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Paladin Raid Class Spec Lead (Holy) Discussion Thread
Greetings Holy Paladins!

Your RCSL is Dromand, which is me. If you need to get ahold of me ingame, the alts I'm often around on are: Bendon, Logros, and Denul. If you can't get ahold of me, feel free to ask Yaetherin (Zeengo, Zelgaddis) or Tabraus (Jivundus, Rajana, Tetsumis) too.

Sometime soon, I'll be posting some general raid-related info, and I'll be posting up some 'suggested minimums' for Kara / Gruul's Lair, as well as a bit of basic info on your role as a Holy Paladin in those two raids. By the time you're in SSC/TK/ZA, I don't think you'll much need advice anymore Big Grin

So, please feel free to use this thread to discuss the spec, as it relates to raiding, or to ask and answer questions. As GI Joe wisely proclaimed throughout my youth - "Knowing is half the battle."
[Image: 2270166Iryxy.png]
Dromand (70 Tank/Healing Paladin), Logros (70 Enhancement Shaman), Denul (70 Shadow Priest), Bendon (70 AH-Mule Rogue)
Table of Contents
1. Talents
2. Weapon choices
3. Armor choices
4. Blessing Choices
5. Profession Choices
6. Enchants + Gem Choices
7. Healing Basics
8. Your Role in Karazhan
9. Your Role in Gruul's Lair
10. Mods + Macros
11. Links


1. Talents

Talents for a healing paladin are pretty straightforward, and there really aren't many decisions to be made. For a raiding build, my suggestion is here. If you want to see exactly what I do, find Dromand on the Armory - Most of the time I'm using a 28/33/0 build for raid healing and OTing. For now, stick to the basics:

Holy Talents
Tier 1:
Divine Strength: (0/5) No. You're not hitting stuff.
Divine Intellect: (5/5) It's your only other option, and useful to boot.

Tier 2:
Spiritual Focus: (5/5) Maxed, this allows for 70% chance to avoid pushback, so with Conc aura up, you won't get pushback.
Imp SoR: (0/5) Ok for tanking, terrible for healing.

Tier 3:
Healing Light: (3/3) If I have to explain why, go play Pong.
Aura Mastery: (1/1) A 33% increase to our aura radius, for 1 talent point. No-brainer.
Imp LoH: (0/2) Terrible talent. LoH is always your /last/ resort.
Unyielding Faith: (1/2) Not a particularly useful PvE talent really, but that last point's gotta go somewhere.

Tier 4:
Illumination: (5/5) Obvious, I hope.
Improved Blessing of Wisdom: (2/2) BoW will be the blessing you use on casters most often (other than Salv), so improving it is very handy. If nothing else, this will be the blessing you use on yourself 95% of the time Wink

Tier 5:
Pure of Heart: (0/3) Total crap.
Divine Favor: (1/1) Required to progress down that line, and a fantastic talent.
Sanctified Light: (3/3) When you're using Holy Light, it's because someone's in deep trouble, and +6% crit is a very good thing to have at that point Wink

TIer 6:
Purifying Power: (0/3) Very meh. Cleanse isn't mana-intensive, and you won't be spamming the others.
Holy Power: (5/5) Yes.

Tier 7:
Light's Grace: (3/3) You won't be using Holy Light a lot, but when it's needed, it's needed. This talent is literally a life-saver.
Holy Shock: (1/1) Frankly, kind of weak. You're rarely going to want to waste the 1.5s global coodlown to cast this over a FoL. In 2.4, it will be likely be substantially stronger, so worth picking up now and seeing how it goes.
Blessed Life: (3/3) 10% chance for half-damage is nice. Not huge, but not too bad.

Tier 8:
Holy Guidance: (5/5) +healing? Yes.

Tier 9:
Divine Illumination: (1/1) This is a good starter talent, although once your gear level improves to the T5 level, it's honestly a bit of a waste. Paladins have the best longevity of the healing classes, so this is rarely useful for me. If you don't plan on doing a healing/OTank build, it's definitely worth taking.

Protection Talents

Tier 1:
Improved Devotion Aura: (0/5) No. No. No. This is an incredibly marginal increase.
Redoubt: (5/5) Yes. Blocking an attack prevents it from being a crushing blow, which is very handy if you happen to pull aggro, and it'll slightly reduce damage from incoming attacks.

