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On Cannibalism!
There has been some recent confusion/miscommunication on the topic of RPing cannibalism in the Tribe.

To set the record straight:

This is 100% an in-character preference of Sreng's, NOT actual guild policy.

When the Darkspear Trolls joined the Horde six years ago, they were cannibals. The Warchief Thrall, however, found this savage practice to be offensive and ultimately detrimental to the Horde's new image. Thrall required that the Darkspears give it up in order to remain in good standing with the Horde.

Therefore, Sreng strongly believes that any Darkspear loyal to the Horde and their Warchief should hold true to this decree. Shillatae, for example, doesn't like people doing it or talking about it because she can't do it herself. The same may be true of Sreng, but he's not talking. Wink

It is not against guild policy to roleplay cannibalism or talk about it. It IS against the law of the Horde, however, and if Sreng or any officers catch you doing it, there will be in-character consequences. Just part of roleplay, nothing personal. We're not going to kick anyone out just for being a cannibal.

What about Forsaken? Sorry trolls, they're allowed. Forsaken are not part of the Horde, they are allied with us. They are subject only to the rule of the Banshee Queen, and while we're on friendly terms, the Forsaken can eat whatever they damn well please.

As for (very) Feral Druids, Umu, and Uglawha, well, Thrall wouldn't be thrilled if he found out. IC consequences for all! Wink

On an entirely different note, some people are getting bored with the constant talk of eating gnomes. I'd encourage people to broaden their roleplay beyond the strictly gastric. And some have made mention of killing and eating Alliance children... guys, sorry, that just straight-up makes me uncomfortable, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Maybe becoming a dad has made me squeamish, but in a group this large we need to expect that not everyone's going to be enthused by the same stuff.

So, to sum up,

Against Horde Law
Not the most stimulating of RP topics
Not against OOC Ironsong guild rules
Not something you want to get CAUGHT doing.

Just don't let Sreng find out, and we're all good!
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
So the choice is to stop doing what I've had my main character doing since day one, or get punished for it. Yay...
I think that's an unnecessarily negative interpretation of what I'm saying here Umu, and if you read what's posted again, I think the inaccuracies of that interpretation will make themselves evident.

Directly addressing this issue is something I've been trying to avoid doing for a long time. We've never had an in-character code of conduct, nor do I believe we need one. This is an in-character issue, not an OOC issue.

Bottom line is that we are a roleplay guild. In-character actions should have in-character consequences. It's easy to interpret this as me trying to throw my weight around, but if your character is doing something that has been outlawed by our warchief, expect others to disapprove.

Now I think I made it pretty clear that people are NOT going to be punished for choosing to roleplay their character this way. I think that the other officers and myself have made every effort to make Ironsong a venue for all sorts of RP. Consequences does not equal punishment, and I'm sorry if that's the way I came across. I think it's time we faced this issue in a RP-realistic manner. Otherwise, we're playing in bubbles.
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Up until this post it has been handled with a heavy hand inside OOC brackets, you'll forgive me if I seem a bit hesitant about allowing Kaerrah to be herself now.
*Checks Mr. Wiggles's feed bag for any pork products.*

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