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Orionos Dawnstorm's Application
Greetings to all, I am Orionos Dawnstorm. I am the older brother of Naplonos Dawnstorm. I am a Blood Knight Samurai at the rank of Champion or the most common title is blood elf paladin. Lets see......hmmmmm im surprized i can remember.... I was born 7, 400 something odd years ago.... During this time i was a Highborne Nightelf child. When i became of age, i was going to be a Highborne Priest of the moon. While i was in training i remember a revolt... which i was too young to take part in, which lead some of us into exhile, I remember helping my parents build the boats to travel to what is known now as the eastern kingdoms. My parents were Highborne Druids... Now i know some of yall are thinking, their is no such thing, but look at the eversong forest and tell me that it was not done by a druid... and i will laugh. Anyways....moving on...... My parents were more notible as botianists and farmers. Many months after our deployment from Kalimdor i witnessed Naplonos being born... I also noticed that my skin, eyes, and hair was changing colors. When we arrived to what now known as the eversong forest, and built a city, I was told to reject my teachings of the moon and embrace the Sun. So i was now a Highborne Priest of the Sun. I healed my people from the Amani Troll attacks. My brother went into training to be a Highborne Ranger. Not too long after that i witnessed my youngest Brother Eldronos being born. My parents had a farm in the sun crown village and a flower shop in Silvermoon. But one day i witnessed them die during a Amani troll attacks. This was around the time my brother Naplonos graduated from Ranger training. It was up to me to raise my brothers now. I sold the farm and the flower shop. As time went on i was to be an Advisor to the human king in the nation known as Arathor and teach the humans the ways of arcane magic and the light. The Humans were going to help us defeat the Amani trolls once and for all. I took my brothers with me, Naplonos had a major role in that war as for me i just healed those who got injured. Eventually the human king died and i was to return home. My youngest brother Eldronos wanted to be a Highborne Arcanist so i sent him to Dalaran which became redundant because Eldronos got expelled and then he became what is known as a Warlock. As time went on things were peaceful for my family for once. I started a business making Jewelry, Naplonos hunted for food and skin to make clothing and sold it to markets, Eldronos when he wasnt busy because he became the advisor to Dar Khan he would enchant and disenchant items for people. Then i got word that the huamns need our help again, i really didnt view this invasion as a threat until i heard that the Amani Trolls allied themselves with the invaders which called themselves the "Horde". That war was horrific but it didnt compare to the onslaught of the Scourage. Eldronos and I were at the Sunwell Grove fighting off the legions of the Scourage. Naplonis was outside of Silvermoon helping Sylvanis. He retreated into the city to fight them better when he seen Death Knight Arthas plow Frostmourne into her. We were doing fine until Dar Khan put a dagger in Eldronos' back and killed him. I was in shock and tears. The scourage became too much and we all retreated back to Silvermoon and found Naplonos and some others that before the king died he ordered all the High elves to flee the city to save our kind. Naplonos and I were in tears when i told him about Elrondos' death. Naplonos Fled with some others and then that was the last time i seen him for many months. I stayed to heal my people. But i noticed my powers of the Light began to fade. as nights went on i became restless but i didnt know why. Then an Alliance expidition came to Silvermoon to tell us to leave our homes and head for the ruins of Dalaran to help our prince. We all left everything behind and met up with Kael thas in the Silverpine forest. He appointed me as his advisor. I gladly accepted. We helped out the alliance until they tried to snuf out my people. Then we allied ourselves with the Naga, which i was against. And i fled to Outlands. During this time i noticed my magic was all gone and it drove me into madness so i resigned as Prince Kael Thas' Advisor. I still wanted to help my people so me and many others learned the art of combat from a Ex-Paladin who lost his powers but eventually died in Outlands. We followed our prince where ever he went. Our people eventually helped a Rogue Demon Hunter named Illidan and he taught us the how to control our addictions through Mana tap. As time went on and Illidan Failed to kill Arthas. Prince Kael thas wanted a place of our own so we helped him invade Temptest Keep. We killed all the Draenai there and subdued a Naaru named M' uru. Then our Prince wanted some of us to go with Rommath back to Silvermoon and rebuild the city and take our new prisoner with us so we can use him as a Replacement for the Sunwell. As Kael opened a portal we left outlands and appeared in the eversong forest. But to my amazement some of our people had stayed and were in the process of rebuilding Silvermoon. We all tapped mana from M' uru but it was Lady Liadrin who abandoned her priestesshood began to not only siphon mana from M' uru but steal the Light from him as well. She bent the Light to her will and thus the Blood Knights were formed. Soon after she did that many of us followed. The light returned to me once again but it wasnt the same as before. It was like i could use the light in my own ways without the fear of Karma. It was a red light but i felt it was a dawning of a new age for my people. Then my brother Naplonos returned and i was happy to see him but when he found out what i have been doing. We had an Arguement in Farstriders Square which lead to a duel when he punched me. Naplonos was always the hothead and he was also racist at certain times. Since then We rarely speak to each other but we are still brothers. Im just happy that he is alive because he is the only family i have left... and thats my story. I am usually social and my brother and I are looking for a place of belonging. Now I follow the path of a Blood Knight Samurai and isnt afraid of dying for the "New Horde" and bringing honor and glory to my people......and its Allies.

