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Mok'ra, Tribe!

After much discussion, the officers have implemented some changes to our guild ranks in order to increase guild security through authenticators and to reflect how the game is now played.

We have made an authenticator a requirement for promotion to any rank beyond Grunt. In turn, Grunt has been split into two equivalent ranks of Scout (authenticatored, with guild bank access) and Grunt (non-authenticatored, guild bank withdrawal limit of 1 item per tab per day). All Grunts with authenticators have been promoted to Scout.

Grunts will have their withdrawal limit reduced to 1 item per day in two weeks, on August 14, 2013. Grunts will therefore have a two-week window to withdraw what they need and get an authenticator before their bank access is reduced. After that point any Grunt who acquires an authenticator can simply contact an officer for promotion to Scout. Grunts can also ask members with bank access to withdraw items from the bank for them.

All players of Advisor and Blooded rank without authenticators (almost all inactive players) were demoted to Grunt. Any former Advisor or Blooded who returns to the game and acquires an authenticator is welcome to return to their former rank.

We also removed the Iron-singer and Raider ranks, which no longer represented the way we are playing the game now. This will free up the middle ranks for more creative uses.

For more detail, see Ironsong Ranks Changes.


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