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Onyxia Raid Donations
I am taking donations to prepare for the Onyxia Raid.
If any want to send the following ingredients I can prepare additional potions:

Mountain Silversage and Golden Sansam (Healing Potions)

Small Flame Sac / Fire Oil or Firefin Snapper
(Fire Protection Potions - I have 25 so far)

Dreamfoil / Icecap (Major Manna Potion)

For any other potion requests such as Mongoose Elixer please let me know and I shall do what I can.

If anyone comes across the recipe for a Greater Fire Protection potion I can use that and will also take : Elemental Fire and Dreamfoil to create the potions.

((ALSO: Akora can make Greater Fire resist if you want to forward the materials per the note below))

All my love and power


PS: If any others wish to donate materials or services please post them here.

Sing True Ironsong!
You appear to be in luck, at least in part. I have been spending far too much time fishing of late, and unless I sold them to some merchant or gave them away already, I should have a signifigant surplus of Firefin Snappers. I will see about the other items as well, though I personally am not capable of gathering them.

*Signed with a sunburst*
Today is your lucky day!

Empey has been killing monsters in Winterspring (icecap) and killing monsters in Aszhera (Mnt-silversage and Golden Sansam).

I'll instruct him to send what is available.

I can make Greater Fire Resist potions.

The ingrediants are:
1 Cyrstal Vial
1 Dreamfoil
1 Elemental Fire

I applaud your gathering initiative!
Vote Akora for MA!
I have taken it upon myself to do what I can for the raid. Therefore, I will be catching and cooking both Sunscale Salmon and Greater Sagefish. My current stores are 19 Salmon and 40 Sagefish.

(For reference, the buffs for the two are +6 health every 5 seconds for the Salmon, +6 mana every 5 seconds for the Sagefish. Not much, but it may make a difference in such a drawn-out battle.)

I've started some minor collecting for materials for potions, etc as well.

Greater Fire Protection
Elixir of Mongoose
Major Mana
Major Health
Elixir of Greater Defense -or- Elixir of Superior Defense if I can get help with Stonescale Eels (I never worked on my fishing.)
[Image: 85443.png][Image: 85444.png]
(( I can also make mana and wizard oils for this.

Unfortunately, I am completely out of shards.

Each oil takes 3 flowers, 2 shards, and an imbued vial, has five charges, lasts for 30 minutes, and lasts through death since it is on your weapon.

Brilliant Mana Oil (+12 mana/ 5 sec and +25 healing) : Purple Lotus
Brilliant Wizard Oil (+ 36 damage and +1% crit chance) : Firebloom

I would love to make these for people if they want them...I simply do not have the shards to do so...thanks to Haida, Krell, Chaska, Fleethoof, and several others who slip my mind at the moment, I have enough flowers for one or two wizard oils, and a handful of mana oils.

So, like the others, I will begin collecting things to outfit everyone, if I can.

Excellent idea, Dispaya. ))

Ohoh, I'm also taking to collecting Winterfall Firewater for the rogues and the warriors. If anyone wants to join up with me to gain reputation while also collecting Firewater, let me know if I'm in Winterspring.
[Image: 85443.png][Image: 85444.png]
On my most wanted / needed list now are still:

golden sansam

If you can send either I can come up with a few more major healing and manna potions.

Right now I stand at:
(25) Fire Protection
(10) Major healing

I have been searching for herbs but they have been scarce as of late.

Sing True Ironsong!
Many, many, many thanks for all the work done by Dispaya and others to help prepare us for last night. We will be doing this all again and hope that folks hold on to those materials and consumables if they have some left. We made a very strong third attack on Onyxia last night once we got to see the encounter some and knew we were fighting smart, and thanks to all the goods gathered and distributed to the Tribe by our stalwart collectors, we very nearly entered phase 3 on our very first night fighting her. Fabulous.

For comparison's sake, the Rotten Luck raid coalition got her down to 67% on their first night of attempts on their best try - just into phase 2. They were glad to make progress and I do not diminish their efforts, but I have to say that Ironsong, without all the Molten Core loot that the Rotten coalition has on their side, has blown their early efforts away. On their second week of attempts they achieved 37% - just into Phase 3. I think we'll exceed that as well. ; )

Again, many thanks and...

Hail Dispaya! Iron-singer and former Champion of the Tribe!
Troll Lady Shillatae
I'm finding it difficult to obtain Golden Sansam. My usual spots in Azshera are disappearing. My expectation is that someone is farming them and I'm missing the window.

I'll keep trying.

Golden Sansam is the thing Dispaya and I had the most trouble with. Major Health potions can be obtained from other sources rather easily, so it's not /as/ imparative to make them as, say, Major Mana potions.

Dreamfoil and Mountain Silversage is what is needed the most since they both go into multiple potions that are beneficial (Major Health, Greater Fire Protection, Major Mana, Elixir of Mongoose.)
[Image: 85443.png][Image: 85444.png]
I have been hunting in Winterspring in an effort to raise my faction with "the nice furries" as Zema would say.

A nice side effect of this is that I am able to stock up on a few items that are very useful. Major Healing Potions, Winterfall Firewater, teh occassional Major Mana Potion, and if I get lucky enough to loot the chests that spawn, I can find some herbs.

So, I will continue to do this and see if I can't spread a few of these items out when possible.

Orc Hunter
Aye..thanks to all...
Anything you send I will set aside for future Onyxia raids. I have the remaining potions stored for now as well.

We went through all Fire Protection and healing...but we have 10 major manna left.

Zema told me that Major Manna potions are selling for 10-15 gold per stack right now...so farmers are collecting all these herbs...and that is why they are so hard to find.

Thankee kindly to all who helped and are helping.

Sing True Ironsong!

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