.


* Spread out to avoid flash and Whirling.
* Avoid the void zones
* Players with Strong Legs ability should damage the bosses and adds, and can try to break a block of amber with it.

Skeer the Bloodseeker

* Hewn: stacking tank debuff. Causes tank to take 10% increased damage from melee attacks of Rik'kal.
* Bloodletting: summons small adds called Bloods (2 in a 10-man, 3 in a 25-man). These move toward damaged Klaxxi Paragon. If they reach the boss they'll heal him based on how much health the adds have left.

Buff: DPS can gain Bloodthirsty. Extra action button: chance on attack to summon blood orbs. Raid members who walk over the blood orbs have 10% of their max health restored. 10-sec duration.


* Hewn is only a problem if Rik'kal is up. If he is, one tank can't tank them both.
* Immediately DPS any Bloods as soon as they spawn.
* Use Bloodthirsty at times of heavy damage to help raid member health.

Rik'kal the Dissector

* Genetic Alteration: stacking tank debuff that causes tank to take 10% increased damage from melee attacks of Skeer.
* Injection: stacking debuff applied to current target. Small stacking Nature DoT. When it expires, causes several Amber Parasites to spawn. These fixate on random raid members and deal high physical damage to them through Feed. Amber Parasites are healed to full every 10 seconds. Stacks of Injection are not applied to tanks under effects of active mitigation abilities.
* Rik'kal will regularly turn a random raid member into an Amber Scorpion for 30 seconds. This is a vehicle, which causes them to take moderate Nature damage every seconds, and restricts them to certain Amber Scorpion abilities. Damage of these abilities is based on the player's attack power or spell power.
--> Claw: damage to target
--> Swipe: frontal cone. Enemies affected by Sting (see below) take double damage.
--> Sting: Nature DoT.
--> Prey: instantly kills and Amber Parasite.

Buff: Players of any role can use the Mad Scientist buff. It grants and extra action button which, on a 2-min cooldown, turns them into an Amber Scorpion for 30 seconds. Identical to the one described above.


* Genetic Alteration only a problem is Skeer is up. If so, same tank can't tank both Skeer and Rik'kal.
* Injection: requires a tank swap, unless tanks can time their active mitigation abilities to avoid gaining stacks.
* Focus-fire Amber Parasites down. They heal to full every 10 sec so this has to be FAST.
* Players in Amber Scorpions will need more healing. While in the scorpion, damage the boss. Use Prey to kill Amber Parasites.

Hisek the Swarmkeeper

* Multi-shot on random raid members.
* Aim: targets random raid members, stunning them for 5 sec If target is too close they're knocked back 45 yards. After stun is over, Hisek will fire extremely damaging beam between himself and the target, the damage of which is SPLIT between all players in a line. Each player who splits the damage creates a field of Sonic Resonance at their location, dealing moderate physical damage to all players within 5 yards.

Buff: Compound Eye. For DPS players. Grants extra action button that lets them fire a damaging shot at a targeted enemy. Shot deals more damage the farther away the target is, and afflicts it with a debuff that increases damage taken.


* Multi-shot is unavoidable.
* When Hisek casts Aim, several players (ideally, ranged) should form a line between targeted player with Hisek while make sure they're at least 5 yards apart from one another. This will reduce damage on the target. Whole raid can't stack as they'll be damaged by the 5-yard damage thing.
* Use Compound Eye from as far away as possible.
For Kaz'tik, melee cannot assist. They will likely get eaten when attempting to attack the target hungry Kunchong.
The usual kill order that my raid has killed them in has been:
1) Rik
2) Skeer
3) Korv
4) Hisek
5) Xaril
6) Kaz
7) Iyyo
8) Ka'roz
9) Kil'ruk
Thanks, Kretol!

On Kaz'tik do you mean that the melee can't help kill the hungry kunchong? Will the hungry kunchong eat anyone who gets close, then, and not just the fixated person?

Do we get to choose the order of the Paragons? Icy veins said that the order was random, but their data is based on the PTR and not live servers.

Thanks again!

Correct, the hungry kunchong will one shot anyone who gets close. And no, the paragons come out in a set order.
Okay, thank you, Kretol! All good to know.

Also, here's the spawn order & kill order Kretol gave me:

Spawn order:
1 Rik'kal
4 Hisek
2 Skeer
8 Ka'roz
3 Korven
7 Iyyokuk
5 Xaril
6 Kaz'tik
9 Kilruk

The #indicates the kill order.
We successfully killed the Paragons last week! Hooray!! Many thanks to Kretol for making the tactical calls which helped get us through the different combinations of Paragons.

