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Pandaren: What We Know
Howdy folks.

Today, I decided that I'd post this, because I reference Pandaren in my backstory, and I figured there might be a few of you unsure as to what they really were.

The Pandaren are single-handedly the most elusive Azerothian race. They are Imperialistic, though they are still Tribal, and many folks liken them to Asian Tauren. The Pandaren, though heavily Chinese, seem to be Blizzard's catch-all for Asian culture. You'll find shamanistic as well as samurai/feudal sections of them as often as others.

They, like the Tauren, do not use arcane magic. Were they to ever become a playable race, the lore community surmises that their classes would be near identical to the Tauren, if not harbingers of new classes such as the rumored Monk.

Note that there are very few Pandaren who leave their villages to come to the outside world, and it is on these Pandaren that many of us roleplayers base our histories. No one, as of yet, can enter Pandaria itself. Were you to stumble upon it, you would be slain on sight.

I do recommend <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.wowwiki.com/Pandaren">http://www.wowwiki.com/Pandaren</a><!-- m --> as a great source of Pandaren information. Keep in mind that we really have no idea as to specifics just yet. These things may or may not be flushed out in future expansions.

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