Tier 2:
Precision : (3/3) +3% hit to spells is handy. As a paladin, you're often going to want to be judging enemies, and 3% hit is great for that. And zomg holy shock! :p
Guardian's Favor: (2/2) Yes, a fantastic talent. Reduces the cooldown on BoP, which is hugely useful in a raid.
Toughness: (0/5) 10% more armour wouldn't save you in healing gear. Not worth it at all unless you're doing a hybrid spec.

Tier 3:
Blessing of Kings: (1/1) Yes. Not absolutely necessary if other paladins in your raids have it, but for 1 TP, it's worth getting.
Improved Righteous Fury: (3/3) Increases the +threat from RF to 90%, which is needed if you want to off-tank. Also, it provides a flat 6% damage mitigation, which is handy in raiding all the time. And as a final bonus, if something breaks from the tank, it's most likely to come after you instead of one of your squishier brethren.
Shield Spec: (0/3) Hybrid only.
Anticipation: (1/5) Have a spare point, this is the most useful for it. No more than you have to spend unless you're going hybrid.

Tier 4:
Stoicism: (0/2) Strictly a PvP talent.
Imp HoJ: (0/3) Just not worth the points.
Imp Conc Aura: (2/3) A fantastic talent for some boss fights, especially Malacrass in ZA. Being able to give your healing group a +45% resistance to pushback is nice, but the reduction in silence time is just fantastic (Gruul!), especially since your only other caster-useful auras are resistances.

Tier 5+:
Without using a hybrid build, you will never get above T4.

Retribution Talents

No. The only builds that use Ret talents are (obviously) Ret, and full-tank (for parry).

Hybrid Healing/Tank Build

I'm including basic info on this build here, since it's a viable raid heal build, and slight variations of this are what I use most of the time. The talents are listed here. Essentially, the goal is to get high enough in Prot to get Holy Shield, which is needed for any serious tanking. Compared to a full-holy spec healer, your healing doesn't actually suffer much - you're down 2% crit, around 150-200 healing (depending on your Int), and no Light's Grace and Imp BoW. You still get Illumination, which is the key holy talent, and most of the other good stuff. For tanking, you're short 5% parry, 5 Expertise, 10% stamina, and Ardent Defender. I've main-tanked Karazhan with this build for a long time, and can OT anything in any instance I've needed to. For those new to Holy, I'd definitely not recommend it, but it's worth looking at once your gear is solid (for both tanking+healing).


2. Weapon Choices

Well, this section will be pretty short, because as a holy paladin, your options really aren't that varied, heh.

The most common weapons to start are listed here.
They're all +227 healing maces, with the Penitent and Lightsworn being available from non-heroic instances, and the Essence Focuser is dirt cheap on the Auction House.

Once you've got one of those, your next most likely option is the Gavel of Pure Light, which is available for 191g after getting Exalted with the Sha'tar. If you've got the cash to spare, an Ancient Scepter of Sue-min is comparable, or Hand of Eternity which is better (but likely expensive).

After that, well, things get hard.

Gladiator's Salvation is 25200 Honor and 20x EOTS Marks. That's a lot of honour to get, but it's a guaranteed result.
Merciless Gladiator's Salvation is 2739 Arena points. Again, lots to get, but guaranteed.
Shockwave Truncheon is your next best bet - 8% drop from Heroic Murmur in Shadow Labyrinth. SL is a tough heroic, but if you can get a solid group, it's the one to go for while you're going through Kara.
Shard of the Virtuous is a 10% drop from Maiden in Kara, which means that on average, if nobody is rolling against you, it'll take 2.5 months of doing Kara every week to get.
Light's Justice is better, and from Prince Malchezaar.

And that's it until ZA/SSC.

Along with the weapon, get the best shield you can manage with +healing, or go with a +healing offhand if you're really not worried about temp-tanking in healing gear (I used the off-hand from Shade of Aran for a while myself). Crystal Pulse Shield is the most common starter-shield.


3. Armor Choices

As a holy paladin, you're looking for a few things in armour:

+spell crit

That's it. Spirit does NOT help you - as a holy paladin, you are almost never going to stop casting. Spirit is a non-stat. +healing is important, but so is +crit, thanks to us receiving 60% of our mana back on a healing crit. This makes us the best long-term healers in WoW - our heals aren't as high, but we can just go on forever. mp5 helps this a lot, and while I don't recommend sacrificing +healing/crit to get it, anytime you can add it to your gear it's going to help you. Int gives you a larger mana pool and spell crit, and obviously stam helps you stay alive in raid encounters.

The exact ratios you use will largely depend on your individual needs, so I can't really lay out an exact formula for item stat weights. Essentially, you want enough spell crit to ensure you're not running dry on mana, and after that, focus more on +healing.

