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Our Razorgore Strategy
This will be a brief rundown of our Razorgore strategy. Based on past performance, we know it works, but we still seem to get a lot of questions about what exactly we're doing each week. So here it is:

Phase 1: A tank picks up Razorgore briefly while the orb controller starts the mind control. The orb controller begins destroying eggs while the rest of the raid kills Grethok and his two guards. Grethok dies first.

Phase 2: Approximately 1 minute after aggroing Grethok, enemies start to spawn at the corners of the room. The raid is broken into 4 teams, one for each corner, consisting of 8-9 people per team.

The spawns are treated as follows:

Mages: Kill as top priority. These AE and cast bolt spells.
Legionaires: Kill as second priority. Basic melee mob.
Dragonkin: Kited by warriors, do not attack these. They are fast, they cleave, and they are immune to slowing effects.

Kiting teams: 2-3 warriors, each with a druid assigned to them for healing. Their job is to run laps of the room, jumping from the landing at each end to keep ahead of the dragonkin. Highly recommend a run speed enchant on a pair of high stamina boots for this task. Use sunder or shield slam to grab initial aggro.

Class specific instructions for the corner groups:

Druids: Most likely needed on healing. Also if you see a dragonkin in your corner that is not being kited, put it to sleep until a kiter comes by and picks it up.

Hunters: Pure DPS. Frost traps may help grab legionaires and mages, but discuss it with your corner first, as the white-out effect can be difficult on healers watching raid health bars.

Mages: Pure DPS. Be liberal with the sheeping of extra mobs in your corner as well.

Priests: Healing, or damage if your corner is ahead of the spawn curve. Psychic scream and fade hotkeyed will go a long way in keeping you alive.

Rogue: Pure DPS and preferred choice for main assist in your corner. Know the target priority for kills.

Shaman: Damage and healing where needed. Recommend tranquil air totems if you are not in a kiters group. Earthbind totems are also useful, but be advised that mobs will likely aggro on them as they spawn.

Warlock: Pure DPS and fear if needed. We will likely reach a point where seconds count, and fear may keep us alive.

Warrior: Odds are good that you will either be tanking a corner or kiting. Warriors are also the preferred orb controller because whoever has orb control when the last egg is destroyed starts with significant aggro on Razorgore in phase 3, and he is untauntable.

If all goes well, or close enough to it, then phase 2 will last roughly 5 minutes. When the last egg is destroyed, phase 3 begins.

Phase 3 is only Razorgore. Everything else despawns. Razorgore is untauntable, hits for a lot, and has a cone shaped breath attack that is an AE conflagrate... yes, exactly like Drakkisaths conflagrate in AE form. He will also deal regular fire AE damage to most of the room.

The positioning for this is to have Razorgore in a corner but facing diagonal to it, with a tank in front of him and a second tank behind him. All melee stay to his side to avoid the AE. It is critical that no one pull aggro. He will switch targets from one tank to the other each time he conflagrates. Steady damage and healing win this fight once he's in position.

That's it. We know this works, we just need enough people. Losses each time have come from loose dragonkin, and that is solved with practice for the kiters and healers. DPS in the corners is not an issue.
Kosath Whitehorn
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