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Nico's Journey
After packing up a basket, just as she had promised, she sent it off to Bru. Stuffed full of little treats that he asked her for, but not a single bagel was to be found in the basket at all. Sapa glanced up at her, with his dark wolfish eyes at the sound of a snicker as she had ponder placing one bagel on top, with a bite out of it for her friend. But Nico thought better of it, and stuffed the treasured bread back into her pocket.

Her next letter was short, and sweet, posted to the Tribe, lest they worry about her….

Am off to me spirit guides back homes.
Da Nico

No note left for her troll brothers, nor her other trusted friends. She simply turned, patted Sapa on the head and jumped onto her windrider. The direction was not towards her home in Thunderbluff, and strangely….Sapa remained behind…for the first time ever.

To be continued...
The day after she left Shattrath City, no one seemed to pay much attention. It was not unusually for any member, specially a Tauren, to seek out their ancestral guides. But for a hunter, specially, Nicorah, to leave her most beloved and trusted companion behind, her hunting pet…was unheard of. The large, black wolf spent that day roaming the City as if looking for her. Gazing at Tribe members with dark eyes. Though, for the most part, Sapa kept his distance from them.

But for Nico, thoughts of home were pushed far back into her mind. For some things there bothered and left her at an unease she had not felt ever before. In her heart, she was heading to her birth place for guidance, but her path led her farther from there as it took her farther away from those whom she now counted as her family. Terokkar forest, far below her, slowly passing by. Eyes focussed upon an unseen destination…her windrider steadily moving towards it.

To be continued...
Krell catches a glimpse of Sapa standing alone in Shattrath. He whistles to get the wolf's attention, and motions for him to come over. Sapa looks up and stares almost blankly at Krell, but trots over to him.

Krell gets down on his knee and gazes into Sapa's eyes, "Where is Nico?" he says, and Sapa lets loose a pitiful yip. Krell reaches into his bag and offers Sapa a piece of Clefthoof Meat but Sapa simply lets it fall to the ground. Krell knew then that something was wrong, as he had fed treats to Sapa on numerous occasions in the past.

Krell stood up, and looked back down at Sapa. "You can stay with me if you like, until we find your Nico."

Krell started towards the bank in Shattrath to put some of his belongings into safe keeping, and as he took a few steps away he looked back to see if Sapa would follow.....
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
When Krell turned back to look, Sapa was following him. The wolf’s green eyes dull, as he kept a relatively steady pace at his heals, though, always, few strides back. The offered treat, still left on the ground…forgotten.

In another territory, the windstrider started to circle above the signal. Slowly gliding around and around ever so silently. Hawk eyes narrowing just slightly as they search out what she seeks.
((Troll Shamman))

*Walks out of the Bank and mounts his [item]Tawny Windrider[/item]. He then spot's Krell and Sapa*

" Who ya got dare Krell. You go out 'n find ya a new one aye?

*Mindial stops and takes a closer look.*

"Wait a mo'ment I be seeing that one dare some where befor'."

* mindial scratches his head as he dismounts and kneels down motioning for Sapa to come forward.*
Sapa watched the Troll, guarded at first, but then moved to him. It was not that he did not know him, it was more of the fact he knew his owner’s feelings towards Trolls. One had hurt her, and now there was some distrust.

Stopping just before Mindial, Sapa simply stood there. Green eyes faded, and listless as if he waited for something…or someone. But he was keenly aware that Krell was close by, and for now content to simply stand there.

…. The signal flared, bright and evil. And at that instance the windstrider screeched and dived in a death roll as it zeroed in at her target…
I have stopped this rp...just not into it and it was not working out the way i had hoped.

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