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Not trying to be a stranger :D (Lyrnthe's splanin of things)
Just an FYI for anyone who I speak primarily with via WoW: I've been on hiatus the past few weeks mainly because of time constraints but also because, hey, why spend the cash when I play 12+ hours a month? I'm finishing up my summer semester, and my thesis needs alot of reworking, so I've 'gone to ground' so to speak. But I will be back! I highly enjoy healing for you flancakes, and once things settle a bit I'll be back in action!

Hope y'all have fun at the 2nd moot, sorry I can't be there this time around.

Oh, and for anyone who wants my direct contact info, feel free to email me at Anosola AT gmail DOT com.
So is the using of AT and DOT a way to keep the "BOTS" that are always on from spamming you?
Daichallar Wrote:So is the using of AT and DOT a way to keep the "BOTS" that are always on from spamming you?

Um....only on Thursdays?

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