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Mok'ra, Tribe!

We had a busy and successful week.

On many nights we've got groups farming rep among the yaungol on the Timeless Isle -- join us!

The raids went very well this week. On Tuesday we had a big raid of 20 people. We assaulted Gates of Retribution (wing 2) and cleared it very smoothly! Then we killed all four Celestials to get Melikar the legendary cloak -- congratulations, Melikar!

On Thursday we had a raid of 15 people, and we went in to the Underhold (wing 3) even deeper beneath Orgrimmar itself. We attacked Malkorok, and after several attempts, we brought him down! Then we fought our way deeper still, into a room full of Spoils. There we broke open crates of Mogu and Mantid that had been hidden beneath Orgrimmar, and fought Mogu Elders and Mantid Champions. We did not finish this area, but we will return here next week to make further progress.

Well done, Tribe!

Garrosh, we are coming for you!


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