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Orphan Field Trips!
Childrens' Week is coming up soon, and achievements window shows several fun activities to involve our Horde orphans.

Particularly, there are some that would be made much easier and a lot more fun if friends came along, bringing their orphans as well. I refer specifically to the Battlegrounds and a foray into Utgarde Pinnacle.

Personally, I'm horrible at arranging things, and I don't have the ability to speak into Vent so I'm not a good battleground leader. I was hoping to put this bug in someone's ear, so that someone (with more ability than me) might feel like arranging such field trips during Childrens' Week. You know me, I'm an achievement-hound, and I know I'm gonna need help with these ones Smile

Sooooo, if anyone feels like taking charge of arranging some outings, I'd do what I could to help, but I know I'm not the person to take the lead.
Well, you know me. If there's a field trip to be conducted, I'm there!

That said, my papers are due in *counts* a week, exactly, and given that there's four of them, my time is feeling a little squinched. I've been productive recently and hope to have more time soon, though, and if that's the case, I'll organize something.

Just remember, the rule about field trips is that you know where you need to go, and I find people and keep you alive. I don't do directions! (not if you want to get where you're going, at any rate... just yesterday, I got lost in a supermarket)

If someone with more free time/better organizational skills wants to step up and take over, be my guest! I'll come along for the ride as a healer if I can.
I would love to organize some stuff!

I'm a battle ground fanatic, so I can certainly help with that achievement. That's mainly about hoping the Alliance person has their orphan out since the goal is to kill them with it. As for the UP run, I'm sure plenty of tribe will be wanting to go there (and plenty of PuG's for the achievement in general) so I'm not too worried about how that one will play out. Those kinds of things usually just fall into place.
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