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One night, on the shore of Silithus..
((just a quick story to explain where Karnma has been while ive been busy in RL...))

The assault came from nowhere. One moment the Troll was sitting in his tent, using a fiery hand to cook his latest catch, and the next he was surrounded in lights and swinging steel. His head filled with panic and confusion as he fought back. A shock of ice here, a lighting ball there hoping to find a target. Karnma was unsure how much longer he could keep it up, when he felt a blast of Arcane and Demonic energys wrap around his arms holding him tight.

Finally he could see his attackers. "Twilight 'Ammer...should'a known.."
"We can't have you interfering with our plans. You refuse to serve the Elemental Lords, you refuse to help us bring them into this world...the whole purpose of your existence. and now you seek to stop the destiny that was yours from becoming manifest?" an Orc in a deep purple garb said as he emerged from the shadows fiddling with a silver and black dagger. "We have made...other plans since your betrayal. We no longer need you running around pretending to be alive. pretending to have emotions, and pretending to have a "family" with that ridiculous Tribe....Ironslate.."
"IronSONG" Karnma stated as he spit moten slag at the orc. The orc quickly took his dagger and with a quick slash, removed the incoming threat from the air. "Dey be mi family now!"
"WE ARE YOUR FAMILY!" the orc shouted back, "and how do you repay us!? You MURDER the only ones who you could call your PARENTS, THE ONES WHO MADE YOU...and as if that werent enough you decide to move into their home! does your betrayal know no end?!" The purple cloak heaved as a deep breath was taken. "I guess it dosent matter now... we have made other plans, and you, above all else, will not be around to see our Paradise. We will make certain of that tonight! Hold him!"

Karnma tried to struggle against his bonds, but the arcane and demonic energies at work gripped him tighter...he tried everything he could, turn his body to sand, melt into water, call flames and ice to his arms to shrug off his attackers....but nothing worked, and the orc grew closer with every second, the dagger shimmering in the darkness.
"Mi have ta call for help..mi gowtta-" but before the troll shaman could finish his last thought, the blade was plunged into his chest, aimed at the spot opposite of his heart, and pushed through to the other side of his body, a crystal stuck on the tip.
As the crystal emerged from his back, stuck to the blade, the Trolls form began to unravel, falling apart into sand, water, and bits of flame and greenery, scattering across the floor.
The orc smiled and gazed at the Gem, brought over from the Elemental Plane, the object that gave Karnma his life, shining in the dark with spirals of blue, red, red and white floating inside its surface. He brought the dagger closer, and reached for the prize stuck upon its tip, when the spirals moved to opposite sides of the crystal, and a crack was heard. "what the...?" the orc exclaimed in surprise. before he had a chance to react, the Gem shot into the sky, and witha flash of light and the sound of thunder, split into four lights that shot across opposite ends of the sky. The orc looked upward for a moment, confused. "...oh well...good riddance."

Over the next few months rumors of strange events came into taverns all across Azeroth.
A tree that grew in Tanaris, never giving way to the sandstorms, heat, or constant drought.
A pool of water that appeared in the Searing Gorge, Cool to the touch, and refusing to diminish regardless of the overwhelming heat.
A Flame in Dun Morogh that refuses to go out despite nothing to fuel it.
And a small dust storm in Darkshore, never moving from its point of origin, and no breeze to keep it going.

Of course with the war raging in the frozen north, not much attention was paid, and very few went to seek the rumors out to see if they were true or not. Soon the rumors stopped circulating, and were all but forgotton...execpt by one. An undead priest who still searches from every bar, to each small hole in the ground, bribing every Human and Goblin he can to get more information..

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