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Oregorger is a single-target fight with two alternating phases.

Oregorger has a mana resource, which determines when the two phases occur.  He starts with full Mana, in Phase One, and each of his abilities cost Mana.  When he runs out of Mana, he enters Phase two, during which he rolls around the floor of the room, collecting Blackrock Ore to refill his Mana bar.  During Phase Two raid members will have to destroy crates containing ore to make it available to Oregorger so he can collect it and refill his Mana pool.

When he has refilled his Mana bar, he goes back to Phase One, and so on until the end of the fight.

Our goal is to keep him in Phase One as much as possible, and to keep Phase Two short, as Phase Two is more difficult and damages the raid more than Phase One.

The room is really important here.  It’s shaped like a maze, with rocks scattered all over the floor, creating a network of corridors and blocking LoS. During Phase One the layout isn’t that important, but during Phase Two it matters a lot:  the boss will roll through the corridors at great speed and we’ll have to avoid getting run over.


Most of Oregon’s abilities cost mana, except for one interruptible ability which consumes Mana only if he completes the cast.  I’m going to do the simpler abilities first:

* Retched Blackrock:  damaging void zone at the location of (mostly) ranged players.  These last a while.

* Explosive Shard:  throws a shard at the location of (mostly) melee players.  Lots of damage in a small radius + knockback.

* Blackrock Barrage:  interruptible spell that does raid-wide physical damage.  Every successful cast consumes mana.  Interrupted casts do not.  It’s cast in salvos of three, followed by a long pause (indicated by a self-buff on Oregorger.  It starts at 3 stacks and each cast removes a stack).  This should be interrupted to reduce raid damage and to keep him in Phase One longer.  We’ll have an interrupt rotation for this — Tariya, Zlinka, Skrap.

Anti-tank abilities:

* Acid Maw:  stacking DoT applied to the tank.  Requires a tank swap.

* Acid Torrent:  used regularly.  He targets a random raid member and shoots a cone attack in that direction.  The attack does a lot of physical damage to the CLOSEST player to Oregorger who is standing in the cone attack, but nobody else (even the targeted player).  That player will also get a debuff that increases damage from the next Acid Torrent.  As soon as that closest player takes physical damage, the raid will take high raid-wide nature damage.  How much nature damage the raid takes is reduced by the total mitigation of that closest player.  What does THAT mean?  See next paragraph:

—> Okay, Acid Maw and Acid Torrent are all about the tanks.  Acid Maw just requires a tank swap, and this will happen on its own as the tanks handle Acid Torrent.  Acid Torrent does NOT target the tank per se, but rather the closest player to the boss who is standing in the cone attack.  Therefore, the tank should face the boss towards the ranged group, so that someone in the ranged group will be targeted by Acid Torrent, and the tank will be the closest player within the cone and will thus get hit by Acid Torrent and receive the debuff.  When this happens, the tank will suffer a lot of damage, but it will be mitigated by the tank’s armor and other mitigation.  The amount of damage the raid receives will be reduced by whatever mitigation the tank had active when he was hit by the physical damage.

THEREFORE: whenever Acid Torrent is being fast, the raid should make an effort to increase the damage mitigation on the tank.  The tank can use his own cooldowns and abilities, and other raid members can use external damage reduction cooldowns on him too.  Healers should use external damage reduction cooldowns on the tank to reduce raid-wide damage.

Once the affected tank receives the debuff, tanks should switch.  Perform a tank switch for each Acid Torrent (which will deal with Acid Maw at the same time).


Ranged will stack some distance from the boss, while melee should stand loosely behind the boss.

The ranged group will have to move out of the void zones.  Ranged will want to place these void zones as close to each other as possible to conserve space.  So like earlier fights, ranged will be stacked up and will move together, as a group, just beyond the edge of an existing void zone so the void zones can overlap.

Melee must watch for the shards and stay away from them, as they detonate 3 seconds after landing.  Melee must also not be in front of the boss when Acid Torrent is being cast as it’s important that the tank be hit by it instead.


When he runs out of mana Oregorger will shift into phase two.  He can’t be tanked, and will roll through the room at high speed.  He will collect any blackjack ore that he comes into contact with.  The phase ends when he has collected enough to refill his mana bar.

The ore is located in crates that spawn at the start of each Phase Two, which are scattered around the room.  These must be attacked and broken open by raid members to reveal the ore inside.


* Rolling Fury:  This causes him to roll around the floor, dealing high physical damage to and knocking back any players he hits.

* Earthshaking Collision:  deals a small amount of raid-wide nature damage each time he comes to the end of one of his rolls.

* Hunger Drive:  stacking buff that increases damage of Earthshaking Collision.


Avoid Oregorger as he rolls around:  this is critical.  This is hard, though, as there is no pattern to his movement.  However, note that he faces the direction in which he is going to roll, and he never rolls back the way he came.

We’ll regularly take damage from Earthshaking Collision, and this will ramp up over the course of the phase, so we must end the phase as quickly as possible.  DPS should destroy as many crates as possible as quickly as possible.

Be mindful of positioning as LoS is a big problem in this fight.  Healers should be spread out so they can reach most raid members easily.

Use Bloodlust at the beginning.



* Perform a tank switch after each Acid Torrent cast.  Tue tank currently tanking Oregorger must make sure he is the closest player to the boss.  When Acid Torrent is cast, consider using a dame-reduction codlin.


* Phase One:  apply damage mitigation to the tank for Acid Torrent, or be prepared for high raid-wide damage.
* Phase Two:  Heal the regular, increasing raid-wide damage.  Spread out and try to retain LoS to raid members.


* Phase One:  DPS Oregorger
* Phase Two: DPS the crates


Phase one:
* Interrupt Blackrock Barrage
* Avoid the void zones (ranged) and explosive shards (melee)

Phase two:
* Don’t get hit by Oregorger, and don’t lose sight of the healers.

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