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Oryx: Challenge Accepted
I was computerless at work today, due to lack of an Ethernet cable of sufficient length to jerry-rig a network connection, so I spent a bit of downtime penning the following:

On the green-burning beaches that rim Broken Shore
the Tomb of Sargeras has unlocked its door.
A very big door. It was runed. It was glyphed.
It glowed with fel light. Someone inside was miffed.
Foul demons were running all over the place
and they'd be delighted to chew off your face.

They prowled there, all happy, til up walked a raid;
a ramshackle band come to make them afraid.
"We've come here," said Oryx, "With Iron and Song,
"to tear down and remodel.  This color's all wrong.
"All this green! So much green! So much green green green green!
"We'll need to evict you. Don't make us get mean."

The first room on our list is immersed in fel mist.
Our group gathered round, with grim face and clenched fist.
Cookies and cauldron were made by Bat-mother;
we drink one and then get in line for another.
Ready we stand to reduce Goroth's health,
but first we check Zlinka -- make sure she's in stealth.

The countdown counts down; with a wink and a wave
he jumps into combat: our trusty tank Dave.
Krell'dor fights beside him, they dodge and they duck,
'cause fel lava placement's a matter of luck.
The deeps do their deepsing, and make healers curse.
Goroth's looking ill, should we call him a nurse?

"Don't kill me!" he cried, at the end of his rope.
Z pondered and said, "Now, there's no need to mope."
We wavered, we faltered, his eyes brimmed with hope...
then gleefully Zoopagoo held up a NOPE.
Nganga Nyeusi
He is fast and is the danger.
What's a dazzling urbanite like you doing in a rustic setting like this?
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This is the best poem ever. Of all time.
OMG this is awesome!  I love it!

Heart Heart Heart

Very cool.

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