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OOC: Just curious about some of the raid instances
((Hey all I was just wondering what seems to be the minium level that you would bring someone on one of these raids? Just curious is all)))
(Depends on the instance. In general, 60 for a damage dealer/tank, 58+for a healer. Heals cannot be resisted, so having a lower-level healer is not a huge handicap in most cases, but not in all.)
((Aye for MC/ZG. BRS, Scholo, Strat and some of DM can be done 55+. Took a 54 hunter into Scholo once, wasn't that bad. Just had to hang back. With ten these places aren't as stressful as with five. 5-man I prefer 56+ for sure.))
All though everyone agrees 55+ is the level at whcih you can "go" through the instances, the truth is 60 is what you want to be.

There are a ton of arguements to say "well 59 is good and 58 will work, and 57 is acceptable" but the truth is, there is no excuse not to be 60.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. The greatest advice you are going to get in this game is stop playing alt's and get to 60. There is nothing more important than getting to 60. Everything opens up for you once you are there.

Look at it this way, once you get to 60 you don't have to level anymore.

I have to respectfully disagree with Waltimus that reaching 60th is the most important thing you can be doing if you are lower level than that currently. Many people get bored/burnt out if they race to 60th too fast. This game has a rich world of quests that I don't feel should be skipped. Many of them also set the stage for endgame content and high level storylines, as well as teach you lore about the world, which was very important to me as an RPer who has little prior WC experience before WoW.

That said, I didn't do any of the higher instances mentioned before I was 60th myself, because I and my friends so thoroughly explored the quests available at each level and the instances they led us to.

Everyone's milage may vary; certainly some things become simpler when you reach 60th and I was very happy on the day Shillatae did so back in April. I spent 4 and a half months getting there without spending any time on an alt at all though, there was no hurry to be had.

There is some good information out there on "types" of MMO players and people exhibit traits of each type to a greater or lesser degree. Achievement, exploration, acquisition, and RP, I think they were. Something along those lines.

Well the thing is I like having alt characters. and doing different things. I get a little burnt out doing the same thing over and over again I guess. Oh well I can't seem to stick to a character for long.
You make several good points. I've got nothing but tremendous respect for you and any opinions you have or give.
Make no mistake about it, you are one of the reasons I love Ironsong so much and being able to express an opinion and have others offer differring ideas is the most grand thing of all. To this day and every day in the future, you are most welcome to add your diversity of thought and instantiate new ideas into any conversation to which I'll reply "thank you". You are a true intellectual and your company is enjoyed by everyone, especially me.

Happy New Year!


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