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Paladin Raid Class Spec Lead (Retribution) Discussion
Greetings Ret Paladins!

Your RCSL is.. um.. well, we don't have one at the moment. Fortunately, we've got a few folks that know enough to get you started with raid-related Ret information, and those would be:

Tabraus (Jivundus, Rajana, Testsumis)
Yaetherin (Zeengo, Zelgaddis)
Dromand (Bendon, Logros, Denul)

Feel free to holler at any of us, we're all happy to help out Smile

Please feel free to use this thread to discuss the spec, as it relates to raiding, or to ask and answer questions. As GI Joe wisely proclaimed throughout my youth - "Knowing is half the battle."
[Image: 2270166Iryxy.png]
Dromand (70 Tank/Healing Paladin), Logros (70 Enhancement Shaman), Denul (70 Shadow Priest), Bendon (70 AH-Mule Rogue)

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