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Operator Thogar
Operator Thogar is the second boss in the Iron Assembly wing, after Beastlord Darmac.  This encounter takes place on four train tracks.  Throughout the fight, trains will enter the room on these tracks, and either pass directly through, or stop and drop off some adds that we have to handle.  The trains block LoS and kill any players that they hit.

Aside from the trains and their adds, we have to handle Thogar himself, but he doesn’t have many abilities so handling him is not too complicated.

The Environment

On the floor of the room, there are four train tracks.  At the start of the fight, the room is empty except for Thogar, but throughout the fight trains will regularly enter and exit the room.

There are 4 types of trains, and they come in two types:  full-length train (as long as a track) and half-length train (half as long as a track):

1) Non-add trains:  these pass through the room and don’t stop.  They can come on any track and can be full or half length.

2)  Iron Gunnery Seargent Trains:  these bring adds called Iron Gunnery Sergeants.  These adds don’t get off the train, they stay on top, using a large cannon.  They come only in full-length, and only on tracks 1 and 4.  They stop and remain in place, restricting the raid’s space, until we kill the adds.

3) Half-length Add trains:  these bring several types of adds.  Iron Crack-shots, Iron Raiders, Grom’kar Firemenders, and Grom’kar Men-at-arms.  They can come on any track and remain in place until the adds they brought have been killed.

4)  Full-lengt add trains:  these are special versions of half-length trains.  They only come twice per fight:  2 minutes after the start of the fight, and 4 minutes after that.  They always come in a pair, on tracks 2 and 3, splitting the raid into two groups:  one group on track 1 that will fight the adds from track 2, and one group on track 4 that will fight the adds from the train on track 3.

There is no space between the tracks.  The only way to avoid a train coming our way is to move to a different track.

Thogar’s abilities

Thogar has only three abilities:

* Enkindle (tank swap mechanic):  Stacking fire DoT that increases damage received from Enkindle.

* Prototype Pulse Grenade (targetted anti-ranged attack + void zone):  He throws a grenade at a random raid member.  This grenade forms a kind of void zone at that location.  Players who are within the void zone are pulled toward its center and receive increasing damage.

* Berated:  Stacking buff applied to the adds in the fight.


* Iron Gunnery Sergeants:  these don’t get off the train.  They stay on top, using a large cannon, shooting Delayed Siege Bomgs.  These fire a bomb at the location of a random raid member.  They have a long travel time, and they continue to follow the player like a heat-seeking missile.  When the bombs land, they deal high physical damage and a knock back in a 4 yard radius, then remain embedded in the ground.  30 seconds later they explode, dealing high fire damage in a 9 yard radius.

* Iron Crack-shots:  these descend from the train and have two abilities:
- Shoot Rifle:  physical damage
- throw grenade:  throws a grenade at a random raid member, dealing fire damage in an area.  Only used when there is no player in melee range.

* Iron Raider:  descend from the train
- Serrated Slash:  bleed effect
- Throw Grenade: same as Iron Crack-shots

* Grom’kar Firemender: descend from the train
- Cauterizing bolt:  interruptible AoE heal
- Throw Grenade: same

* Grom’kar’s Men-at-arms: descend from the train
- Iron Bellow:  high raid-wide damage
- Reckless Slack:  charges at a random players, dealing damage to all targets in a 7 yard radius


Kill the adds as quickly as possible, to get the train to move on.  If we don’t kill the adds fast enough, additional trains will come in, further restricting space and killing raid members who have nowhere else to move.

The complexity from this fight comes from the various combinations of trains that we encounter.  Full-length Add trains are particularly problematic.

We’ll stay spread out whoever possible as this helps reduce damage.

Handling Operator Thogar

Thogar should be picked up by a tank, and the two tanks should perform a tank switch in order to handle Enkindle.

Raid members must avoid the Prototype Pulse Grenade void zones.

Handling the Adds

The adds will come on the same train.  The adds should be picked up by the tanks and the raid should focus on killing them as fast as possible.

Top priority:  Grom’kar Firemenders, which are AoE healers
Second Priority: Grom’kar Men-at-Arms:  they do raid-wide damage.  Ranged should spread out while they’re up.
Last priority:  Iron Crack-shots and Iron Raiders.  Kill these mostly with AoE.  But get them down before going back to Thogar.

When a train with Iron Gunnery Sergeants comes in, ranged should switch to this target and kill it as quickly as possible.  Melee cannot reach it, so melee can continue attacking other targets.

When a player gets targeted by the Delayed Siege Bomb, run out of the raid, preferably close to the edge of the room.  This will cause the bomb to embed at the edge of the room, out of the way of the raid.

Full-length Add Trains:  at 2 minutes, and at 6 minutes or so.  They always come in a pair, occupying tracks 2 and 3.  The raid should split into two groups, each with its own tanks and healers.  One group must move to track 1 while the other moves to track 4.  If we don’t split properly and a set of adds remains up, they’ll stay up indefinitely and will continue throwing grenades at the raid which will lead to a wipe.  These adds need to be killed very fast, before more trains come in on Tracks 1 and 4, because the raid has nowhere to go to escape the new trains.

We’ll use Bloodlust at the start.

Challenges:  learning to avoid the trains, splitting the raid into two groups properly, and getting the adds down with the half raids.
Learning to spot incoming trains is the biggest issue we'll probably have early on. There are lanterns that light up above the tracks which can be sufficient if people are looking for it, but keeping attention split is tough, especially when all the adds are clustered and everything else is happening. If people continue to have trouble, there's an add-on that specifically will yell at you when you're on a track that's about to get a train.

A few alternate strategies to consider:

Ignore the Gunnery Sergeant. The cannons direct damage is pretty low, and the delayed blast siege shells aren't hard to avoid. This allows for more DPS up-time on the boss. Use when healing is ok, and people aren't having severe trouble with movement.

Firemender as second priority. Men-at-arms do a lot of raid-wide damage, and it comes in bursts (so even if healing is ok other times, this can do more than healers can handle). Instead of interrupting or killing the Firemender, use the Cauterizing Bolt ability against the enemy. It does 20% damage to the target (and allies nearby), and gives them a HoT that heals it by 30% over 10 seconds (more upfront, similar to Wild Growth). A well-timed purge means that 20% damage sticks. Use when healing has trouble or DPS has trouble killing the adds quickly *and* sufficient purge casters exist. If we have a few people that can be spot on with buff removal, this is probably the preferred strategy since it both reduces damage taken by the raid and it helps with killing the boss faster. It is, however, tougher to get right.
Thogar has two incredibly useful addons that everyone should have. Well, one of either.

Thogar Assist - This one has a window pop up that shows what type of train will be arriving in each lane as they come, such as adds incoming, a cannon train, or a normal train that wooshes by.

Thogar Helper - This is the first one that I tried. It simply colors each lane green (for safe to be in), yellow (careful, because a train is coming very soon), or red (get out of that lane now!). Simplicity is nice, but I switched to Thogar Assist for the more information it provides.

Between the two above, I recommend Thogar Assist since it provides more useful information. It is important to ensure that each track is numbered in sync with the addon (as well as the raid markers). I think it goes 1->4 as Thogar->Entrance, if memory serves correctly.

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