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Odyn nutshell guide
Here is the Line of Sight 3 minute guide to Odyn.  Highly recommended!

Odyn is a three phase fight.  In phase 1, we fight two adds, Hymdall and Hyrja.  In phases 2 and 3, we fight Odyn.

PHASE 1:  Hymdall and Hyrja

* Positioning:  Tank Hymdall and Hyria 35 yards apart due to the damage reduction shield.  Positioned them on either side of the big circle on the floor.
* Melee on Hyrja, ranged on Hymdall (at 15+ yards), healers between the two groups (healers can stand on the middle of the circle on the floor).
* Balance DPS so that they reach 25% health as close together as possible.

* Will be tossing out dancing blades — avoid those.
* Will do “Horn of Valor” which does damage to the whole raid but EXTRA damage to those within 15 yards.  Ranged should be over 15 yards away anyway, and the tank should run 15 yards away for this.

* Will select a random target and start to cast “Shield of Light.”  The damage is split between all who stand in the beam.  Melee should stand in it.  But be aware that later in the fight there will be adds that fixate, so those people who aren’t fixated should stand in this beam.
* Will debuff players with “Expel Light,” a yellow circle.  Just move the circle out of the group.

At 25% health, they will begin to cast “Revivify,” which is a 30% heal.  The only way to interrupt it is to get the OTHER one to 25% before the first one finishes the cast.  If BOTH are casting Revivify at the same time, Odyn leaps into the battle and Hyrmdall and Hyrja retreat.

* Will summon Runebearers in Phases 1 and 2, which will fixate players and mark them with a COLORED RUNE.  It is the player’s responsibility to find the corresponding rune on the floor and bring the add there, where it can be killed.  The add will take no damage unless it is standing on its rune.
—> These adds are the priority!  Odin will start casting Unerring Blast whose damage is proportional to the number of adds still up when the cast finishes.

PHASE 2:  Hyrmdall and Hyrja retreat; Odyn joins the fight

* Will be casting spears that shatter.  Avoid the spears AND the yellow orbs that blast from each spear.
* Gains a stacking self-buff every time he hits the same target.  Tanks should swap when the damage gets too high.

PHASE 3:  Odyn reaches 55%

* The floor will be divided into THREE sections:  left of the circle, right of the circle, and circle itself + area below the throne.  TWO of these sections will randomly be covered with Cleansing Flame.  Move to the open section.  It is easiest to have three tanking positions, marked with raid markers, around the intersection of the three areas so the raid doesn’t have to move too much.
* He will cast a Stormforged Spear at his current target, the tank.  The further the tank is, the less damage he takes.  Tanks will need to immediately swap and run far away when this happens.
* Odyn will mark random players with a tornado debuff.  Run these to the edges of the room to drop them off.
* He will also randomly hit players with Arcing Storm.  This does increasing damage as the phase goes on, so it’s important to kill him quickly.

—> Get out of Cleansing Flame sections, make sure tanks are running away for Stormforged Spear, and don’t block your path with tornadoes.
Please take a look at these guides for tonight!  I found the Line of Sight 2-minute guide (here) to be very helpful.

The hardest part is making sure the runebearers get to their mark and die......plus the holy ground in the last phase. If we can manage those two abilities, we will be okay I think.

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