Frankly, there's a lot of easily-available paladin gear. Here's a good start: thottbott.

The only item I consider truly a must to have is PvP ornamented gauntlets. Even Season 1 gauntlets (10,500 Honor + 20 AV marks) are better than anything at all you can get in PvE prior to end-game content. The reason for this is that they've all got +2% crit chance to Flash of Light. That's the equivalent to over +40 spell crit rating, and 95% of the heals you'll cast as a paladin will be FoL. Even doing a terrible Arena team is worth it for the S2 gloves, which are under 1k Arena Points - achievable in a month of doing 10 games a week. 3 weeks if you get a half-decent team Wink

Reputation I recommend:
Aldor vs Scryer: I prefer Aldor, simply because of the shoulder enchant for Aldor is preferable, imo. Really, either works. It also gives you the Vindicator's Hauberk, which is great for an early tank set.
Keepers of Time: No healing gear, but the Timewarden's Leggings and Continuum Blade are staples for paladin tanking, and you'll want a tank set eventually for AoE tanking trash.
Lower City: Revered, for the Lower City Prayerbook. Note that these are NOT unique! Use two until you can get better healing trinkets.
Ogrila: Revered, for the Apexis Cloak (+57 healing!)
Sha'tar: Exalted, for the Gavel of Pure Light. This'll take you a while, but worth it. See weapon stuff above.
Thrallmar: Revered, for the Glyph of Renewal, which you'll put on every helm you ever use.


4. Blessing Choices

The first and foremost rule of Blessings: Give people what the raid leader tells you to. If at /all/ possible, accommodate people with blessings if the RL hasn't given you a specific assignment. Most raids will use the PallyPower mod to do this.

Tanks: Blessing of Kings is the first choice for raiding, every time. Blessing of Light is always helpful, especially if there are multiple paladin healers.

Healers: Blessing of Wisdom mostly, or Blessing of Salvation if you have two paladins, or healers are having.. trouble :p BoK is more useful than Salv in most raid encounters.

DPS: This is where you'll get the most variation, both from specs and from personal preference. Simply put, ask, unless you already know for sure what they'd prefer. Salv is going to be the first option for nearly all of them (hunters being the only common exception), and then Might for melee or Wisdom for casters. Sometimes Kings. Rarely anything else.


5. Profession Choices

Well, to be honest, your profession choices aren't going to have too major of an impact on your healing.

Alchemy: The Alchemist's Stone is nice, but ideally you shouldn't be using many mana potions. Mad Alchemist's Potions are about 240 less mana returned on average than a super mana, but the special buffs can be quite useful. And they're dirt cheap to make :p

Blacksmithing: There's almost nothing here for you. There are no BoP healing items at all.

Enchanting: Frankly, I don't recommend /anyone/ get Enchanting anymore. It's not profitable, and at this stage in the game, the long-time enchanters have more enchants available than you ever will.

Engineering: This is my favored profession for every darn class there is. The reason for that is simple: goggles. For the paladin healer, that's the Justicebringer 2000 Specs. Compare that to the Tier 5 helm. Frankly, it's also just a lot of [i]fun[/u]. The Goblin Rocket Launcher is fantastic for tanking (pulling and tons of +stam), and the various gizmos and gadgets are useful and fun. Bombs have saved me many a time Big Grin

Herbalism: This is, honestly, my preferred gathering profession. But Logros, you said I should be an engineer! Yes, yes I did. I've done both extensively, and herbalism just makes more money. Sell the herbs, buy the metal. As an engineer, you're not going to need a high supply of repeatedly-consumable reagents for your important pieces of gear - most of them are trinkets, or your goggles. But you'll always find a use for potions, so harvesting materials and then finding a friendly Tribe alchemist is a great way to get them. And Herbalism just isn't as oversaturated as mining is.

Jewelcrafting: If you're thinking of using this to make money, you're very likely to be very disappointed. All the well-selling jewelcrafting recipes are blue BoE, costing 400g+ per, and without having a wide variety of them, you're not going to be able to sell enough gems to make a substantial amount of money. The trinkets available through JC are mediocre, and the epic gems are nice, but they're Unique, making them very, very limited use.

Leatherworking: No. Nothing for you here.

Mining: See Herbalism comments. Mining's not bad at all, and it'll make Engineering less work to level up, for sure.

Skinning: I recommend taking this and herbalism while you're leveling up, then dropped skinning when you're ready to get your engineering high enough to the point where it's useful to you.

