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Not sure where to put this
Not sure where to put this, but I feel I should say something before I'm booted:

Murathe here, and for a while now, my comp has been crashing numerous times a day, kicking me off WoW, and doing other things that just seem to piss me off. I buy the Burning Crusade, install it with no problems - I load it up, and immediatly my comp goes haywire and eventually crashes. It just WONT play WoW anymore, and I cant afford a new comp yet, we just got a really nice HD Flatscreen thanks to a generous donation from my family members (Everyone should go out and buy one right now, SPECTACULAR), so I'm pretty much spent on money at the moment. I've tried everything I can think of, I just think my computer's drives are shot and/or the computer is just a peice of junk.

With that being said, I am unable to play/login to WoW at the moment, just a heads up to the officers that I havent quit Smile
Thank you for keeping us informed, Murathe, we appreciate it very much! I had been wondering what was keeping you away from adventuring. I am sorry to hear it is such unfortunate computer trouble.

I hope that you are able to resolve this soon! While I personally cannot offer any advice as to what may be causing this, it is possible that someone reading this may be able to help you.

Please do not worry as to what you may be missing. There is such a great quantity to explore that when you do return to us, I am certain there will be many opportunities for you to adventure alongside Tribemates.
Good luck, and see you around Azeroth!
Murathe, did you run the repair thing on the Wow Forum? I had to because my computer was giving me an error message.
I had the same problems. I took the radical solution and reinstalled Windows, but I did not have much beside WoW on that computer. Everything works fine now.

Believe me I've tried everything I can think of, but it could barely handle WoW, and I guess BC was just too much for it.

I plan to install it at work if I can get the time and log on every few days to see how everyone's doing - but I'm not sure when that'll happen.

Thanks for understanding! See you whenever I can log in!

Hopefully this will give me a chance to catch up IRL while I suffer from WoW withdrawls..

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