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Oh sing me a tale ol' Irongsong!
Ladies and Gentlemen! Orcs and Orcetts! Cows and Bulls!

It is I, Todescdamon! The one and only! *coughs from yelling*

((all OOC))

Anyone at last night's moot has probably got a very good Idea what I'm about to talk about here, thats right, The Irongsong Webcomic!

I recently got this idea last week. And at first wanted to have some sketches prepared.... but things came up.

I have a few concept sketches waiting to be scanned and uploaded to my devart account, which I will show soon enough.

But heres the thing, I can't really do this alone. So anyone who's willing to help, please mention so here.

One of the main things I wish is somesone who has a program to color the comics. Like paintshop pro and/or adobe photoshop. We of course need writers and such.

Since the a tribe has decided on a humor based comic, I was thinking of just 3 or 4 panels most of the time. So you writers out there make sure you cant fit the punchlines or all dialog within 3 or 4 panels.

So... signing up.

Pretty much state your name and your preferred job you'd wish to have.

Like so:

Todescdamon: Illustrator.

Oh I think I can help you color the comic, I use Photoshop to color myself and I think thats somethng I can do.

Sorry if I dont offer to draw actual comics pages but I dont have much time. and I have to work on my own proyects.

But coloring is a li easier for me to do so count me in for that! Big Grin
The Truly Bovine Expert
Awsome! Thanks Pinto!

Hmm. I plan on doing some drawing tonight, and I wan't do something more an just a concept sketch. So I should have something up by tomorrow.

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