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News: Patch 5.2!
Mok'ra, Tribe!

Here's the latest news from Blizzard on patch 5.2. Here's the upshot:

* Release date

The patch will land on February 26th.

* New raid dungeon: Throne of Thunder

The ilevel cutoff for LFR Throne of Thunder will be 480. It will be released 1 week after the patch lands.

Ironsong will be jumping in to this dungeon on LFR on the day it is released, March 5th, so get your ilevels up to 480 beforehand!

New sections of the ToT dungeon will open up every week -- we will be doing those as they become available.

* Valor points

All your valor points will be turned into Justice Points when the patch lands (up to the cap of 4000. Any points over that get converted to gold).

Edit 2/13/13: Blizzard has announced that they are NOT going to convert Valor to Justice and Justice to gold.

The old Valor items will still cost Valor Points, but at a lower cost (25% drop for Dominance Offensive items, 50% drop for 5.0 items).

Edit 2/13/13: The new factions WILL offer new Valor items as well (ilevel 496.)

* Upgrades are going away for 5.2 (they'll be back for 5.3)

--> If you have an item you want upgraded with Valor Points, do it now!

* Mogu Runes of Fate

The new raid charm, for getting additional loot rolls on the new Throne of Thunder bosses, is called the Mogu Rune of Fate. You'll be turning Lesser charms in for these every week, instead of for Elder Charms.

Elder Charms, which will still work in the old 5.0 dungeons, will now drop from mobs in the new Thundering Isle zone.

Also, the chance to get an item in the 5.0 raid dungeons is being increased, as is the chance to get one from using an Elder Charm.

--> Spend your Elder Charms, hoard your Lesser Charms.

I can't wait!

I am excited about this as well!

There are going to be new mounts! And of course new pets to capture as well, for those of you who like pet battles.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]

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