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P&P Sundays
This is just a quick poll for those that are still attending the Sunday P&Ps at 9pm server time. Feel free to pick an option, post a reply, or send me an in-game mail.

My own interest in leading them has been waning somewhat over the past month or so. With how many times we have to PuG almost half the raid (despite almost always having 25+ people Accept the invitation), it really doesn't feel very feasible to be able to make any true progress. That, and we've been doing this for quite a long time now! Perhaps just a temporary break is needed, I dunno.
The lateness, at least for me, of the event means that I will only be able to attend occasionally, though when I do come, I enjoy it.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
I echo Jaba's sentiments. I would like to progress and take down 3 drakes, but the time is pretty prohibitive for me. Even if it was an hour earlier it would be more doable.

“He lives not long who battles with the immortals, nor do his children prattle about his knees when he has come back from battle and the dead fray.”

Homer, The Iliad
I have really enjoyed our Punch and Pie, though far less Punch lately. I am trying something in Agonal Breath to toss up our rather mundane raiding routine. I'm not sure of the Tribe's regular raid schedule, but perhaps the Sunday P&P can swap out of Obsidian Sanctum from time to time.

Agonal Breath has been hosting a heroic battle in the necropolis, Naxxramas, on Saturday. To give us a well deserved break, we took the last Saturday of June and ventured into Ulduar. Who doesn't like blowing Stuff up?? It went rather well and although many of us would rather stick with the higher level content, there is much to be done back in the Necromancer's domain. We'll head back there after the holiday, but might take one weekend a month to see some new or exciting things!

Also, to free up some schedules, I am keeping the first week of the month open (removing our weekly progression) and doing some other, more interesting, and often requested things. For example, AB progression raid on Tuesday and Thursday will be on hold for June 30 and July 2. Instead, Tuesday will feature a battle against the Spellweaver himself! Though we are unsure if we'll attempt it in heroic fashion (we have 17-20 active level 80 and EoE Raid-able guildies, so we'd need friends). Thursday is reserved for quiet, comfortable questing and dungeons. Some people want shifty achievements, others have been farming their bronze drake, and some have new level 80 Alts they want geared up to Raid with in the future.

Like I said, I'm not familiar with the Tribal raid schedule, but perhaps the P&P group could swim in other waters once in awhile to stop the mundaneness of it all. Also, Kretol, I am happy to check with AB's 25-man Naxx group to see if any of them are interested in coming with us to Best the Black Dragonflight! Please let me know if you want me to ask them, though some of them are from the Tribe, I'm sure those who are not would be glad to help out!

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