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Northrend's Calling - Searching for Questions
((Welcome to the third story in the installment of Melikar (and Kardwel). A new continent, a new character or two and a time of change both good and bad. Sit back, relax, and let your eyes tell the story!))

Our lives have a set way to them. We wake up, we do the things we are used to and then we go to bed. Change is never something people like, especially if it's sudden. It is amazing how this pattern we call life can fall out of line so easily. However, small things can help us overcome our fears and problems, and in time these can become big things.

For Melikar, tonight was one of those nights. A night when he felt a myriad of change happening around him, some of which was good and some of which was bad. For the first time, Ironsong had accepted their new Death Knight "allies". The troll still didn't think of them in that sense, being very weary of what the true intentions of these people may be. They had taken in people who had willingly served Arthas. Surely some of the Forsaken had been purely against these Knights joining.

But, both Dispaya and Eveline had given their orders that as long as these new-comers swore the oath, the tribe would have to protect them. Though he didn't believe it was right, Melikar was mainly doing it because he didn't want to upset anyone else. He would be sure to keep his eyes out for any suspicious activity, that was for certain. Because of the Death Knight's inauguration into Ironsong, Kretol had been very angry because of it. He was not willing to accept them, and made his ultimate choice tonight.

He had left his position of power in the tribe to go back to his former clan. He openly invited any of the Ironsong orcs to join him, and a surprising amount had left. A group of his Orc comrades walking away, into the dusk-ridden plagueland until their hulking bodies could be seen no more.

Melikar realized he would never forget that image. It had broken his heart to see his tribe become so divided in such a short amount of time. But, he supposed Kretol had his reasons. It was no surprise as to why so many were unhappy about the joining of the Knights. Kardwel was absolutely disgusted with them and didn't stay at the tribe's moot very long at all. As soon as he heard the slight idea that they were going to be part of the guild, he'd got up on his horse and left. Melikar knew he could tolerate them, as long as they didn't turn their backs like he deeply believed many of them would.

Dispaya had a point in her speech. She had willingly served the Scourge at one point in time as well, but now look at her. She was one of the most respected mages in the tribe.

At this point in time, the troll in question found himself at The Filthy Animal in Dalaran. This city was smaller than Shattrath had been by a long shot, but was visually much more appealing. Though the inn offered many different types of drinks and entertainment of sorts, Melikar didn't find himself hanging out there. He was upstairs, lounging in a hammock tied to the wall. His mind raced with many different thoughts, but very few of them involved the Death Knights.

He had been fed up with all the drama from the meeting and had gone off to be by himself. After a brief encounter with Alfin, he'd been by himself on a rock perched over the river. Thanuist had come out as well, and had sat down with him. One of the Death Knight's, Senthris, had been doing nothing but insulting various people of the tribe and generally giving everyone a hard time. But Melikar didn't have his mind focusing on that. The only thing he could keep in his mind was Thanuist's voice agreeing to be with him.

His mind kept replaying these moments over and over, her last hug of the night leaving him wishing for so much more. She wanted a place in Dalaran...she wanted to settle down and be with the one she loved...she wanted "trelf" children...

Melikar actually broke into a wide grin, remembering her saying that. Frankly, he couldn't help but feel nearly ecstatic. He honestly never thought she would want to be with him, but he had doubted himself. He felt like the luckiest troll in the world right now, and he would have it no other way.

And so the normal routine of life is broken. But that doesn't mean one does not have to enjoy it.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
"What can I get for you?"

A pair of green eyes glanced up at the waitress working the late shift this evening.

"Just a green tea." A voice replied, "A little bit of sugar, if you will."

The waitress quirked an eyebrow at the Sin'Dorei before her. It wasn't normally a drink ordered at this hour. Nonetheless, she turned and made her way for the small stash of tea this bar carried. The blood elf who'd ordered the drink patiently waited as the waitress took her time.

He slowly looked about the bar, his eyes scanning the various seats. Most were taken by groups or couples, but every now and then there would be the single patron. Unfortunately, none of them looked liked the man this blood elf was looking for. He heard a faint "click" and turned to see the waitress returning with his tea. He thanked her before gently lifting the porcelain cup to his lips. Blowing on it slightly, he took a bit of a sip. He quickly set the cup down after realizing this drink would have to cool off a bit before he could touch it again.

There was much that needed to be said. Too much, to be honest. He had been frequenting many of the popular, and even some of the unpopular, hangouts in Silvermoon, but not once had he found who he was after. He had to take a much more direct approach. He knew of that Ironsong Tribe that this man was in. Joining their ranks seemed to be proving the only way to find him at this point.

The only question now was...just how would Kardwel react when he knew the truth?
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
It was late. There was most likely no one about at this hour.

Entering the guild hall, Kardwel was correct in his assumption. The entire hall proper was empty. The usual occupied chairs contained no bodies. The fire in the wall had died down to embers, casting odd shadows across the room. Various pieces of parchment, ink, chunks of ore and jewels and vases containing flowers and shrubs of all sorts adorned the many tables, their work done for the day.

