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PTR Patch notes for Priests

Abolish Disease and Cure Disease can now be cast while in Shadowform.
Holy: Circle of Healing now has a 6 second cooldown.
Levitate is now castable on others.
Mana Burn: Now burns a percentage of maximum mana.
Shadowform: You can now shift into Shadowform while mounted or sitting.
Vampiric Embrace- Mana cost of this spell has been removed.

OK.....who's ready to jump off cliffs with me?!?!?!
Yay we can cast slow fall on others too! still not as cool as Levitate, but yay anyways!
Quote:Holy: Circle of Healing now has a 6 second cooldown

Thus endeth the usefulness of that spell :-(
Sing True Ironsong!
Circle of Healing is still a very powerful spell, albeit a smidge more situational now. It's not a catch-all anymore, nor is it the main answer to every encounter, but it was never meant to be. Much as I freaking adored it, it was a bit OP. We have a solid arsenal of spells to choose from, and I'm still happy with our multi-target healing... will just have to make a few rotation adjustments and think a bit more. Not a bad thing, and not that drastic considering how much has changed for some other classes. Overall, I am very happy with these changes!

And yes. Especially Levitate. XD
Indeed it will be a sad day for those who use the spell, Circle of Healing consistently, however in a changing environment we must all adapt to any changes made. This I feel will make many priests better healers than they were by essentially forcing them maximize the skills available to them by adjusting spell rotations, and be able to recognize different situations that call for different spells.

Overcoming challenges provide a greater feeling of success than being able to do something and it not be challenging.

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