Tailoring: No. Nothing for you here.
[Image: 2270166Iryxy.png]
Dromand (70 Tank/Healing Paladin), Logros (70 Enhancement Shaman), Denul (70 Shadow Priest), Bendon (70 AH-Mule Rogue)

6. Enchants + Gem Choices

Bracer: Superior Healing (+30). Second best choice is Restore Mana Prime (+6mp5).

Chest: +6 All Stats. By far the most useful for raiding. Second best bet is to use a Magister's Armor Kit, which provides +3mp5. In any fight lasting longer than about 4 minutes, this will be better than +150 mana.

Cloak: Subtlety is preferred, but pricey. Frankly, most of the time I just go with Major Armor, since none of the other enchants provide any significant benefit most of the time. A resistance enchant would be useful situationally.

Feet: Vitality (+4mp5 +4hp5). Second best is Magister's Armor Kit (+3mp5)

Hands: Major Healing (+35). Second best is Blasting (+10 spell crit)

Head: Glyph of Renewal. No other good option.

Legs: Golden Spellthread. Second best is Silver Spellthread.

Shield: Intellect (+12)

Shoulder: Aldor/Scryer shoulder enchant, whichever you have available. The lower-level one costs 2 token items, while the better costs 8.

Weapon: Major Healing (+81). Second best is Healing Power (+55). If you just can't afford those two, Mighty Intellect (+30) is half-decent.

For gem choices, things aren't as quite clear cut (get it? hah!). Basically, it's usually better to go for any socket bonus that provides +healing, +spell crit, or (sometimes) +mp5. If the socket bonus isn't one of those things, then load everything with +healing. The reason for going for +healing over crit/mp5 is that +healing will help every spell you cast (that isn't overhealing, obviously), and it doesn't matter what your crit % is or your regen is if your heals aren't good enough to keep your target alive. Your best choices are listed below. Rare gem first, then uncommon gem.

Blue: Royal Nightseye +9 Healing +2mp5 ; Royal Shadow Draenite +7 Healing +1mp5
Red: Teardrop Living Ruby +18 Healing ; Teardrop Blood Garnet +13 Healing
Yellow: Luminous Noble Topaz +9 healing +4 Int ; Luminous Flame Spessarite +7 healing +3 Int


7. Healing Basics

Healing as a paladin is one of those things that's easy to learn, and hard to master. Paladins have exactly 3 direct healing spells, no heal-over-time (HoT), and of those three spells, one is a crappy instant. That makes it sound very simplistic, but truth be told, only having a few tools to keep your raid alive means you really need to pay attention to maximizing their effect.

First, something every good healer needs to understand is healing coefficients. A coefficient determines what % of your +healing applies to any given spell. For paladins, those are:

Flash of Light: 42.86%
Holy Light: 71.43%
Holy Shock: 42.86%

I'm going to cut out HS for this guide, on the basis that as it stands now, it's not a viable healing spell, other than as a panic button. For that purpose, it's handy. If things look to be getting grim for healing, I'll toss one onto the end of whatever spell I'm currently casting. I'm also not counting Lay on Hands, because if you're using that at all frequently, something's going terribly, terribly wrong with your raid.

Now, those coefficients apply as long as you're using a spell with a max effective level that's within 6 levels of your own. If it's not, then you only get (spell's max level / your level)% of the effect. The max level of a spell is considered the level before you get the next rank. So, for example, FoL R5 is learned at 58, but gains points until 65 (since you get R6 at 66). This means FoL R5 has a 'max level' of 65.

"But Dromand, that's really confusing." Not really, it just takes some time to come up with all the numbers. Here's a handy table for you.

R6 (76): 42.9%
R5 (71): 42.9%
R4 (63): 38.9%
R3 (55): 33.7%

R10 (75): 71.4%
R9 (67): 68.4%
R8 (65): 66.4%
R7 (59): 60.2%
R6 (51): 52.1%

These numbers are why you'll quite often hear about paladins using R5 FoL, and R9 HL. R5 FoL loses no +healing bonus from R6, so in exchange for a small amount of lost healing, you gain a great deal of mana efficiency. R9 HL loses a bit, but not much, and it's already a mana-intensive spell, so getting some efficiency there can really help. And voila, you've just learned "Downranking", without me having to create it's own little mini-category.