Stepping around the tables, the Sin'Dorei made way to his usual corner here, his effects kept neatly in order. Placing a pair of well-made Mail gauntlets and some fine stacks of Frostweave with his stash, he let out a bit of a sigh. It seemed his training in the art of being a Paladin was over for now. For the time being, he had to focus his power and concentrate on making himself stronger in what new abilities he knew. As he was shifting his bags, something sounding like glass clinked against other objects of like-nature, lightly spilling onto the floor.

They were small vials that held a blue liquid in them, the last of the fire's embers casting a golden shine upon the glass.

Bending so that his knees were on the cool, stone floor, Kardwel gingerly picked them up, giving them a once over. No harm done, he would just toss them back in with the others. These were the "antidote" Dispaya had created for him as an alternative to Sunwell water. He had doubted them when he first tried to drink out of the small tubes, but it seemed to be working. Things had not gone strangely for him since before the Tribe had departed for Northrend.

It was odd. Now that he was thinking about it, that odd sensation he had felt back on the Isle of Quel'Danas was making itself apparent. The desire for power, to fuel his incessant need for magic. He closed his eyes and shook his head. The only reason he was remembering was because he was focusing his mind on it. He just had to put his being into his paladin training and other matters. Surely then this feeling would go away. He dumped the vials back in with the rest and closed up his packs. It was time to retire in Dalaran, for the sun would be out again before he knew it.

A sudden rustling noise made his ears suddenly perk up. Was someone here after all? And had they seen him being so...contemplative? His face returned to its usual sneering mask. He turned his head, looking back towards where the noise came from.


The look on his face changed to one of just intent listening. No other sounds were forthcoming. Figuring he was just being delusional now, he breathed in and set himself to-

"Nice hour to show up."

Kardwel was on his feet so fast it made him dizzy, his hand fiercely gripping the hilt of his axe. His eyes were wide, fire for the battle burning in them. Before him stood merely another Blood Elf, one in the robes of a Warlock. One who obviously was not far in his training.

Kardwel's eyes instantly narrowed.

"Watch who you're talking to, summoner." He nearly spat.

The Warlock held up his hands, a slight smile playing across his face.

"I didn't mean to scare you, Kardwel."

"You didn't scare me." Kardwel shot back without missing a beat. Then, Kardwel's eyebrow quirked a bit.

"Wait, how did you know my name?"

The Warlock shrugged, the same smile still etching his features.

"You're talked about a lot here. You matched the description of the scary Sin'Dorei I had to watch out for." He ended his sentence in a bit of a laugh.

This just seemed to make Kardwel even more agitated.

"I have places I need to go." He said abruptly, "Now if you'll excuse me, I don't have time to play with you or your little minions."

"My name's Sentei." The warlock said as Kardwel quickly brushed past him. He didn't turn his whole body, just found his shoulder leaning back slightly to watch the Paladin go.

Kardwel stopped at the door, one hand reaching out and grabbing a handle. He turned and faced the Warlock still where the Paladin had left him.

"And I would care, why?"

Sentei hesitated a moment.

"Because I'm part of this tribe. We need to look out for each other."

Kardwel let out an exasperated sigh.

"Okay, well, when you're out doing the tasks I'm being asked to do, then we'll help each other. As your training goes on, you'll only get busier and it'll just get harder."

Sentei smiled again.

"As you have already proven to me, Kardwel."

Kardwel fixed the Warlock with a certain careless look.

"See, here I am still talking to you. Go...play with the shadow or whatever it is you Summoners do." He waved his free hand at Sentei, turning again to leave.

"Look at me."

Kardwel stopped, the door now open in his hand.

"What?" he snapped, his blond hair flying over his shoulder as his head swiveled around.

Sentei did not give the Paladin any sort of reply. Instead he preferred to just stand there and stare.

Kardwel's body leaned forward slightly.

"What?" he asked again, this time his tone more demanding.

When Sentei didn't answer yet again, Kardwel just merely shook his head thinking the other elf was out of his mind. Quickly he turned and left the guild hall, slamming the door behind him. He didn't know what that Summoner was doing in the guild hall that late, nor what he wanted with him. Frankly, Kardwel found himself getting a bit of a chill thinking about it. Those Summoners were always looking for people to curse. Maybe this Sentei had him on the list.

Whatever it was, he now had the image of that guy's face just staring at him, plastered in his mind. The green eyes, the slightly squared face, the brown hair just past his should..ers...

Kardwel stopped dead in his tracks. He swore to the Sunwell he had seen that face before. But where? Where had that Sin'Dorei seen him before? Or when he'd seen the Sin'Dorei? He narrowed his eyes in concentration. He remembered it, but he just couldn't place his finger on it.

After a few brief moments, Kardwel found his feet moving again. And that's when it hit him. That was the same man he'd seen in his dreams so many times before. The one he'd seen flash through his mind after the cafe incident before Northrend! He quickly turned and ran back to the guild hall. He didn't know what he'd do to the Summoner, but he had quite a few rather straight forward questions for the little, mind-reading twerp.

Tearing open the guild hall doors once more, Kardwel quickly looked about. He checked in the different guild hall rooms, and even went back outside. After a rather thorough search, he had come up empty handed. The Summoner was now nowhere to be found.

Placing his hands on his hips, Kardwel felt a rather uneasy sensation flow through him. Apparently this Summoner was now part of the tribe. If that was really the case, he was sure they would see one another again.
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