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Opulence (Heroic)
Ok, so, we've seen this fight on normal.  We split the raid into two equal halves, then we battle two minibosses through a series or rooms, pick up a jewel that gives us each an appropriate buff, then kill the minibosses simultaneously and engage the final boss.  For the final boss we manage our buffs, run out an explosion (Liquid Cold), and CC / kill waves of adds (Spirits of Gold) that spawn from the boss before they reach the edges of the room, and kill him before he casts too many Wails of Greed (big damage channel cast at 100 energy that applies a stacking buff to the boss).

Quick jewel reminder:

Diamond:  2 tanks (gives absorption shield with 30 sec recharge)
Amethyst:  1 healer per side (buffs haste, heals buff players with buff that reduces their inbound shadow damage for 1 min & when shadow-damaged they return mana to nearby players)
Sapphire:  the rest of the healers (heals apply stacking buff to players.  1 stack increases DPS done by 5%, at 5 stacks, increases DPS done by 100% for 12 seconds).
Ruby:  1 DPS (ranged.  Stacking debuff applied to target which increases damage taken).
Opal:  DPS with execute (flat stacking damage increase when you hit a new target).
Topaz:  2 ranged (Applies stacking buff when nobody nearby.  After 100 stacks [this takes about 95 sec[ you'll gain an aura that increases crit of nearby players by 100% for 20 seconds).
Emerald:  all other DPS (stacking self-buff that increases DPS.  You acquire stacks while you remain still.)


Phase One (mini-bosses)

Thief's Bane:  When you pick up a jewel, you'll get the Thief's Bane debuff.  This is a 30 second buff that will deal LETHAL shadow damage to the player when it expires.

--> The healer who picks up the Amethyst must apply the Shadow-Touched buff to all players on their side within 30 seconds.

Phase Two (Opulence)

Opulence gains TWO additional abilities in Phase Two:

Coin Sweep:  anti-tank attack that does a lot of physical damage, enough to deplete the Diamond buff.

--> Tanks should taunt off one another just before each Coin Sweep hit to ensure that the tank always has a full Diamond buff.  Tanks should also use active mitigation and defensive cooldowns to survive.

Coin Shower:  Opulence will mark a player with Coin Shower.  After 10 seconds, the player will receive a lethal burst of physical damage which is split between all players within 7 yards.

--> We will all stack behind the boss to ensure that we are naturally stacked on the Coin Shower person.  (This also ensures that the Emerald DPS doesn't have to move).

(Note:  some abilities that mitigate physical damage or render players immune may enable some players to solo Coin Shower, e.g. Blessing of Protection, Aspect of the Turtle, Netherwalk).

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