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Obligations and farewells
Mula finished pushing her belongings into a sack and kissed Lucerra on the forehead. Her face was wet with tears.

"But why do you have to leave, ma?" Lucerra held her mother not wanting to let go.

"I have to go, because if I am to defeat Reaver, I will need to train. The ones that I will be training with have trained me in the past. I feel obligated to join their ranks. Over the past months, this weight has hung heavily over me, knowing that I cannot protect you. Knowing that if he wanted to kill you, it's very possible that he might. I cannot live with that on my conscience."

"How can you protect me if you're not here?"

"The tribe will protect you. I've spoken with Rince and he said he'll watch over you while I'm gone."

"Rince? But....Are you sure? I thought he was a little...well...you know."

Mula smoothed her daughter's hair out, "What, dear?"

"...Well, not all together there....I mean...he just reads his books all day long!"

Mula chuckled. "That he does. But, he can be rather brave when there is a need. I'd say he's braver then most, dear. He is a good friend, Lucy. Don't let his appearance deceive you. Besides, I will still visit with you when I am in the area. Watch over Anca for me."

Lucerra nodded. "When will you be leaving?"

"I'll stick around for a while to say my farewells. Everyone here has been so good to me. Come, let's go out to the gathering area."

Mula takes the tabard - the red hammer emblazoned on the front and folds it, carefully placing it in her bags. Her hand rests on the cloth for a moment. She then closes the pack and hefts the bag onto her shoulder.

((I'm testing out a raiding guild with Mula. Due to my current schedule, I am not progressing as far as gear and raiding goes. This has lead to personal frustrations. I joined IST for RP reasons. When ICC was the main raid, I raided with many different groups, including Reckless Mortals. Due to their help in the past, I have been able to obtain the gear/experience needed to become a successful raider. (not that I'm saying IST didn't help a lot.) I've decided to test them out, for these reasons. I will still be on with Rince, who will become my main RPer in the tribe. Please, keep your responses to this post IC for the most part. I will answer any IC questions/concerns ICly. As far as a Champion replacement, I would ask that you promote Rince to champion, but that's entirely up to you officers. I will understand if you don't. And as Mula hints above, this may not be a permanent departure.))
From a shadowy corner in the guild hall, Zlinka watches Mula pack. Her eyes linger on the warrior's upright back, with its weapons strapped on tight, as the figure steps out the door and into the bright sunlight beyond. Zlinka nods to herself. It is good to fight for the Horde in the best way one can.

"Goodbye," she whispers, "May the Earthmother watch over you. You know you have a home here, should you choose to return."

Zlinka turns her attention back to the guild hall, where she watches over three small children, who are playing under and around the trestle tables. The little five year old Tauren, Luna, has pulled a woven rug up from the floor and is crawling around with it on her back, growling. Another, the little brown-faced Maghar Orc, Zora, about three years old, is sitting on the hearth smearing ashes on her face in the shape of whiskers ("I'm a kitty druid!" she says, proudly.) At Zlinka's feet lies a small baby in a cradle, asleep. Zlinka's foot automatically rocks the cradle back and forth, back and forth, in a rhythm as soothing as waves on the sea.

A few locks of Zlinka's long turquoise hair have escaped from her braid, including a strange white lock, vestige of her battle with the Lich King. She tucks it behind her ear. The corners of her eyes are creased and weary from much attention, from much caring, from much loss. But still she watches over her family, and over her Tribe.

With one ear Zlinka listens to the breathing of the eternal child, Anca, sleeping within the guild vault, and the boar Snuffeltusk who watches over her. She hears the gentle rustling of Shantow's feathers down the hall, and of Dentik's leaves as he basks in the sunshine somewhere outside, photosynthesizing himself a snack. She hears the creak of Donalzon's armor shifting in the rising heat of the day, where it hangs on a peg beside the velvety folds of Thanuist's night sky cape. She smells the faint odor of the polish Kosath uses on his chestplate, wafting from a small wooden box on the mantlepiece, a precious box he made with his own hands. Kosath's box sits next to Noodle's hairbrush, a sleek golden thing with soft bristles, its handle carved with intricate knotwork designs. Jabadue's shield pulses a soft, healing green, where it leans against the wall next to Sreng's spiky bow and Kretol's gleaming blue axe. And from far away, she can hear the faint crackle and buzz of one of Eruadan's magical shields, probably shielding a novice in the training field behind the hall.

Zlinka's ear twitches toward the figure of Lucerra, standing quiet by the door, shoulders tight, looking out after the departing figure of her mother. The spring sunlight streaks warm through the door, bringing the sweet smell of new blossoms, but Lucerra shivers as though with cold.

"Come, Lucerra," Zlinka says, patting the bench beside her. "Come sit by me for a while. You are safe here. Your mother goes to do what she must do, but she has left you in good hands."
Lucerra sat down beside Zlinka and welcomed the embrace. So many questions were going through her head. Why did her mom have to leave her? Why couldn't she go with her mom? Why couldn't her mother defeat Reaver? Why didn't her mother acknowledge her sister's existance? The questions kept coming and she furrowed her brow in frustration, burying her head in her arms.

She thought for a long time, hardly noticing that Zlinka had gone and come back with tea. The tea was sweet, unlike the tea that her mom made. Mula's tea was more earthy and had a calming effect. This tea was good, too, in a different way.

She straightened her shoulders, determination and resolve taking over her emotions. "I know what I must do." She stood up, finished the rest of the tea in one gulp. "I am going to go find my sister."

Rince quirked an eybrow at her, letting the book lower to show his face. Lucerra hadn't even noticed him sitting there in the chair by the fire. "Look," he said, "I don't want to spoil the moment, but do you really think that's wise? Do you even know where she's gone off to?"

Lucerra shook her head.

"Where do you plan to go find her?"

"I will start in Thunder Bluff and ask around there. Then, I will go from there."

"Maybe you should wait until your mother returns; the world is unforgiving to those that are not familiar with its nuances. Don't take this the wrong way, but you're just not experienced enough for such an expidition. What if you got into trouble that you couldn't face? Your mom would have my head, then."

"Not if you went with me."

"Somehow I knew you were going to say something like that. The answer is no." Rince looked to the others for support.

Lucerra looked to Zlinka. "Please, tell him I can go!"
Mula stepped through the entrance to the hall and took a deep breath. A hundred different smells assaulted her at once. She smiled. "I've been a fool."

For the past two months she'd been training with the Reckless Mortals. And yes, she learned a lot from them. She'd learned that no matter how good she got, she was still nothing without her family.

She dropped her bags off in her old room and notice that Lucerra was out. She frowned. She walked back down the hall stopping at the library. She noticed that Rince was missing as well. She sighed and walked to the kitchen, finding the herbs and the teapot in its usual spot. Soon enough she had a pot brewing.

A nut hit the back of her head. Her face darkened. She turned and faced the perpetrator. The squirrel looked up at her, its eyes going wide and pathetic. "You were not invited in." The squirrel chittered and bobbed its head. Mula crossed her arms and gave it a hard stare. That's when the second nut hit her in the forehead. Her hoof went out attempting to kick the attacker. The squirrel dodged and scampered across the floor and into a crevice behind the stove. She let out a sigh and went back to her tea. She was certain that Lucerra would just love the little critter. She wondered where her daughter was.

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