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Old School Raids - Interest?

I have seen that we have a lot of 70-79 toons, new 80s who never saw BC or Azeroth at level, and people scrambling for achievements/experiences.

I also would really like to see some of the late BC content and share the lesser known old world content.

To that end, I would like to check for any interest on folks doing this old stuff.

Initially going to be informal about running these things, but can schedule if the need arises. I am also hoping to dovetail on the mcfmp channel to realtime organize this, if Lurie doesn't mind.

- - -

The instance plan, beginning with what I figure are the least seen encounters.

Lvl 60:
- The Four World Dragons (Emerald Dream - lvl 60 - 40 man raids, but very random as to when they are available, so will be very spur of the moment)
- AQ40 (Mounts, mounts, mounts! Also, a really neat end boss for lore's sake. Will ned at least two frost damagers for one of the bosses.)

Lvl 70:
- World Boss Kazzak (We all heard him yelling as we got into Draenor, but how mnay of us got to poke him with sharp sticks and arrows?)
- Sunwell (Which will need one experienced person as far as I know due to the mechanics being somewhat complex)
- Serpentshrine Cavern (I also want to get folks, and myself, the achievement to fish up the Lurker Below)
- The Eye (Not inspired in layout, but neat to see lorewise at least once.)

- - -

More commonly seen, but could also be fun:

Lvl 70: Black Temple, Grull and company, Magtheron

Lvl 60: BWL/MC/AQ20/ZG

(Many of these can be 5/10 manned and a lot of us saw them to death in the old days, but new folks might want to see them at least once.)

- - -


- Phoronid/Tursiops/Mirounga.
I am all for old school raids and I know several of the Valkyries that came over to IST recently have expressed interest in them. If you are going to take the lead on it, I certainly will help you muster people.

The MC run IST did a few weeks ago, I heard was a blast (no pun intended).

Also, I will throw it out there since you are bringing up old school raids. I am working on an RP event that would result in a raid to AQ40 and possibly BWL. The stories I am writing in the Salty Sailor will be leading up to that. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I have a few people that will help me with AQ40 and BWL that have done them in the old days. You mentioned mounts mounts mounts for AQ40. Just a reminder the mounts you get there can only be used inside Aq. Sad

But...The Eye has a REALLY nice mount that has a chance of dropping. The Pheonix.
[Image: 2295174RBdsr.png]

I mentioned the AQ mounts since they are an easy 4 towards mount acheivements. (...and the red one is an achievement all to itself!) You are totaly correct that they are not ridable outside of AQ. (Which is a shame, they are really neat looking). Also, very true about the gorgeous phoenix mount in the Eye. Very rare drop in a very under-raided instance.

I will leave the AQ40 and BWL raids to you to take control of, if you like. I will have enough work wrangling the BC raids together.

Glad to hear about interest! I still am itching to see Hyjal and Sunwell, for sure. Completing the Quel'Delar questline really re-kindled my interest in the Blood Elf lore. (No spoilers, since hopefully we all knew it is an old Elven-made wepaon).


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