Now, as to what spell rank to use? To be honest, it's something you have to learn for yourself, and it'll depend on how aggressive you are with healing, and what your gear's like. I'm a very aggressive healer, and I typically use R5 FoL and R10 HL. R5 is what I spam, constantly. And I mean constantly - if you're not doing something else critically important, keep spamming FoL on someone taking damage. I use the full R10 HL, because if I'm using it, it means someone's really in trouble, and I want the most healing I can do with that spell. Until your gear level gets quite high, however, you might have to sacrifice some healing for mana efficiency - good healing over the whole fight is much better than great healing at the start, and no healing at the end.

As for which spell to use, well, you spam FoL unless someone needs HS, and then you use that. That itself isn't complicated, and it only gets so when you start adding in other abilities.

One handy way to help keep a raid healed is to keep Judgement of Light up on a boss. It's not a huge amount of healing, but it's spread out over all the damage dealers in the raid, and that amount adds up a lot. When I can, I like to Judge BoL onto a boss, and then stay in melee so I can whack it occasionally to keep the judgement up. Sometimes, the raid benefits more from Judgement of Wisdom, which returns mana. For fights where damage is focused on the tank, JoL is usually the much better option, as it lets your mana-using DPS keep up their mana a bit. which leads to more DPS, which leads to a shorter boss fight, which leads to you not needing to heal as long.

Blessing of Light is a big boost to our healing - (580 * coefficient) for HL, and (185 * coefficient) for FoL. For R5 FoL, that's about an additional 80 points healed per FoL. For HL, a whopping 397 for R9. Those might not sound like huge numbers, but those add up a /lot/ over time, and that extra 400 healing from a HL can mean the difference between a close call and a raid wipe.

You have a few other abilities that you'll be using quite a bit for healing. The first is Cleanse. Cleanse affects only friendly targets, so it can't remove things like some Mind Controls (most notably the ones in ZA), but it's the most mana-efficient spell of it's type, so we're better of doing it than your priest is. The other is Blessing of Protection (BoP) - this is a life-saver, literally, when a DPS or another healer pulls aggro from a melee mob. It's not going to save them from a caster, since it only affects melee attacks. Still, it's invaluable. Your third common spell is Divine Shield, which is your own 12-second bubble of happiness. I use this mostly to prevent damage to myself, whether it be from Hex Lord Malacrass's shadow bolts, Nightbane's fiery spit, or chilling out with my Abyssal buddy on the Prince's terrace. It won't stop quite everything, but almost. Your fourth is Hammer of Justice (HoJ), which is a short stun, mostly used to control a broken Polymorph, or just shut down a mob for a few precious seconds while a tank can grab it.

The last thing I want to go over in this section is just general aura use. Essentially, use one appropriate to the group you're in. If you're in the tank group, you'll use Devotion Aura most of the time. Caster group, probably Concentration Aura. For many bosses, you'll be using an elemental resistance aura (Shadow, Fire, Cold).


8. Your Role in Karazhan

Your role in Kara is going to depend a lot on your group, and your tanking gear. If you can handle it, tanking the Phantom Guest pulls greatly speeds up trash clearing time, and you can often off-tank a kill target. With Turn Undead, you've got a fear that will affect most mobs in the raid, and although it's always risky, it's very useful sometimes (such as on Sorcerous Shade packs).

Attumen: Heal. Never TU in here, you'll get a gajillion adds. Have HoJ ready in case of an early shackle break.

Moroes: Using Turn Undead on one of the adds at the beginning is a fantastic way to give your DPS time to take down someone else. Ference is a common TU target, since he doesn't Cleanse, and his damage is gimpy.

Maiden: You'll be doing a -lot- of Cleansing for this fight, unless your group is Shaman-heavy and can afford to be dropping Grounding Totems a lot. Having a mod for this purpose (to show you who is Holy Fired) is essential. If you can, toss Blessing of Sacrifice on a melee DPS (assuming they've got a DPS buff from another paladin), so that you'll be broken out of Repentance.

Opera (BBW): Heal, run like a little girl when appropriate. DS and BoP will protect from being hurt while girly-fied.
Opera (Oz, R&J): Heal.

Nightbane: Heal. Be ready with BoP if a healer gets aggro from the skeletons.

Curator: Heal. Keep up JoLight, as there's a /lot/ of damage spread out.

Illhoof: Heal. DS out of Sacrifice. If you can afford the mana, use Consecrate to help kill imps.

Shade: Heal. Keep Frost Aura up to help reduce frost bolt damage, blizzard damage, and damage from water elementals. Another good fight to keep JoL up on.

Netherspite: Heal. You're not a bad candidate for the blue beam, if there's not someone more suited for it. This is a long fight, so JoW helps tons.