With that in mind, I'm going to write a very brief nutshell guide here which deals with the encounter in proper order. The paragons' spawn order is actually fixed (the Icy Veins guide which I used to write the first guide assumes a random PTR order, and then describes the bosses in random order, which adds unneeded complexity).

Also, we learned that while it's a busy fight there are only a handful of abilities we need to worry about. Even the buffs players pick up when the paragons die don't seem to be critical for the encounter. So, a lot of the detail in the first post was not needed.

So, here's the spawn and kill order:

The paragons are listed in their spawn order. The number indicates the kill order:

1 Rik'kal
4 Hisek
2 Skeer
8 Ka'roz
3 Korven
7 Iyyokuk
5 Xaril
6 Kaz'tik
9 Kilruk

I. Starting set: Rik'kal, Hisek, Skeer

--> First kill target: Rik'kal

Main concerns:
(1) Focus-fire the Amber parasites (they heal to full every 10 sec)
(2) Focus-fire the Bloods (they heal the boss)
(3) Ranged should stand in the line of Hisek's Aim.
(4) Different tanks take Rik'kal and Skeer

[There's a scorpion vehicle in here, no big deal, use it to kill stuff.]

When Rik'kal dies, Ka'roz comes down. Amber parasites go away, now we get void zones.

II. Hisek, Skeer, and Ka'roz

--> Second kill target: Skeer

Main concerns:
(1) Focus-fire the Bloods
(2) Avoid the void zones.
(3) Ranged should stand in the line of Hisek's Aim.

When Skeer dies, Korven comes down. Bloods go away, now we get amber prisons ("amber blocks") and lots of tank damage from Shield Bash & Vicious Assault.

III. Hisek, Ka'roz, and Korven

--> Third kill target: Korven.

Main concerns:
(1) Break players out of the Amber Prisons
(2) Avoid the void zones
(3) Ranged should stand in the line of Hisek's Aim.
(4) Healers & tanks be alert for high tank damage from frontal cone Shield Bash & Vicious Assault. Others stay out of frontal cone.

When Korven dies, Iyyokuk comes down. Amber prisons, shield bash & vicious assault go away, now we get linkages between players.

IV. Hisek, Ka'roz, and Iyyokuk

--> Fourth kill target: Hisek

Main concerns:
(1) Linked players stand apart from each other, others don't cross the red lines.
(2) Avoid the void zones
(3) Ranged should stand in the line of Hisek's Aim.

When Hisek dies, Xaril comes down. Hisek's Aim goes away, now we get Color assignments and bad Caustic Blood tank attack.

V. Ka'roz, Iyyokuk, and Xaril

--> Fifth kill target: Xaril

Main concerns:
(1) Linked players stand apart from each other, others don't cross the red lines.
(2) Avoid the void zones
(3) Roughly obey the colors: Red players spread out; players stack on Blue players; Yellow players drop their cloud away.

When Xaril dies, Kaz'tik comes down. Color assignments go away, now we get Hungry Kunchongs.

VI. Ka'roz, Iyyokuk, and Kaz'tik

--> Sixth kill target: Kaz'tik

Main concerns:
(1) Linked players stand apart from each other, others don't cross the lines.
(2) Avoid the void zones
(3) Ranged do 30% damage to a hungry kunchong add to break "Mesmerize" (a beam which sucks a player toward a kunchong). Melee stay away from the kunchongs, you'll get eaten, everyone stay out of the mesmerize beam, it does damage.

When Kaz'tik dies, Kilruk comes down. Kunchongs go away, now we get Gouge and Mutilate damage on the tank and Death from Above (jump & smash-down mechanic).

VII. Ka'roz, Iyyokuk, and Kilruk

--> Seventh kill target: Iyyokuk

Main concerns:
(1) Linked players stand apart from each other, others don't cross the red lines.
(2) Avoid the void zones
(3) Spread out to avoid Death from Above.

When Iyyokuk dies, no more come down. Linkage of players disappears.

VIII. Ka'roz, Kilruk

--> Eighth kill target: Ka'roz

Main concerns:
(1) Avoid the void zones
(2) Spread out to avoid Death from Above.

When Ka'roz dies, no more paragons come down. Void zones go away.

IX. Kilruk

--> Ninth kill target: Kilruk

Main concerns:
(1) Spread out to avoid Death from Above.

Kretol -- if you see this, am I missing anything critical? Let me know! Thank you!

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