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Outlands Progression
While I still have a bunch of quests and instances to do in Hellfire, I was wondering what the next area I should be moving to in Outlands would be? Is there a specific progression path after Hellfire or are we left to our own devices and can progress however we choose?

Any help is appreciated.
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After Hellfire, Zangermarsh would probably be next. Perhaps Terrokar.

Zone levels from blizzard's site:

Hellfire Penninsula 58-63
Zangar Marsh 60-64
Terokkar Forest 62-65
Nagrand 64-67
Blade's Edge 65-68
Netherstorm 67-70
Shadowmoon 67-70
Well, in my experience I have found it is easiest to progress from hellfire to Zangarmarsh, then to Terrokar Forest, then to Nagrand and finally to Shadowmoon valley. Blades Edge is way cool, but can be a pain without a flying mount, and the same goes for the other place up there, the name escapes me at the moment. /drool

The areas do have specific levels, but Nagrand and Blades Edge are about the same and the two extrema (shadowmoon and the other) are also. The difference in my mind is ease of travel.
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Great thanks for the info.
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A useful tip, that I wish I had known before entering Terokkar: Make sure you get all the quests in Shattrath AND Stonebreaker Hold before you head out into the zone. Many of them overlap, and in some cases involve the exact same monsters.

Zangarmarsh doesn't have that problem, though you still might want to visit Swamprat Post after Cenarion Outpost, just to be complete.
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