Chess: Get loot.

Prince: Heal, and be awesome at it. Be ready with DS if you are going to get an infernal-to-the-head.


8. Your Role in Gruul's Lair

Stay Alive, and Heal. Really, that's it. There's nothing to dispel, HoJustice is useless in here, and you should NEVER be in melee range to keep a judgement up on Gruul (feel free to do so on Blindeye, Olm, and HKM). Your most difficult job will be handling Blessings (and believe me, that's a handful).


10. Mods + Macros


I use a variety of mods for healing as a paladin. I'm not going to cover general-use mods, since you should have those anyways, and there's already a thread out there for those. This will be paladin-healer-specific mods.

1) PallyPower

This mod simplifies buffing, and allows you (or your raid leader/assistant) to assign buffs to different paladins in the raid. Tremendously useful, and if you're raiding without it, you deserve whatever fate your other paladins decree you should suffer. You can even assign 10-minute buffs with the mod (right click the player name on the class button).

2) Clique

This is a click-casting mod, allowing you to set up spells, macros, and such to specific keypresses+mouseclicks. This is what I use for healing.
Left Click: FoL; Right Click: Target
Shift+LC: Holy Light; Open Menu
Ctrl+LC: Cleanse; Shift+Ctrl+LC: Blessing of Protection

3) X-Perl (Unitframes)

I use the X-Perl unitframes, so that I can see conditions that people are under immediately, so I can Cleanse if need be. XPerl also highlights the player's frame in red when they're targetted by an enemy, and this allows me to start healing BEFORE someone's taken damage.

4) ItemRack

This mod lets you switch gear sets with one click, and is invaluable to a paladin, since you'll be swapping between tank and healing gear sometimes. Depending on your role in the raid, a lot of times Wink

5) AnnoyingBuffMod

This will pop up a window if you don't have an aura or blessing going on yourself.

6) CooldownCount

Shows cooldowns on your hotbar in big friendly yellow font.

7) RedRange

Shows hotbar icons as red if the target is out of range

8) Quartz

Shows your GCD in the cast-bar, and your latency added onto it. Useful for helping to compensate for lag.


To be honest, I use very few macros as a paladin. Clique takes care of most of that for me, not having to rely on mouseover cast macros.

1) Divine Shield:
/cancelaura Divine Shield
/cast Divine Shield

This macro will cast DS, or cancel it if it's already up. I mostly use this for tanking, but it has uses for healing as well (mostly in off-tanking)

2) Attack + Holy Shock
/cast Holy Shock

This will start to attack your target, and cast HS. Useful because it'll still start autoattack if you don't have the mana for HS.

3) Righteous Defense
#show Righteous Defense
/cast [help] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget,help] Righteous Defense

This is a must for any paladin. But, a healer taunting! Yes, you're a healer in plate that easily gets to uninterruptable healing who probably has nearly the same armour as the non-bear tank, and you can Divine Shield yourself. When a squishy healer or caster is being attacked, and the tanks can't get to it, you can save them, and should.

4) Healthstones
/use item:22105
/use item:22104
/use item:22103

This will use the best healthstone you've got in inventory.


11. Links

Other Mods folks may wish to check out:
Grid: Grid - Unkicking Butt
SmartDebuff: Smart Debuff ([email protected])

Official Forums (Don't Feed The Trolls): Yikes

Other Macros for Paladins: WoWwiki
Healing Plate in BC: WoWwiki
[Image: 2270166Iryxy.png]
Dromand (70 Tank/Healing Paladin), Logros (70 Enhancement Shaman), Denul (70 Shadow Priest), Bendon (70 AH-Mule Rogue)
Guide done (finally). Please feel free to add replies with anything I've missed, disagree about, whatever. Huzzah and stuff.
[Image: 2270166Iryxy.png]
Dromand (70 Tank/Healing Paladin), Logros (70 Enhancement Shaman), Denul (70 Shadow Priest), Bendon (70 AH-Mule Rogue)
Summary: "Be Awesome in your paladin-ing. Just...be Awesome."
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

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Is it possible to maybe start a new thread with Wrath of the Lich King talents and abilities. In particular I want to know what other people are looking at for talents. It seems like there a lot more options, especially for hybrid specs. Thanks

“He lives not long who battles with the immortals, nor do his children prattle about his knees when he has come back from battle and the dead fray.”

Homer, The Iliad
Yes once the Spec Leads are OKed I will encourage all of them to start a new thread.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)

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