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This is a two phase fight.  We’ll fight the boss in this chamber for Phase One, then the boss will run down a ramp to a second chamber for Phase Two.  In both phases, we’ll need to deal with the boss and with waves of adds.


Tanks, the boss hits really, REALLY hard.  However, the boss will apply Desensitizing Sting, which reduces inbound damage by 10% per stack.  This is great, but there’s a catch — you will instantly die if you reach 10 stacks.  So you need to taunt before you reach 10 stacks.  Time the taunt for when the adds spawn.

Zoatroid adds spawn on a timer throughout the fight.  When they spawn, tanks should swap so that the tank with the Desensitizing Sting stacks picks up the adds.  Tank them at least 15 yards away from the boss, because the boss has an aura (Chaotic Growth) which makes adds deal more and receive less damage.

The adds will spawn around the room — help the tank pick them up with misdirects and tricks.  Once the tank has them, DPS switch to the adds and cleave them down.  They must die fast as they will be doing raid-wide damage.  But also, when they die, they will leave a patch (Amniotic Splatter) on the ground.  This patch will explode after 5 seconds, dealing LETHAL raid-wide damage.  It must be soaked by a single player.  It will deal a HUGE amount of damage to that player, so it’s best to have the tank soak it with his stacks.

So:  the adds need to die before the tank’s Desensitizing Sting stacks wear off so the tank can soak the patches.

Once the adds are dead AND the pool is soaked AND the tank’s stacks fall off, the tank can then taunt the boss and the cycle starts again.

Everyone else needs to focus on the Incubation Fluid debuff.

This is a permanent debuff that will be placed on random non-tank players.  This debuff does modest ticking damage.  More importantly, though, it makes the marked players targets for Arcing Current.  Arcing Current will be cast on a random player with Incubation Fluid.  It will burst that player with Incubation Fluid with moderate damage, and will spread to up to 3 nearby players if other players are too close to the target.  Any player hit by Arcing Current will gain the Incubation Fluid debuff.

So, if you have the Incubation Debuff, stay spread out if you are ranged, and if you’re melee, be prepared to run out when the boss starts casting Arcing Current.

At full energy, the boss will start casting Dribbling Ichor.  This coats the ENTIRE ROOM in blue patches.  These do massive damage if you are in them when they explode.  Move to the safe spaces in between the patches.  After three waves of patches the ability ends.

It’s right after this ability that the Zoatroid adds spawn.

—> So, the shape of the fight is:  (1) adds spawn, the current off-tank taunts, so the former boss' tank picks up the adds (with help from misdirects etc) and tanks them 15 yards away from the boss.  Raid switches to adds and cleaves them down as soon as possible, then switches back to the boss.  Tank steps into the puddle to soak it with his stacks, then returns to the boss.  When the next adds spawn, he'll taunt the boss and the other tank will pick up the adds etc.  (2) Meanwhile, players with the Incubation Fluid debuff need to get away from others when the boss casts Arcing Current.  (3) Lastly, when the room fills up with the Dribbling Ichor blue patches, stand in the safe spaces between them.


Once the boss casts Dribbling Ichor three times the boss will leave the room and run down the ramp to another chamber.  This last cast of Dribbling Ichor won’t spawn any adds so we don’t need to worry about them.  Instead, we need to chase the boss down into the next chamber.

As we run down the ramp, avoid the swirly circles and the eggs, as both will knock you back if you touch them, and if you get knocked off the ramp you will fall to your death.

Also, toward the bottom of the ramp, don’t try to jump off the low part of the ramp onto the main floor, as you’ll get one-shotted by jellyfish floating in the area.

Once you reach the bottom you’ll see that the boss is casting Massive Incubator.  Interrupt this after everyone has arrived, or at the very last moment if people are still missing, as everyone who is NOT in the new chamber will be one-shotted when the cast is interrupted.  The boss takes 90% less damage while he is casting this spell, so there is no reason to let it go longer than it takes to get everyone down.

—> Run down the ramp, avoiding eggs and swirls.  Once everyone is in the new chamber, interrupt the boss.


Once Massive Incubator is interrupted, Phase Two begins.  Phase two is very similar to Phase One.  The boss will continue to do all the same abilities, but different adds will spawn after the Dribbling Ichor cast instead of just the Zoatroids.

Out of the three adds that can potentially spawn, we’ll get only two of them each time:

* The Witch.  She does a Shocking Lightning cast onto three random players.  She also does Conductive Pulse, with stuns the entire raid for three seconds.  Both can be interrupted, but it’s especially important to interrupt Conductive Pulse.

--> Interrupt Conductive Pulse (top priority) and Shocking Lightning (secondary priority)

* The Hulk has Powerful Stomp which does damage split between all players within the targeting circle.  If nobody is hit, it does massive raid-wide damage.  Should be soaked by a tank with high stacks plus ranged (to be on the safe side).

--> Stack in targeting circle for Powerful Stomp.  Ideally, should be soaked by tank with high stacks plus ranged.

* The Myrmadon casts Aqua Lance, which throws a lance at a player after 4 seconds, which spawns a puddle of goo under the player.  The puddles are permanent, so if you are targeted take them to the edge of the room.

--> Run to the edge of the room if you are targeted by Aqua Lance.

—> Same as Phase One (group up the adds, tank soaks the puddle etc.) but with additional adds.  Witch:  interrupt Conductive Pulse (top priority) and Shocking Lightning (secondary priority).  Hulk:  tank with stacks plus ranged players soak Powerful Stomp.  Myrmadon:  run Aqua Lance out.
On heroic, there is just one change in mechanics:  Zoatroid adds will continue to spawn during Phase Two.  They spawn about halfway between each Dribbling Ichor cast.

They need to be dealt with in the same way as in phase one (tank picks them up and must soak the Amniotic Splatter when they die).  The Zoatroid adds must be DPSed down in addition to the Witch, Hulk, and Myrmidon adds.  This makes Phase Two harder as DPS will need to spend a lot more time on adds than on the boss.

-->  One strategy, suggested by FatBoss on Wowhead, is to pull the Zoatroid adds UNDER the boss in Phase One, and just cleave them down while we continue to work on the boss. They just need to die before the next set of adds comes out.  The boss's aura makes the adds deal more damage and take less damage, but does NOT affect the boss, so we can still do full damage to the boss while the Zoatroids are up.  This way the boss will enter Phase Two with much less health.  The downside to this strategy is that the raid will take more damage, but if the healers can keep up with the damage it may be a good strategy.

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