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News & Announcements
Mok'ra, Tribe!

We had a busy holiday week with a flex raid on Tuesday and Thursday this week! Tuesday was a red-letter day: we assaulted wing 3 with great success, including our second kill on Thok, and Thok's kill was a one-shot! It was an intense fight but we brought him down.

Then we killed one Celestial, and then, for the first time, we attacked Ordos! The Ordos fight requires the legendary cloak to get over the broken bridge and fight him. If a player without the cloak is summoned into his sanctuary that player will be teleported out. We had 13 people with the cloak who were able to make the attempt, but this is not enough -- Ordos is a 25-man raid. So we used the new cross-realm "looking for world boss" function and within minutes we had a 40-man raid. I hadn't seen a raid that big since Molten Core. It was impressive. With our strong core of guildmates and guild friends, and Sevdrith tanking, and an ambitious group of Tuesday PuGs (Tuesdays tend to be a better day for PuGs) we killed Ordos for the first time without any trouble whatsoever! Ordos drops amazing 559 gear for eight different slots. We will do an Ordos kill like this every week after our usual raid. Make sure to save a coin for him! And if you do not have your legendary cloak yet, work on it so you can join us!

On Thursday we assaulted Siegcrafter Blackfuse, the first boss of wing 4, for the first time. Though we did not get him down we learned a LOT. The mechanics of the fight are complex but do-able. We were able to smooth out a lot of problems during our attempts, and I am confident that we will get him down in the near future.

We will not be raiding next week due to the holidays (so no raid on December 24 or 26), or the following Tuesday (December 31) due to New Year's eve.

Our next raid will be Thursday, January 2nd, 2014!

The Vinter's Veil holiday has started, with lots of new content for everyone. There is a new pet to be had from the daily package in Orgrimmar, called the Rotten Little Helper, as well as random chances to get the pets from previous years and other goodies (and some of these grant Feats of Strength achievements!). And don't forget to battle the Abominable Greench, a giant yeti in Alterac! He's like the rares on the island -- you don't need to be in a group, you can just tap him to get credit and loot.

Here's a Guide to Winter's Veil activities.

Happy Winter's Veil, everyone!


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