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Orenthas Sungilt
[a dream]
"I have a name, Being! It is Orenthas Sungilt."
Thou art a priest of the Light.
"I am such a priest no more! You have abandoned me, and I do not serve you any longer!"
Abandoned, young one? What dost thou know of abandonment?
"I was entrusted to your care! The third son of a noble family, I was sent to Silvermoon City to learn the ways of your worship. In the meantime, my family stayed to the South. And what happened while I was in your care? You ravaged my home, and allowed my family to be turned Undead. You abandoned my country as the Scourge advanced. You, with your mighty powers, did nearly nothing. Yes, you have abandoned me. But I have not had my finish with you yet."
Abandon thou? Such a thing has hardly been done. You rail against wrongs against others, perceived wrongs. Yet thou hast been gifted with the skill in mystical tailoring; thou art capable of enchanting; and even now, thine powers remain unto thee.
"And yet your priesthood has yet to take me in, and I wander, alone, without tribe nor clan, seeking aid from those who will offer it to a bare straggler."
A bald-faced denial of truth. One has come to thee, and thou hast rejected her fellowship, having greeted her with only scorn, one from the Ironsong Tribe. If thou truly want company, thou shalt seek her out. She offered amentities to thee, and the Tribe will offer shelter, if thou wouldst but put down thine arrogant attempts to isolate thineself, to make thineself into a martyr.
"A martyr? Why... I hardly have tried to make myself a martyr!"
No? Thou tried to find thy family once, and when thou arrived to thine old home, thou found naught but ruins. And thou railed against the darkness. But in thine thoughts, thou were not upset that thou found nothing to avenge thineself upon, but that nothing there killed thee. Thou sought to be a martyr, and were most disappointed in all your life that you failed-
"Quiet you! Leave me alone, you control me no more! I will have my way with you! And I will harness powers, yours and the others, the powers of darkness, and with those powers, I will avenge my family, and all the other dead of Silvermoon. I swear to you, I will gain the power to go to Outland, and find the demons once and for all, and slay their leaders!"
Those are extreme goals. Thou canst not achieve them on thine own. If thou truly has thine heart set on them, then let me give thee advice. Seek out the Bloodbourne, and their council in Silvermoon City tomorrow's evening...

9/10: I really enjoy getting along with a good group of people, going out and adventuring with them in instances, and getting to roleplay an interesting character. I like small groups for adventuring, with a diversity of fun, mature people whom I get to know better than the average pick-up group. And I've read the Code and agree to it.

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