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Nicorah Stormhoof
She sat at the low worn table at the back of the tent. The light of the fire lighting the small, hovel that she now called home. Laid out before her were two parchments. One addressed to the Tribe and the other… her brother. With the sounds of the cats idly playing…that young Sapa was more than likely tormenting either Skah or Hania. The sound of the chain moved, then a snarl. Hania, her longest pet, sauntered in. He was the strongest, most faithful of her beasts, and earned the right to roam free, though he never lingered far from her. And as the large cat settled near her, out of Sapa’s pouncing range, Nicorah let her mind drift from the letters she had been working on…

Back to a time when she wondered Mugore with her brother. Always competing to see who had the best shot, or the strongest…fastest pet. A time when nothing mattered but the excitement of the hunt. In time she followed Krothos out into The Barrens, finding trouble and adventure in the Caves. Taking up the defence of the Crossroads for the Horde. It is there, she mused that she had met the Trolls. A soft chuckle filled the room, leaving Hania looking up curiously at her as she remembered happening across the babbling Trolls. Gholjan and Zeengo. She snorted as she thought they talk far too much. So unlike her and her brother. Tis from there that they had become inseparatable and in their mind invisible. Strange how they have changed since then.

Shaking her head she pulled the parchment addressed to the Tribe…

Quote:To the Ironsong Tribe,

I, Nicorah Stormhoof, hunter, wish to pledge my loyalty to the Ironsong Tribe. I have earned the right to bare the rank of Scout within the ranks of the Horde. Though it is not a noble rank, but one I do take much pride in, and soon hope to earn another.

I am the second eldest child of the Stormhoof family, and with pride I follow my brothers footsteps in earning my way as a hunter. Thus I found it valuable and most profitable to be a master skinner (300), as well as a side hobby , I am a master Goblin engineer (300). I have also mastered Fishing (300), cooking (300) and first aide(300). All skills that I am more than willing to share for those who my benefit from them.

I once walked with the Ravagers of Azeroth, a small group that fought together. But in time as I grew, along with others, I found it was time to move on. Leaving it in the hands of my younger twin brother and sister. It is ment for those starting out, to learn and grow. And now I have lost my need to be there, and find myself seeking others like me. I part with only the fondest memories, and ties that grow from friendship.

It was through Gholjan that I learned of the Tribe. That they are a large group of like minded people. And in attending the moot last week, I do agree whole heartedly with the babbling Trolls. It is a good Tribe. There I met Lauri who was kind and encouraging. Though I am usually quiet and with draws. Eveline as well, who came over to meet me with the Trolls, and the Shaman who took the time to sit with us and chat by the fire. His name eludes me for the moment (Sorry, I was so sick that night). Since then, I had the privilege to escort, along with Gholjan, Yukaya though Ragefire Chasm. Though short, was encouraging to work with her, meeting the younger generation of the Tribe. Though I have not met many, I do look forward to meeting more members of the Tribe, specially at the moots. Something that I had never experienced, and now look forward to.

The greatest trial that I have been faced, this is a tough question for me, for it may not be much for another, but for me it still is so fresh. It is in my training. As a hunter I challenged myself by competing with my brother, but when he headed off on his own vision, leaving me behind. I was torn. I faltered in my training, neglecting my lessons, and my responsibilities to the Horde. I walked in his shadow for so long, that standing on my own…left me feeling vulnerable and angry. But when he returned, for I could not blame him…his life path lead him off, where mine taught me to stand on my own. I reached my final lesson, at least for now, on my own. And come to realize that it is time for me to move on, and learn from those that can teach me now to hone my skills and to aide them in turn.

I do hope to be part of the Tribe, to become a valuable member. I know I must prove my worth, but In time I think I too will have something to offer in turn. But all I truly want, is to be the best I can be, and working within a group that I have a place in. To have a sense of belonging, and that one day…tis my brother, once he finds his peace, seeks me out.

Everyday is an adventure, be It great or small. It is what makes us who we are, in how we interpret them. I look to each day with a renewed hope, a blessing of my elders. And as a finale note, yes I have read and signed your Code of conduct, and will live by them each day.

Yours humbly,
Nicorah Stormhoof.

She sealed the letter, with a simple NS in the wax. Then quiet pulled out the other, partially finished note, the one to her brother. She did not know where he was, but hoped it would find him. It spoke of her return to the Bluff. To her roots. To come back to the stories that she had once learned as a child. Now it was her turn to learn them and to then teach them. She was slowly finding her place in this world.

Once her note to Krothos, her brother was sealed, she leaned back for a moment. Then rose to fetch fresh bandages to re-bandage her chewed up tail. A chuckle filing the room as she cursed the Troll, as she tied off the end. It was Gho’s fault that she had mastered first aid. Tossing the old, soggy bandages Into the fire, she collected the lettered and headed out. Pausing long enough to check the chains of Skah, and Sapa, dropping them each a morsel of quail before she headed off to the mail box. Hania following faithfully as they made their silent round of the bluff as they did every night. Stopping on the ridge to look out into the darkness…

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