((on a side note... i may not be able to attend all the moots due to because i am in the Military and my job keeps me busy every now and then but i will try to attend them all if i can))
<Scratches his chin> Look at this, another ancient individual. You old folk frighten me.

((...flees from the wall of text...))
I am sure this is a very good application, however, I can not bring myself to even start reading it until a few paragraphs are added.

I start skipping and rereading lines, and then I start not liking what I am reading...
(( I have no idea how anyone's going to relate to a 7400 year old character that's been an advisor to Thoradin and Kael'Thas. I'm not sure how a samurai fits with the lore in any way either Sad ))
[Image: 2270166Iryxy.png]
Dromand (70 Tank/Healing Paladin), Logros (70 Enhancement Shaman), Denul (70 Shadow Priest), Bendon (70 AH-Mule Rogue)
((Samurai aren't in any lore that I have read and just so you know Orionos its "Scourge" not "Scourage" and for a fact there were absolutely no highborn druids Eversong Forest is like it is because when they made the sunwell the lands around it began to Flourish that is the nature of the Well's of eternity and the sunwell in World of Warcraft. Sorry your parents and you title just don't go along with lore and in that last sentance you said "Now I follow the path of a Blood Knight Samurai and isn't afraid of dying for the "New Horde" and bringing honor and glory to my people......and its Allies." can you correct the word "isn't" the proper phrase to be used there would probubly be "and I'm not afraid" I'm not sure if those were typos or not but I noticed them so I thought I would bring it to your attention. I hope this doesn't give you a bad impression of me))
When asking someone to be a bit more grammatically correct, Bloodbound, the only way you're going to be taken seriously is if that said request is made clearly and grammatically fair (if not PERFECT). As always, folks, practice what you preach.

*Cackles vilely* Sound is notorious for her misspellings. I wouldn't worry too awfully much over the spelling/punctuation (though some paragraph separation really would be nice), but yar, ya gotta stick to the proscribed lore that fits with this world. Feel free to revise your story, just think up something that would fit into the lore better and I'm sure it'll be fine. (If you really want to be a samurai, you could bring up Pandarans...just throwing that out there.)
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

[Image: playerfeed_1902018_bigsig.gif]
((I was just ranting Sound and I tend not to use perfect Grammer and punctuation while I rant and I wasn't mostly ranting on his grammer I was mostly ranting on his lore and if you Check my Aplication thats about the only time on the forums that I used really good grammer and punctuation well and the few in char speechs i've made but I thought that the things that I pointed out were rather noticeable errors that I decided to tell him about thats all.))
((note i am not in the guild so i really dont have any say in this matter, but if you dont mind, I'm just going to toss my own 2 cents into this about lore I know from world of warcraft.

1: There were no highborne druidsl. the highborne were attuned to the arcane magics while the night elves valued that of nature magic. two different types of magic.

2: I dont believe Dra'khan had an advisor, he was a fallen highborne and only wanted power for himself, so having an advisor would meaning to share...and from what i remember, thats not him at all.

3: Like Bloodbound said Eversong was definately not made by druids. there were no night elves on the boats when the highborne were exiled, so therefore eversong could not have been made by druids since no druids were with them during the landing.

4: Unfortunately bro, as far as I have read up on...there wern't any samuria. Like Efluvious said, if you wanta say that your a samuria maybe say something that you were trained by pandarens or something like that.

But anyways, thats just what I've learned from reading the WoW books and looking up WoW history. If im wrong feel free to correct me for I still am gaining warcraft knowledge. currently I am researching warcraft 1 and 2, since i started my warcraft career with warcraft III reign of chaos.))
(( Out of curiosity Orionos: When you say "blood elf Samurai" did you mean perhaps the Blood Knights? They have a vaguely samurai-like vibe to them. ))

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