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Nyxitt Pepperdyne Sparkleting
*bzzt bzzt* This thing on? *bzzt* knobs have to *zzkt* just right *bzzt* think that got it...

Hokay, here goes. My name is Nyxitt Sparkleting, late of the Steamwheedle Cartel and of SparkleSmith Ltd. I can't rightly say that I've earned any titles with the Horde, having only recently thrown in my lot with...you lot. But I used to be operator and part-owner of a very successful, though small, company.

In case you didn't meet me when I came by your way a couple of summers ago, I should let you know that I'm a goblin. I won't hold it against you that you're not, if you don't hold my goblinity against me, 'kay? And I used to be a warrior, as much a warrior as a businessman could spend time doing in his younger days, but in my old age I've found I'm not too shabby with the elements. Who could've known? *BZZzzztzzrrr...zt..*

*bzzt* Sorry about that, I broke one of these knobs off and the box started sparking. All better now. Where was I? *mumble mumble* *quietly* oh, here it is. Huh...I thought I already introduced myself up with number one. Whatever, Skrap said to just follow this list. *louder* I'm Nyxitt Sparkleting. I used to be a damn fine smith and smelter with Steamwheedle before I went into business for myself. I upgraded your forges a while ago with my own special design. Hope that's working out for you, by the way. I guess that if it isn't, and it blew up or something, then you probably won't be listening to this...

So, I had me this nice little traveling business, going around Kalimdor and upgrading forges for those that'd pay. SparkleSmith Ltd didn't last through those Alliance scumbags attacking when I was helping out an old buddy, Tatternack Steelforge, with improving his rigs. Normally, I'm an independent, neutral kinda guy, but nearly getting slaughtered and having everything you own get blown up by someone who isn't family? Well, that can really set you off. My money-luck hasn't gotten much better since then. All my designbooks got burned up in the attack, and I lost all my materials and my pack-kodo, so I was pretty much back at square one. I did some piece-work here and there, to pay my travel costs as I tried to find one of the places that I'd installed a new forge into, so I could maybe at least have that to work from. Course, my logbook was burned up, too, so I did a lot more wandering than I'd have liked. But I did meet a group of orc and tauren shamans, who clued me in to some of that elemental magic. I picked up some skills from them. I guess the rest of that story is the answer to number 6, below.

*quietly* Am I doing this out of order? I think I already answered this one, too... *louder* My life's profession has been metalwork. With a good enough forge, I can smelt anything you can give me. Or, I could. I don't have my notes anymore on the stronger metals. But once smelted, I can shape those metals into just about anything you'd like, from daggers and swords to boots and helmets and even some industrial smoothing, should you kneed it. You know those guide-poles on the zepp landings in Durotar and Mulgore? That was me. All my generation had to learn some basic bandaging and fishing too, back then. I can also cook a bit, but I've been told it all tastes a little of soot. I don't mind that.

Clans, tribes, or guilds....uh...I think I already mentioned I'm a Steamwheedle guy, NOT one of those Bilgewater rascals!

And that brings us to number 6. I ran into one of your people, that tauren, Wakamito. He's the one what paid me to upgrade your forges a while back. Nice kid, that one. Anyways, that reminded me that I'd done a full upgrade for your Guild, and I thought maybe I could get a peek at my handiwork again? Start re-discovering some of my old designs and get myself back on my feet again? I don't have much in the way of gold to pay for the time and trouble, but I thought maybe if you all let me join up with you, I'd repay the favor with some sweat and hard work for you.

Greatest trial...I'm assuming you don't mean judicial trial, cause I don't really want to have to re-hash that near conviction down in Booty Bay. It was completely not my fault, and...Never mind. I guess I'd have to say my greatest trial is right now, trying to grind my way back through years of lost work. And it ain't as easy as it was the first time, when I was a lot younger.

...I really feel like I'm repeating myself with this list Skrap gave me...GOALS! I'd like to get my business off the ground again, or at least out of the pit it fell into. But that's gonna take a lot of work and a lot of re-learning on my part. It would also be nice to show those Bilgewater Brats what a Steamwheedle boy can do after a little adversity. Show 'em what REAL goblins can do. And between you and me? I feel like shanking a few of those Alliance numbskulls for destroying the work of the bulk of my life.

And on a completely different note, I really enjoy the people. All that's gone bad since the Shattering, and people are still willing to help each other out. That says something about the Horde.

And yes, Skrap, if you're hearing this, I read the Code of Conduct you gave me, and yes, Skrap, I'm willing to follow those rules.

*slightly garbled* By the way, if it helps the application process, I'll tell you that Skrap is my grandniece. If it doesn't, then I hope this last bit is garbled enough that I have plausible deniabilty on that little fact.

Nyxitt out. *bzzzt-zzzkt*
*listens with a grin, then blinks at some of the comments* Hey! I didn't write the list, and it's a good list. So... thhbbtt! Ahem, I mean... he's one'a the best when it comes ta forge and general balcksmithy design type stuff too. I can't believe he's wantin' ta get back inta the game, but he's a real good asset. *she whispers loud enough for anyone to hear* And from what grandma said, he can kick some serious behind.
<smirks> If Skrap approves... that's good enough for me.
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