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Officer roles & duties clarified
Hi everyone!

Per our moot from a couple of weeks ago, we're going to be clarifying and re-organizing the Tribe's structure a bit. Here's the latest little act of housecleaning; a list explaining which officer is responsible for what aspect of making sure this boat stays above water:

Moots (to be conducted by): Nadilynn, any Ironsinger
Recruitment (assisting new members, etc): Shantow
Planning an RP event: any Ironsinger, Nadilynn
25-man raid: Jabadue
25-man raid Rolls or Loot: Dentik
Getting into or leading a 10-man raid: Donalzon
Improving your DPS: your class lead, or Zlinka
Coordinating crafting and materials: Dentik, Shantow
Resolving conflict with another member or officer: Sreng, Kosath
Tracking down missing feedback from officers: Zlinka
Website: Kretol
Have a concern not addressed in this list: Nadilynn

Note that while our esteemed Ironsingers are referenced in this text, they are not actually officers, so that much hasn't changed.

You'll also find this stickied in Member Meeting for your convenience.
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
Sreng Wrote:Improving your DPS: your class lead, or Zlinka

I know class leads were discussed quite a while ago and were actually openly designated, but who are they now? I know personally from experience who I can talk to but is there an official list of sorts?
Eruadan Wrote:I know class leads were discussed quite a while ago and were actually openly designated, but who are they now? I know personally from experience who I can talk to but is there an official list of sorts?
There is no official list. As soon as we make one it goes stale within a few months. The best solution right now is to go check your class forum. If there's a relatively recent guide, or someone answering questions, there's your class leader(s). If it looks like there isn't, there isn't.

If you want to post something yourself or ask a question, go ahead, by all means. Several people have written guides lately, including Phoronid, Nganga, and Eruadan Smile. No worries if you are out of guild -- go ahead and write.

If your forum is inactive and you want to know who to go to with questions, come to me, and I will try to put you in touch with someone who can answer them.

I have been trying to figure out the best way to respond to your inquiry. The best answer I can come up with is that there has been discussion about Class Leads, but we havent moved out of that phase. The truth is the management of the Lead system would be unbelievably labor intensive in my opinion. Initially it would include assigning class leads for each class and spec, and then monitoring the posting of guides. The individual over-seeing this process would then need to check websites and verify that the information posted is indeed accurate as far as recent patches and updates go, and then each thread would need to be consistently monitored for continued accuracy based on new updates and patches. From my perspective, this might be a job opportunity for someone willing to undertake it....

But, what I see happening is maybe we just assign Class Role Leads or something. Tank Lead, Melee DPS Lead, Ranged DPS Lead, and a Healer Lead. Then those folks could offer the basic info for those responsibilities and then try to get an interested member in touch with a specific individual of their same class/role for further questions. Just my thoughts.

Hope this helps.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
Why not put up a list, and ask if people want to volunteer for the various positions?

The only one I'm qualified for is healadin lead, but I'm sure there's some people that would be perfectly capable of multiple lead roles.
That's a very functionalist answer to my structuralist question, but it's useful information nonetheless.
The officer structure, as I see it is very simple.

Sreng is the leader, the rest of us officers are kinda like the senate, no one is above another. We discuss topics and come to a concensus. Sreng is the only one with the power 'so to speak' to make decisions without a consensus. That being said I don't think he has ever done that.

As for general duties of our officers. We are here to help the guild be as good as it can be. We resolve conflicts and provide the tools for entertainment that Blizzard doesn't have.

I am not sure if this answers the "Sructuralist" part of the question. If not please clarify so we can better give you an answer.

I think Daichallar covered it, I'm just unsure what kind of "structure" beyond the ranks in the guild you're looking for. This isn't military or government, so I'm wondering if you're maybe looking for something behind the scenes that simply isn't there.
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."
I was just talking about class/spec leads... people you know you can rely on to send a tell or in-game mail or PM on here to asking for advice, and get reliable feedback.

Not sure how the militaristic thoughts came up... @[email protected]

I've always thought the heads of Ironsong were doing a good job, but I was never looking for anything wrong. So in that moot-meeting, I was just trying to take in everyone else's views, and try to pop in with a bit of an outside perspective solution now and then...

But really, I think the class lead thing is worth starting its own thread for, if it hasn't already been done.
It was just a simple inquiry, and a sufficient answer has been provided. I thought I replied to this a long time ago but it appears that my work IP has been blocked from posting (again) and it didn't go through.

Valid points and sufficient answers were given regarding class leads. Thanks to those who replied after my question!
Really? Huh... must've missed it... oh well, I won't worry about it then. ^_^

(And now that I re-read the whole thread again... I really did miss it. Wow... I feel like an idiot. -_-)

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