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1) Noram

2) Lucinther

3) Iron-singer

4) I know Noram is not of a high season and he appears young in the ways of his choosen path, but he has an underlying wisdom and a lot of experience. He also tries his best to help out others before himself. I've known Noram for some time now and know he would fit in well with the Tribe.

5) Noram would most definately uphold Ironsong's values and abide by our code, he would see it as a disgrace to all of Ironsong if he did not.

6) The only way that I can see that Noram could possibly improve in any way would be for him to master his training and become a master warrior.

1. Noram

2. Warrior

3. Lucinther

4. I was born in Westfall to a poorer family, which meant I was out in the fields working at a young age. I had very few friends, I never really knew of anything other then the farm. Then one day a good friend of mine decided to see the world and he persuaded me to join him. Together we got ourselves into a good deal of trouble before finally going home, but as we entered Westfall I learned that my family had been forced off our land because they could not pay the debts. Unable to find them or my friend I wandered aimlessly until one day I stumbled into Stormwind. There I learned of the battles that the Alliance was currently fighting, and learned of the Order of the Silver Hand. With no other alternative left to me I joined them, and with my experiance with a blade, I quickly advanced through the ranks. One day I noticed a familiar face amongst the men I now trained, my old friend had gone home to find nothing, his home had been burned down. After learning who did it he set out to get revenge, thinking it would be safer if I stayed behind. We were soon given orders to defend Corins Crossing and the surronding area from maurading bands of Undead. I was promoted one last time, now I was the advanced weapons trainer. At Corin's Crossing we trained, we waited, we fought minor skirmishs against the Undead but nothing to big, then one day, as I was bringing supplies back to The Crossing I noticed something unusual, there were a good many tracks all heading one way...towards town. The squad I was in ran as fast as we could back to town and along the way we passed the slower moving Undead force, relizing that we could not set up an adequate force to combat this with the time they would have,m I decided to stay behind and distract them so the Order could prepare. I fought well using anything and everything I could think of to slow them, by either rolling boulders onto them, or setting flaming trees in their path, I slowed them. But alas it was for naught as I prepared a trap close to Corins Crossing I heard noise behind me, turning I saw nothing, and I could not stop what I was doing, so I thought perhaps it could be wildlife, that is until I was suddenly struck from behind by something, losing conciousness I saw the face of my attacker, he was alive! And he wore the Colors of the Order! As reality closed in I knew this man was a traitor, one who had sold his soul in order to "survive" I heard shuffling and saw the man glance up and then flee....and that is all I remember before the Undead found me......Next thing I knew, I was in a cold, damp, crypt....I wasn't living, but I wasn't dead, I had become that which I fought so hard against. But instead of bemoaning my fate I decided to make the best of my situation, I learned I was a Forsaken and thus still had my mind, and the will to use it. Deciding I would get to Lorderon City and turn over my body to the medics, so that they could better heal those who had early stages I set out. I got as far as Brill before I noticed something was wrong, everyone was dead, and as I advanced further and further the air became more and more toxic. Soon I reached Lorderon City, and noticed it was now a giant wreck, I found my way to the Throne Room, to see if anything had survived, instead I found a tunnel leading deeper into the City, I entered this passage and found the Undercity, and there I met Heartbone, who introduced me to Zephyris, who decided we needed help and met Lucinther, and help each other we did, for we stayed a group of friends ever since. All the way to 60 we stayed together, until at last we all had reached this goal. Many weeks passed until one day I was contacted about entering Stratholme and retaking it from its Undead Garrison, there I helped clear the way to the Baron...and then I know not what happened for I only remember giving the order to attack, but I know I woke up in the same crypt, but this time I left quicker, and after quickly interogatting Zephy, learned that I had been gone for 4 weeks, I swas thought to have died at the hands of the Baron, but yet here I was, and so I did not question my good fortune, but instead set out once more..

5.Currently I am learned in the arts of First Aid, and dabble in both Fishing, and Cooking, I also have found a liking to mining in the dark places of the world, and creating Trinket's and Explosives to help me in this.

6.I have been the Guild Leader of Reign of Shadow, and also I fought under the banner of the Santuary of the Errant.

7. I have heard seen the felling of Roman'khan by Sreng, and have made friends from Ironsongs ranks, ((Also Ironsong is one of very few Roleplaying Guilds, in the Horde, or at least that has a good many people I know in it.)) Hmmm I would have to say when Lucinther, Zephyris and I decided it would be fun to defeat Arugal in his keep, that turned out to be both a Fiasco, and one of the funniest battles I have ever been in. Also Galerunner has taught me much, she taught me about all the different cultures, and how they interact, and she has proven to be a stalwart ally and friend through any problem. ((She basically taught me how to Roleplay))

8. My Greatest Trial would have to be at a time when I could not find Lucinther and Zephyris, no matter how much I looked I could not find them, this went on for many weeks, until at last they showed up.

9. My current goals are to fight against the Scourge, and to learn who it was that betrayed me, and to better explore Azeroth, to learn about it as best I can and to help the Horde in it's battles versus it's many foes.

10. I have most enjoyed to people I have met, their experiences, and the rich history it has.

11. I have read the Terms of Conduct and Agree to them Wholeheartedly.

(( As I said earlier, I've known Noram for quite some time, but thats a story for another day.... He's a bit odd at times but he is definately a good friend and I trust that he will do his best to fit in within the Tribe - - He has a bit of a connection issue but he looks forward to going to our moots... anyway thats all I got, I don't want to make this any longer than it already is. ))
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