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Orcish Primer
This is a list of orcish words that I have ascertained the meaning of. I've kept a list with me for almost since WoW went live, but over time, these words have come second-nature to me *grin* Playing only orcs and using such words constantly will do that to you Wink
Anyhow, here is what I have determined meanings of (via gathering from in-game usage (both in WoW and Warcraft III), one or two words/phrases from a book, as well as various sites that I checked long ago):

Edit: I finally acquired the Horde Player's Guide for WoW: The RPing Game, and I've discovered a small orcish primer within. It has several phrases within, and will be a bit of an update, per se, of the meanings! I have my own original interpretations below these.

Orcish is a courser language than Common, and many words lack the subtlety of Common. Orcs rely on context, repetition and volume to add emphasis or meaning.

"Aka'magosh" - "A blessing on you and yours."
"Dabu" - "I obey."
"Gol'kosh!" - "By my axe!"
"Lok-Narash!" - "Arm yourselves!"
"Lok-Tar!" - "Victory!" (A war cry. Also a greeting while in combat.)
"Lok-Tar Ogar!" = "Victory or death!" (A war cry.)
"Swobu." - "As you command."
"Throm-Ka." - "Well met." (A greeting.)
"Zug-zug" - Acknowledgement and agreement; roughly the equivalent of "okay."

My original interpretations

Throm'ka - Warm greeting
Mok'ra - More of a casual or informal greeting
Lok'Tar - A farewell. Can also be used as a greeting, more suitable to a warrior (not necessarily the 'class,' either). Also an orcish warcry. Basic translation is "Strength" or "Be strong"
Lok'Tar Ogar - Essentially a more emphasized version of "Lok'Tar." Basic translation is "Strength and Honor" (from what I've gathered). (On a level of personal opinion, this should only be used rarely, perhaps during a very close/important battle, or perhaps to imbue true feeling into a parting with a close friend that you may not see again for awhile (as examples))
Dabu - A word of acknowledgement. "Yes"
Swo'bu - Another word of acknowledgement, but used when talking with a superior or perhaps someone you respect.
Glor'du - Yet another acknowledgement. This would be the most subservial of the three (ie, Dabu, Swo'bu, Glor'du).
Zug zug - An affirmation. ie, "Alright alright."
Aka'magosh - An expression of gratitude (ie, 'thank you,' 'thanks,' etc.)
Kagh - Run
Lok'Naroche - Look out. Good example to use this would be when attacked
Logre'gard Noe Kal - A question when awaiting orders (ie, "Where do you want me?")
Kagh! Bin mog g'thazag cha! - "Run! I will protect you!"
Fit'chure! - "Fire!" (Command)

More Orcish Phrases & Words (From other sources)

Grombolar - "Bowels of the Giant"
Grommash - "Giant's Heart"
Lohn'goron - "Hero's Sojourn"
Lok'amon - Traditional orcish song sung about starting a family.
Lok'tra - Traditional orcish song sung about a battle.
Lok'vadnod - Traditional orcish song sung about the life of a hero.
Mok'nathal - "The Sons of Nath" (honorable title) [The mok'nathal are half-orc and half-ogre. One such example is the Champion of the Horde, Rexxar]
Nagrand - "Land of Winds"
Oshu'Gun - "Mountain of Spirits"
Trk'hsk - "Bloodshed in battle" (Also "that sacrificed to the earth in order to make crops grow")

Dictionary, Lexicon, Primer, Language
Have I forgotten any? Are there other orcish words you've seen that you don't know the meaning of and would like to, or do you know the meanings of other words? Post a reply here and I'll add them to the list, or I'll find the meaning of them and add them as well!
Very interesting and helpful...I have been looking for these meanings for some time. Is there anything similar for Trolls? I have looked at the link on this forum for Haitian/Creole but when I tried using it in GC for my alt, players either did not get it or teased me about it so I stopped. Just what does Taztingo mean anyway? (Translation: yippeee?) Is it ok to use the language from that site or will I be ridiculed further?


-Dispaya the Trollishly challenged
Sing True Ironsong!
Excellent stuff Master Kretol. This will help very much.

Thank you.
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Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
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Dispaya, I've had the same experiences with trying to use the Trollish language, whether by using the in game language feature (Everyone: "ZOMG WHAT IS TEH GIBBARISH?!?!?!!!") or by trying to more closely approximate an RL Creole/Haitian accent ("ZOMG WHAT IS TEH JARJAR?!?!?!?!!!").

Discrimination against Trollish RP facilitated by the bad implementations of languages in the game and Blizzards original use of a RL accent for the Trolls.
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
(( Thank you, Kretol! I am actually going to add "Swo'bu" to Meng's vocabulary..it seems particularly in-character for her when speaking to anyone in charge.

As for Trollish... I know that Tokolosh peppered his vocabulary with some creol and voodun phrases with a great deal of success...those are things that I know almost nothing about, though...

For me, coloring the character's language (even though, we are all technically speaking "Orcish" is just a way to -emphasize- that the character is Orcish, Trollish, etc...or perhaps even an "older" word for that particular phrase. (ie: using "chap" instead of "dude") ))
I know that the orc NPCs say "Thrall'hal" or something like that when you click on them. I'm not sure what the hal (or whatever) means.

Very nice lexicon, Kretol. Thanks for this.
The "Thrall'hal"-sounding saying has perplexed me ever since I've heard it, especially since I've not heard or seen it elsewhere. My educated guess would be that perhaps it'd mean "Hail Thrall" or "Long live Thrall," though I'm tending to wager on the prior.
Another tid-bit of Orcish info. Orcs immortalize their history in song form, different song types indicate different histories, as following:
Lok'amon- chronicles the starting of a family
Lok'tra- chronicles a battle
Lok'vadnod- chronicles the life of a hero
Master Kretol, I've found this information extremely helpful.
I have clicked on the Orcish guards.. they say something along the lines og "Sam'sung" or something around that, any ideas as to what it means?
I would also like to know why you do noy enjoy being called "Sergeant." Haha, thank you once again.
I did run accross a site for an all-troll guild on another server that had developed thier own dialect, and was very in-depth. I think a lot of it was taken from Cajun/Creole.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.tooskatribe.com/tak.html">http://www.tooskatribe.com/tak.html</a><!-- m -->

See if you can read and understand the first paragraph without peeking at the translation!
Echeyaku Wrote:I have clicked on the Orcish guards.. they say something along the lines og "Sam'sung" or something around that, any ideas as to what it means?

I have never heard them say such a phrase. Are you certain it isn't actually "Zug zug?" Perhaps their pronunciation is making it sound... off?
wow this is very interesting. I will need to study this further when I am more awake so I can understand everyone!
Updated to include meanings from the World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game - Horde Player's Guide.
Do we orcs have anything that would be the equivalent of Thank-you?
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