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Opinion Request of the Tribe.
Not sure if this is the best place to put this but it seemed the best spot. Well anyway. I know i will make a Blood Elf Male when the Expansion comes out but the class he will be is the sticking point. I know Rogue and Warlock are out as Raxxar is a warlock and I don't get to into the whole sneaky Rogue idea. Hunter is out as I think there are enough hunters as is and I don't want to make him a Paladin as for RP purposes he just dosen't like the Idea of sucking power from another being to enhance himself.

So it will be a Mage or a Priest that he shall be.. I have enjoyed playing both those classes and look forward to leveling him as such but the crux point is which class would be better for the tribe?

So to that I have left it to popular vote...Shall he be a Priest or a Mage..

I'll have fun with either one but I want you all to have a bit of fun too.

Raxxar ((Brent))
Undead Tailor/Skinner of Flesh/and Tamer of Demons
(( It is a good idea to ask for opinions, and I did vote! However, what's most important about your new character is how much you enjoy playing him.

Why don't you try creating one of th 60th premade Priests or Mages the next time Test Servers are up? They come into the world with high-level armour, which would safely allow you to explore what both classes can do.

I think both are very exciting classes to play, but by testing them out beforehand you would be able to determine which best suits your current gaming desire!

Fanae seems very knowledgeable in regard to the Test Servers, and would be able to assist you with getting that set up, I'm sure.

Good luck! ))
(( i have to agree with Eveline, it is what you feel more comfortable and happy at playing. Though, I will admit, that I am going to try her suggestion as well. I was thinking on creating a BE priestess and or warlock. Both classes I have played, but not alot of....thanks for the suggestion Eveline -smiles and slips off-))
The idea of a certain class being "better for the guild" comes from small guilds stepping into endgame content and raiding guilds seeking dynamic class balance over time. We are neither. Everyone should play what they like, especially when you are looking at multiple characters. We currently mow down MC with no problems and form as many as 3-4 5 to 10 man groups at once with adequate class balance. I think Saturday night we had two UBRS and a LBRS run all going at once - all successful - so we aren't really hurting terribly for any class at this time I would say.

Also, you are talking about a character you'll be levelling in the expansion, when the raiding experience of the game at 70th is going to be quite different than at 60th. Aside from the existing zones (Onyxia's Lair, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Ahn'Qiraj, and Naxxramas) new raid content will be mostly 25-person rather than 40. Everything else aside this means we clearly will have enough of each class to perform once we get to that level. A 25-person raid will take 2-3 of each class until ideal conditions, barring encounters being ill-tuned, and we under ideal circumstances could conceivably build two such raids already, if not consistently.

This is not an invitation to speculate about how we will handle raids at 70th in Ironsong, that conversation is months away given that TBC hasn't even had an announced release date yet (from Blizzard) and it's said to take as long to level to 70th as it did to 60th (4 months of thorough questing and small group instancing in my case). Leaked quest rewards from the first 5-man instances available in Outlands suggest blues comparable to MC drops so we'll evaluate our raid plans when we know better what the world will be like.

Back on topic, Raxxar, just in a general sense I consider it useful to have at least one character with healing ability. That way if you want to help out a forming group and aren't too worried about whether your main is there or not you can provide a healer if they are lacking one. Experiencing the compare and contrast between mage and warlock could be fun also. Up to you.

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Thank you all for the info.. (( Eveline thank you for the heads up for the 70 test thing....damn thats tempting...I'm a fellow with foot itch and horzion fever love exploring))

I myself was leaning towards a Priest both for Fun reasons and RP reasons....but I thought it would be a bit more fun seeing what everyone else thought... Let them have a chance to give birth to a toon so to speak..

I'm writing the background for this charater as we speak and will post it in the salty sailor within a week or two...((depends if real life problems leave me alone for a bit))

well back to mayhem for me....((MY stepbrother in law is the Marque Desade Reborn...Phyiscal trainer at the gym he's been torturing me of late....never knew I had muscles in places before.....OH MY GOD THEY HURT!!!))

Raxxar ((Brent))
Undead Tailor/Skinner of Flesh/and Tamer of Demons
I cant speak for being a priest since I dont have one, but I can say that as a undead mage I was bored stiff ( no pun intended ) once I hit lv 20. thats my 2 cents...
our enemies will not know we are there till my sword is sticking out threw their chests.
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thank you all for the input and It seems I shall be a priest.....

Now working out storyline for him will post in salty sailor.

Raxxar (Brent)
Undead Tailor/Skinner of Flesh/and Tamer of Demons
As a priest you will be all the rage. Everyone loves a priest and wants one around constantly. They're at the top of the invite lists and send endless tells throughout the lands. Strangely enough ... they're only wanted for one thing. :evil:

Disclaimer: I am not bitter.
Although it seems you've made your choice, I'd like to point out that we just got at least one new priest last night and I agree that they are always called upon to be healers. Very annoying. Magi (correct plural!) are much better at dealing damage with spells, even without midbattle healing skills, so I'm casting my vote for the Mage.
Diljabar Wrote:Although it seems you've made your choice, I'd like to point out that we just got at least one new priest last night and I agree that they are always called upon to be healers.

Now all I have to do is keep playing her! If you wanna group and get some levels sometime...
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