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Of Form and Function
Excerpt from An Exploration of Natural Magic by Sir Toradryn Anduiar

Quote:It's an indescribable feeling, to change one's form and reshape one's body. Simply put, if you haven't done it you can't know. It is no simple transformation of the body, it is a total adjustment of mind and spirit as well. The world transforms as every blade of grass comes into sharp focus, every faint breeze brings a seething rush of scents, and the landscape erupt into an orchestra of noise hidden from the ears of man or elf. It is addictive and to return from the bestial forms is to suck the color from the world.

But it is more than simply expanded senses. To truly move as the beasts move one must allow some part of one's mind to transform as well. Reason, logic, and the higher pursuits of civilized learning must make way for the beast. One cannot think about what a scent caressing the tongue means, one must simply know that the prey is down wind. To sink down into the primal instincts of the beast is to fight a raging current. Every second spent lurking through the brush or soaring through the clouds is a struggle to maintain a fine line between elf and beast. Some lose that struggle.

- Druid of Darnassus speaking on condition of anonymity.


The two-legs were gesturing to each-other again, she didn't understand most of the chirping noises they made but the stray moments of comprehension and the anxious tones spoke volumes. The pack was on the hunt as it often was and their prey had eluded them. Resting easily on her haunches she pawed idly at the dirt. Kaerrah was bored. The hunts of her two-legged pack confused her. They stalked other two legs in brightly colored skins, but they did not eat their kills. Instead they left the meat to rot in the sun and admonished her when she attempted to partake. It was beyond peculiar and she once again pondered leaving them for her own hunt. But a compulsion stayed her, an odd tiny voice echoed in her mind of 'Loyalty' and 'Family'. She shook her head, her fur slapping against her horns roughly.

Of course, she knew where their prey was. The wind had long ago shifted to bring her the ripe scent of their four-hooves. But she was not the alpha of this pack and it was not her place to lead. Her ears twitched, she could hear them now- the rhythmic drumming of their four-hooves approached. Growling deep in her throat she melted into the grass as her pack became alerted to the sound. The prey crested the hill in a rush, bright colors and the gleaming hard shells some two-legs favored. With a roar and flashing metal claws they crashed into her pack. Kaerrah's blood sang as she surged from her concealment, dragging a two-leg from his beast. Deftly dodging wild strokes of his gleaming claw she found the weak point in his shell and bit down. The two-leg gurgled satisfyingly and convulsed, but she could not savor the kill and bunched her muscles to lung towards the next shiny bit of meat. She would see the moon rise before this hunt was done.

((Since it has been so long since Kaerrah was an active member of the tribe, much less RP'd, I figured a quick refresher was needed. Kaerrah does not speak and is never in Tauren form. Assume she's in bear form for any guild chat RP. She's not completely a beast, there is some lingering bit of her Tauren nature that keeps her loyal to the tribe and gives her very limited reasoning capabilities. She can understand what you say, but if it's a complex or distinctly un-animal idea she's probably just going to stare at you blankly. She's always hungry, enjoys a good hunt, and doesn't like warlocks, death knights, or forsaken as they smell of death/demons. She makes no distinction between humanoid or animal as a food source, so don't look too closely at whatever she's gnawing on. She's vaguely aware that she's not supposed to eat humanoids (unless the anti-cannibalism rules Sreng laid down back in the BC days are no longer in effect), but it's an awareness that her pack doesn't like it- not that it's 'wrong'.

Boil it down and you can just treat her like you would an overly intelligent pet.))

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